PREGNANCY-MUSIC_2718599bThe bible says train your infant to know God’s Holy writing in His Words. Timothy’s grandmother Louise and mother Eunice influenced the baby Timothy. It is written in 2 Timothy 3:15, from infancy Timothy knew the Holy writings which made him wise for salvation. There are various infant friendly versions of teaching materials, soft cloth, plastic or hard card books to use to teach a baby. So plan each topic or subject relevant for your baby or infant. Babies have an amazing ability to learn even before birth. While in the womb, babies recognise and respond to the mother’s voice and emotions. So read to the infant and play healthy music while still an infant.Stephanie_Tony_Pregnancy-Shot-JOS-photographersBabies can learn their first lullabies in the womb, according to a study which suggests that playing music while pregnant could help develop an unborn Even if you feel the baby may not understand what you are reading, it will help the child to read when older. So the baby is never too young to hear adult parents talk about God. Let the child hear you pray to God according to Deuteronomy 11:19. Even when playing together, talk about God’s Majestic creation and the gift of life as demonstrated in Psalm 78:3. As the child grows up, will respond to the love of God sensed through you to learn to love God too. Pray and ask God for wisdom to train child.

images (1)Create a study sketch book for visual images or pictures to stick into the book. Repeat key words like Godly Love, Empathy, Compassion, Mercy, Forgiveness daily at their level. In time as you develop a routines suitable to your family needs and priorities, your child will feel comfortable and confident in God. As a role model, be gracious, kind, patient according Galatians 20:22-25. Raising a child makes you more intensely loving and kind than you ever anticipated. So Godly love bonds you as family of God. Children are blessings and fruit of the womb entrusted to God’s stewards as reward.

Lullabelly-2Each child is precious and priceless to God. Each day appreciate and express gratitude for unconditional love gift smile of child. God commands Christian believers to educate child so the word of God is imprinted on their heart in Deuteronomy 6:6-7. Parents are in charge and responsible for their children to keep them under control. Especially leaders and bishops are admonished to be the husband of one wife at a time. To keep their children and household under control as pillars in temple of God. So duty of parents to train child to become responsible adult in 2 Timothy 1:5, 3:15.

images (2)The best way to teach your child is be an example in priority of devotion to God. This is best insight to teaching God’s Word to your child. memorize God’s Words in own heart as God instructs in Psalm 40:8. Share encouraging testimonies with your child. Be honest and transparent about challenges of life at their level. Be quick to listen, slow to speak. as stated in James 1:19. This is the reason why God created two ears and one mouth to actively listen intently twice as much as one speaks. Be available to make the child feel free to approach you and talk to you to share what is on their mind and heart. Let them know you will hear them if they want to speak to you. Create conducive environment to find it easy to express true feelings and deep emotions.


Help child to trust God, so be open, honest and transparent. Reassure child of your love for them as required in Matthew 3:17 and Corinthians 8:1. Children may not always find the right word to express themselves appropriately. So do not be upset, overreact or interrupt as demanded by Proverbs 19:11. Have daily review of each day to see how your child is getting on in general with regard to coping with life and studies, friends. The parent is the first person to take precedence over a child’s life not best friends or immature mates.



This is important to prevent social engineering from damage of destroying families. God’s authentic Bible discipline raises children instead of replaced core value psychology to water down child emotionally. God says train the children from infancy to know the word of God so they will not depart from it when they grow. A child is for life so never too late to start teaching or sharing the word of God with them. Adult children will be taught by God to do the right thing so great will be their peace. Society pays a hefty price abandoning God replaced by man – made ideologies or propaganda. A child taught to Fear, Love Almighty God, respects, honours adults, self-respects, self-loves, loves neighbours, lives in peace. harmony with others.


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