God sees how the rich man badly treated beggar lazarus as noted in the Bible in Luke 16:19–31. The rich man did not provide kind treatment for lazarus but took his only sheep Lazarus owned through greed. Jesus told parable of the rich man and poor Lazarus to show God’s justice. Lazarus is now comforted by Abraham and rich in heaven. So Lazarus enjoys golden street mansions in heaven. Jesus told believers not to be earthly greedy rich to end in hell. Austerity measures destroy others while enriching themselves but beware of God’s coming judgement before it is too late to repent. Spirit of greed selfishness destroys others so those mocking poor read history to learn capitalism exploitation underdevelops others. The rich man begged poor Lazarus to spare few drops of water to cool his burning tongue but it was too late.

The destitute rich man burned alive forever in hell lake fire not quenched  by any fireman. Nobody has the right to call God’s priceless creation common. All global citizens are temporary on earth from God’s permanent home in heaven. God sees unfair treatment of His beloved people as precious, priceless equals displaced and discriminated against by greedy people. Due to unfair treatment remain unemployed for generations because of structural institutional racism. But when the poor ask for help they are called lazy, but when the rich ask for help to sponsor fellow fat cats to continue dominating others they are accepted. So 1% own all super abundant resources provided by God is OK so nobody complains. Landed gently usurp God’s land to deprive others of the resources wasted. If they ask for help are called communists, drug addicts and lazy scroungers or criminals. Yet study, highly educated but system discriminates against them. When the poor whose blood sweat build wealth ask for help are treated inferior.

All rich man’s worldly good could not save him because you cannot buy God. What does it profit a man to gain whole world and lose the soul? Yet keep poor victims in economic slavery generation to generation. But will give account to God on how they treat God’s precious priceless people of great value as joint heirs with Christ Jesus. Jesus will choose His sheep by love actions including dignified treatment of poor beggars. The rich man regrets bad treatment of Lazarus but too late to save him from hell. In life on earth he refused to listen to preachers, pastors, ministers, prophets to act on God’s command to show love, mercy, compassion to beggar Lazarus. He now became the greatest evangelist in hell. So begged Abraham to send help to his family, brothers to repent before it is too late to end in hell fire. Unfortunately, the rich man’s wealth he enjoyed and glorified on earth at the expense of Lazarus could not save rich man from hell. Heaven and hell are real places so those depriving others note wealth is not taken with you after death. Wealth is useless in heaven or hell because you cannot buy God.

Wellington-Station-@SFRSWellington1All humans are immigrant’s passing earth for a season no matter how long each lives. It is interesting fellow immigrants lord it over others calling them common. So the world treats poor people as if they prefer to remain so rather than change their lot in life. The self-indulged over privileged call others disloyal bitter, disillusioned, lazy scums, looking up to extremely hardworking for hand – outs. A closer look reveals lack of proper compensation causes poverty by greedy manipulating selfish few. The greedy lord it over others so sear their conscience by insulting the poor they deprive to feel better. They make laws to stop begging yet taxation is sophisticated enforced begging too. Those taxing hide wealth in off shore accounts to milk others for their luxury lifestyle imposed by conquest. Some enslaved beggars families who toil to build mansions they live in free without paying them. Others arrogantly call poor plebeians, peasants, common people.

Gideon chosen by God used father’s cow pending sacrifice to baal after destroyed grove to sacrifice on God’s Altar. God is willing to accept changed hearts that repent to please God. So material things produced that drives mankind to ignore, neglect, reject,mock God  will not save from hell fire. Those insulting God that God does not exist so ridicule faith, trust and confidence in God will face judgement of God permanently. So needs to repent before it is too late. The rich punishing other people because they think they only deserve God’s riches and wealth remember will burn forever in hell for abusing others. But money cannot buy God so those putting their trust and confidence in riches and ridiculing others God is not mocked.

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