Jesus’ face appeared on this mother hen and Jesus said He wants to give life to Jerusalem and all people as mother hen fierstly defends and fights for her chicks. Mother puts her life on the line as she does for her baby chicks to shield them from predators. One cluck cluck sound and the chicks quicly run under her wings to hide from hawks and other birds trying to snatch them. Jesus takes us under His Wings to protect, offering his life to shield us from eternal death.


Jesus is safe secret place to shield from all enemies and the storms of life. way to Amazing chickens show how a chicken communicates with people. A hobby to earn extra income by local family raised free range chicken. Each morning let out to roam about to get more source of food within range. A space adapted garage to keep the chickens indoors at night. They were raised as chicks bought from a local university farm department so arrived bright yellow coloured at first in boxes.

heritage-chick2-alexiskienlen-RGB (1)

The Baby chicks stayed indoors for a few weeks to grow ready to allow to roam about later. During the day they roamed freely so daily they went out exactly at 6 am and returned at 6 pm prompt. At 6 am sharp every morning, the free range chickens tapped their beaks on the door with familiar sound to announce they are ready to be let out to roam for food and exercise. The door was unlatched to let them go out to feed daily. Pretty soon were companions pets entertain family. Jesus, mother hen looks out to save life from similar danger elements.


Chicks grow and endure constant threat of predators like hawks or crows trying to snatch them for easy meal while still very young. They hide under mother hen safe wings when a predator was located or identified looming overhead diving in and out towards. So support each other making unique sounds to alert of danger lurking run for their lives immediately. Onlookers are surprised by how quickly they run for cover huddling together for safety under mother hen. Continue free range roaming until dark so go home.

freerangeThey stayed safe as long as possible until coast becomed clear and they feel safe to roam again. This is repeated many times during day for protection from danger. Eventually, the day ends peacefully and they return home. Once again chickens tap doors to be let back into house. This continued for months until chicks were big enough to be out of danger. Christian life in Christ Jesus in general is similar to mother hen keeping chicks safe from an unforseen persecution to victory daily.

Pastured-free-range-egg-farmingThe cockerels mates with hens who lay deep orange egg yolks rather not yellow. This shows quality of organic food fed on by the chicken in peace with joy and happiness enhanced free range egg. Some pests try to sabotage the life and survival of the chickens. It was strange to find fresh laid eggs eaten with empty shells lying around chicken pen coops.

Layer+PoultryThis was evidenced by snake-skin in shed left behind. The chicken pen was later reinforced by extra carpentry work done to ensure safer space to seal off hidden crevices. So the chicken became safer with no more snakes skins found in the shed again. More eggs were collected as the chicken grew and multiplied until a bigger premise obtained to raise them.

upperbannerpoultrySo does Jesus Christ communicate His Love to Christian believers and seals by His Precious Blood any crevices and gaps to protect us from our enemies. Jehovah Nissi is Ultimate Divine Authority Who keeps lives safe through dangers, storms of life to give victory. Small significant beginning transitions into great conduit of blessing reach to teach out to touch others. God’s Sunshine outdoors outdoor increasing enhances vitamins A, D, C, K spiritual soul food to Christian believers to spread Gospel Globally in Jesus Name. So Jesus like MOTHER Hen nourishes us Spiritually, emotionally and physically to ensure we overcome by His BLOOD.


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