Love yourself according to God’s command to love others as we love ourselves. In Genesis in the Bible, God’s garden of Eden was blessed full of all mankind needed. before God gave Adam a wife. God ensured Adam was responsible enough, emotionally mature so proved capable of taking care of himself, all animals and the rich resources entrusted into his hands. God saw it was not good for Adam to be alone so God made a suitable wife from Adam’s rib for him as wife. This pattern is the perfect example God expects Christian believers to follow. God desires man to be self- sufficient fully prepared and equipped first to provide for wife. Despite God’s perfect plan mankind felt wiser so did not value, respect, respond appropriately to express God’s love with gratitude. Instead of preserving, accepting God’s supply to enjoy to replenish earth took God for granted. Obey and listen to God ideas and methods because God’s Love flows through us to love spouse. 

God threw them out of garden of Eden, homeless had to fend for themselves and their children without God’s input. Adam got on well with his wife at first but did not protect Eve from stranger danger, not to eat fruit from a man not introduced by God.They should have waited to discuss devil’s proposal with God. God would expose devil’s evil nature and motives to them. Instead, they chose to do own thing disobeying God. This consequence punishment and disobedience affects mankind today. Adam projected his failure on to God so accused God it was the woman’s fault for his problem of sin. So God stopped visiting them. Therefore, God in anger abandoned mankind by deciding man must sustain themselves to see if they can survive without God. Tragic consequence was things got worse as humanism started in garden of Eden excluded God. Mankind lured and deceived by devil did not obey loving father God as the great provider to depend on for Advice. Instead man rebelled against so God told them to find own wife in future.

A double standard emerged, some abuse to seek good wife yet want perfect undamaged wife without baggage. Strings women to test out good enough woman to marry. In God’s scheme of things this is not effective process God to choose Eve for Adam. God could have created several women for Adam to test drive the goods but no other women to compare Eve with. Today, the devil is actively busy roaming the world looking for those he will devour. Those who submit to God resist the devil so he flees from them. Those seated in heavenly places have God’s Power over all principalities, powers, dominions as joint heir royal priest hood in Jesus Name. The devil does not want mankind to reconnect to obey God because he lost God. Mankind makes God seem a laughing-stock, mocking ridiculing why God is not in control, to restore mankind now. But mankind chose own way to rebel against God to design yardstick to measure life contrary to God.1546388_994093700619621_3911356953441272944_n

God’s value relegated to background, people try to find a relationship. The devil is not all-powerful like God as portrayed to put fear in people. There is a way that seems right to man but end is destruction, death. So important to desire spouse based on God’s standard. The devil tries to use fear to influence man on issues of disloyal rebellion to God.  In ‘Take me out TV program, potential partners look for special romance. The first choice decides on looks, instant appearance, to pick one person to write name down. Each person speaks with light on to approve or deselect if unimpressed. After description if approved leaves lights on or switch off for final elimination for 2 people. Final choice determines ideal partner for Fernando Island holiday to serenade. Trend shows interesting observation made. The tallest man with good sports physique stereotype was approved by popular demand so no lights turned off so liked. Keep it real to be confident and positive. 1901422_839023342809906_4664114093524019512_nThe final choice interestingly, did not tally with instant original first choice made before listened to participants. Some often choose partners by looks, height, but do not judge a book by its cover. A Godly person is deep and trust worthy of true love. Do not focus on outward looks as relationships require more than looks or just great sex. Learn to love yourself first to ensure capable of living on own. Adam lived in the garden of Eden taking care of resources for years before God gave him a wife. Be true to yourself to sustain, invest, save money and responsible paying bills. Marriage is an expensive business so requires necessary preparation to equip financially. Be economically sound before taking on endeavour of marriage family. A man cannot give what he does not have. Do not remain manchild to expect woman to complete you, baby sit you, in addition to your children. Grow up and take personal care of yourself first before taking on such commitment and life-long responsibility because a child and family commitment responsibility is for life in Jesus Name.

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2 thoughts on “SELF- LOVE

  1. You have some flawed teaching in there. Adam did not spend years alone in the garden maturing – he was made fully grown up in every sense of the word. God said it was not good for him to be alone, so it makes no sense to have God keep Adam alone in the Garden of Eden for years. As to men and women today, I don’t think there is one rule that works for everybody. Some guys mature prior to dating, some mature as they date, stil others, after. Same for marriage and children. People love who they love, no matter their maturity level.

    • Absolutely no flaws in this teaching because by man child’s actions you shall know them. Just because he was tall like an adult did not mean he behaved like one. He did not act maturely by leaving his fresh new bride alone to fend for herself because he was too busy working as a workaholic. In addition, he was not man enough to admit his mistake but blamed Eve. If he was a responsible husband, he should have protected her from a strange man coming into his home to give his wife orders to eat behind his back. The most important point above all is God ensured Adam did not put the cart before the horse so prepared super abundant resources in advance to provide for their family. They chose to ruin it all by greed falsely believing the devil had something better than God for them. The devil promised them they will be like God after disobedience, but they became cut off from God. Exactly the very reason for why the devil was thrown down from heaven. Misery loves company so the devil caused spiritual death and destruction. For they thought the grass is greener with gold sitting at the end of the rainbow so do not value or appreciate all God provides for them. It includes not properly using talents, skills, gifts and resources. The devil finds work for idle hands so Eve was approached and deceived while on her own without first consulting her husband or God. Adam as head of family and household was stronger, so had greater responsibility towards his weak wife. One of the greatest needs of a good relationship is maturity. God bless you

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