God_on_Trial_Title_onlyGOD’S LOVE on trial misunderstands the meaning of Godly Love Galatians 3:27-28 says Christ CLOTHES True Children Joint Heirs with Christ. God Promised nations through Abraham to belong to Christ to become the True Children of Abraham. God’s Joint Heirs with Christ by God’s promise to Abraham belongs to all. God Says as many as baptized into Christ put on Christ. There is neither Jew or Greek, slave or free, no male and female all ONE in Christ Jesus. Sovereign God wants Focus on Salvation in Jesus First because God does not condone with all man’s ideas of love. God LOVES all creation but all not Children of God except all those who LOVE HIM back. God LOVES all as Perfect Father but Firmly Disciplines His Children. God CALLS those who Respect, Accept, Respond, Express Love, Beloved Children JOINT HEIR with HIS SON Jesus Christ. God accepts His Children who recognise Jesus as Saviour so receive an eternal life in Heaven in New Jerusalem to earth. God’s Love Accommodates all so accepts definitions in agreement with God’s Words in Bible. God’s Standard LOVE PATIENCE helps understand Love to treat all loved ones with kindness. To support not envy loved ones not brag or boast on how perfect one is compared to spouse. Love is humble but not a proud push over to be trodden upon recklessly. Love respects so polite not rude and speaks words of encouragement to build up. God’s Love is deeply concerned about well-being of loved ones so not selfish self-seeking. God’s Love is slow to anger, forgiving so keeps no record of wrongs. So all make mistakes but God shows mercy and compassion so forgives daily. Therefore God does not allow the sun to go down on anger slow to anger because God does not delight in evil.LivingInLove2

God’s Love is deeply concerned for well being of loved ones, not selfish or self-seeking. Love is slow to anger and forgiving so keeps no record of wrongs. Always persevere so never gives up, quit in tough times or project blame onto loved ones. God rejoices in truth always to protect loved ones to defend them. Do not gang up against loved behind their back to double talk yet claim to love them. God always hopes for best to promote loved ones. God expects loyal faithful loved ones to fully research and understand God’s standard of expectation for love. Examine own heart, conscience to see truly fulfil God’s terms and conditions of love. This is helpful before heavy-handed indulgence takes place not overshadow reality, responsibility, commitment. Those truly in fear and reverence of God honest with themselves, prepare for practical relationship aspects not just physical intimacy. Seek Godly advice, support, guidance and counselling. Learn from the mature experienced married couples with good success on love. Careful alertness at onset of relationship helps to avoid unnecessary mistakes if sincere. Reflect, self analyse to check if capable of remaining a right partner long-term. Do not to compromise, think one can change a person through marriage only God Can do so.

6fa19d1715ea8c2938bd0cd0f3b73305At end of day remember changes happen for life is dynamic. People grow, mature so change takes place in relationship so prepare to adapt not insist or expect person remain fixed in same way as met from the beginning. All other areas of life are catered for in God’s Bible. To build a sound foundation on God’s Love is love self first and neighbour second. This is not selfishness because one cannot give what you do not have yourself. Neighbour includes enemies so ask for God’s power to enable you to love the unlovables in Jesus Christ’s Name. One sin God will NOT FORGIVE as hard it sounds is those who reject Jesus Christ will perish unfortunately by own choice decision to reject God’s Only Begotten Son Jesus. Mankind’s own, sin, guilt and corruption started from garden of Eden. God Provides remedy of Grace to restore love relationship between God and man. Jesus fulfilled God’s love by exchanging His Life for all sins of mankind. Jesus practised what He preached to show God Love. To err is human but God does not approve revenge killings of eye for eye, tooth for tooth. For all sin so fall short of Glory of God as global citizens. To qualify to be citizen of heaven God says forgive or you will not be forgiven to enter God’s Presence. But burn in hell forever alive tormented for wickedness to God’s priceless creation. Jesus’ blood cleans Christian believers to purify so takes punishment of all sins to set all sinners free. CHRISTianity IS GOD’S RARE LOVE for Christians to forgive as nobody is perfect so God’s Love is based on Mercy and Compassion.


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