No matter how much the rich person flaunts wealth, they cannot buy God. God is the ultimate richest wealthiest Man with all the world’s assets combined belonging to God. This is why Peter told Simon in Acts 8:14,-24, his money will die with him because, “You can’t buy the gift of God with money. Peter said, “his heart is not right with God. ”Simon tried to purchase Holy Spirit with money. Selfishly tried to use money as power source. Simon wanted God’s Power so offered money to the apostles.

Peter told him his money would die with him because “You can’t buy gift of God with money.” Peter said to him, ‘Your money perish with you, because Simon tried to purchase the Holy Spirit with money. Simon selfishly longed for power so thought he could brag to Peter as the rich village champion who buys all. So felt could extend wealth to buy God’s Holy Spirit gift. This constitutes arrogance to God because Simon wanted to intimidate Peter. His show of money longing for priceless gift of God did not work.

God’s wealth is to promote salvation in Jesus Name. As the world fulfills Bible prophecy in critical times it is essential to provide for God’s ministers, pastors, apostles, teachers, evangelists. Jehovah Jireh is the Source of wealth so Jesus told the disciples not to carry purse or extra clothing. God is Ultimate Provider. Simon felt genuinely sorry so asked Peter to pray for him for forgiveness. An arrogant person who puts trust and confidence in money can be forgiven by God Who Adds Value to life.

If they repent like Simon to remember God who gives power to get wealth to enjoy it. The world shifts attention on material wealth display which pass away. But do not recognise God’s Priceless people as God’s Greatest Asset. God gives Wealth to be used to create difference to help all classes, status to redefine human beings. In God’s Eyes, The  One True Eternal Priceless Value God Counts is souls. So seek first the kingdom of God no matter how rich or poor then God will add all these things in Jesus Name.

Prosperity message diverts attention from the true Gospel of salvation through Cross of Jesus Christ, Thereby the church of God sanctified by the blood of Jesus is engrossed in needlessly clinging to things rather than soul prosperity. God said there will come a time when each will know God for themselves. So will not need another person to teach them all their lives. All must grow up spiritually to cope with circumstances faced daily. God is expecting loyalty, dedication, leaders in position on God’s behalf in Jesus the Head.

The Christian life is a Relationship First with God then mankind through Christ Jesus. This means despite sophistication the essence and purpose of life is having personal intimate relationship with God. No matter how rich, without God life is meaningless, purposeless, lost, without positive relationship with God and others. Simon saw wealth was meaningless without God. There is a natural flow of virtue that overflows in focus on God. God’s Love Priority flows to fellow human beings.

Treasure is useful on earth but not pre-occupy heart above God and people. A Christian believer gets KISS from God by Keeping  in God’s company in prayer closest. I AM is in believers and vice versa. Sing to praise and thank God then petition God in Jesus Name. Shalom Peace of God rests in believers transform lives. Kiss God daily if single, married for contentment comes from God. Money is a tool to enhance, equip life but not serve it.



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