Travesty injustice sins against God by those who treat others as inferior. In Acts 10:9-16 10:15 and Acts 11:9 in the Bible, Peter, a Jew encountered God’s Voice’ to go to help Cornelius a Gentile. Peter refused at first to go because he saw himself too superior to Cornelius. God used the metaphor of eating various foods to symbolise diverse people. Peter was to freely interact with all people to enjoy new lifestyle tastes because they no longer lived under old school laws. God told Peter to kill and eat 3 times but Peter adamantly refused. Peter is to eat all foods now made clean so both Jews and Gentiles can eat same food. This abolition of barriers pressed home in this vision has special reference to Jewish food restrictions. So God makes clear to Peter right away the meaning of vision on the roof in Joppa. The 3 times vision represents 3 Gentiles men from Cornelius house knocking at his door. Jews regarded ordinarily people as unclean. Peter got message people formerly regarded as common, unclean, separated from fellowship are not to be viewed that way anymore. Peter went with 3 men to Caesarea to minister to Cornelius whole household ready to hear gospel.

The Holy Spirit falls on them in Acts 11:14, they are saved in 11:14, repent in Acts 11:18. The whole message to Peter was Holy Spirit falls on Gentiles equally as on Jews because God is not partial or respecter of men. God decisive words, “What God cleaned you must not call common or unclean! God’s broader implication is the New Covenant of life means there is neither Jew or Gentile, slave nor free. Jesus died on the cross as final cleansing sacrifice to both Jews and Gentiles. God commands Peter to take gospel to all groups in the world. God does not prefer any special kind creation as superior to others as Peter thought.

The Almighty Creator God does not treat anyone common as Peter felt. People keep nations apart as they treat them as common unclean Gentiles. Cornelius and Peter’s interaction shows God hates and despises all racism, classism discrimination. In Exodus, God made arrogant superior complex Miriam, leper for attacking Zipporah. Those with natural tendency to treat others as unclean, common, corrupt beware for people are God’s priceless creation. Peter’s vision of various animals represents diverse people. God changed Peter’s Jewish views not to regard others as common, unclean by ceremonial laws of Old Testament. God said to Peter, “Rise and eat when he protested animals were common koirlos unclean. God lifted old laws on food to remove barriers to Gentile world forever in Jesus Name. Peter’s vision changed food laws in Mark 7:19. People in unreached world know, accept, live right please and fear God so born again.

Saved without hearing or believing in Christ pray to Unknown God they worship. Paul in Acts 17:23, masterfully uses altar as opportunity to share One True God. The Greeks did not know God’s Real Name Jehovah in the Bible, the Creator of heaven and earth who does not dwell in temples made with hands. World mission’s project and trade relations must show respect and commitment to gospel of Christ and fair trade business to all ethnic groups in the world. To set people free from physical, spiritual and financial famine to be saved from coming wrath of God. To listen carefully to God’s powerful truth to of Jesus ministry in Luke 4:18:19, The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; for God appointed me to preach GOOD NEWS to the poor. To heal the broken-hearted, set free captives, open spiritually blind eyes to see, set free down trodden from oppressors. God announced year of Jubilee through Peter to restore lives to give blessings. Jesus still sets people free from attacks of enemy to give lasting victory.

Whom the Son Jesus Sets Free is Free Indeed in John 8:36. Stand on God’s Promises, believe, receive God’s Super abundance to enjoy to stop travesty injustice. God’s precious priceless endure cruel treatment from fellow human beings. Nobody is superior or less as mislabelled by others who take by force God’s creation. God does not agree with appalling treatment of God’s priceless people. Christians have identity in Christ Jesus as citizens of heaven. The greedy with audacity depose LORD GOD so removed Bible from schools because it pricks conscience to account to God. Then mock and ridicule real owners of usurped land. But those greedy ones who took everything from others are no match for Jehovah Nissi. The greedy deprive genuine owners of wealth usurped with cruel mortars, guns, swords, violently taken by force without moral conscience. Travesty injustice is unfair confiscation of wealth from legitimate owners. Real owners made serf tend land usurped illegitimately. Insult to injury ideology racism propaganda control genuine owner treated as inferior. Bully calls genuine owners of gold, diamond, bauxite, mineral, manpower resources enriching them, common, plebeians, second class, working class, under-privileged, deprived, untouchables. In Leviticus 19:34 we are commanded to love the foreigner living among us: “The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born.  Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt.  I am the LORD your God.”

Without moral obligation continue to abuse to underdevelop genuine legal owners subdued. Over 1000 years continue bad treatment discrimination regardless. So keep others in economic, mental slavery imposed by love of money, the root of all evil because the heart of man is evil. So continue to treat badly those who suffer in silence. All the silver, gold belongs to God so vengeance belongs to God to stop travesty justice. God’s precious priceless people restored in super abundance ownership wealth transfer in Jesus Name. Gentile Cornelius mixed with Peter through fear of God so reconciled through Jesus to God, saved from wrath of God. Both pray, give alms, walk uprightly as seen in Acts 10:2, 22. God sent angel to pius Cornelius who sent for Peter to hear God’s salvation message. Almighty GOD is well known by traditional indigenous local names in existence. The gospel message encourages passion devotion redirection in Jesus as God’s approved chosen way.


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