In Isaiah 43:1-11, God says Be Mine whether married or single, to prepare for marriage with Christ, The Bridegroom. God wants you to belong exclusively to Him Only in covenant relationship. We belong first to God yet deeply love our spouse. Our Spouse’s love is sweeter than honey, deeper than oceans, feel highest heaven level love experience in true love. Yet God wants to give us trillion times more love eternally through Jesus Christ. GOD’S LOVE TO INFINITY IS ABSOLUTELY FREE SO PAID FOR BY CHRIST JESUS FOR YOU. YOU DON’T HAVE TO KILL YOURSELF OR ANYONE TO EARN ENTRY INTO HEAVEN TO BE REWARDED BY GOD. DO NOT WASTE YOUR LIFE BECAUSE JESUS ALREADY GAVE HIS LIFE FOR YOU. AND SO DELIBERATELY KILLING YOURSELF OR OTHERS DOES NOT REPRESENT GOD SALVATION GENUINE TRUE CHRISTIAN VALUES APPROVED. jesus_is_my_valentine.jpgTherefore GOD’S LOVE is free for you to receive so all you need to do is believe. God personally directs your love self so pray for your family, loved ones to be touched by God. Receive God’s Love and enjoy your life in peace. God’s Love cannot be compared to human love. So, it is important to fully understand God’s True Abundant Free Love. Jesus Christ bought you with His precious BLOOD PRICE, so you belong to God whether you believe it or not. Earthly Love is enjoyed in marital love, affection, deep intimacy and companionship with spouse. Belonging to fellow spouse is wonderful. Belonging in family to love and adore you is great. In addition, Jehovah’s God’s Infinite Eternal Love is in Christ Jesus. God’s Love extends to you so celebrate God’s Romantic First Love in Christ Jesus. God’s Word urges us to all “Keep ourselves in God’s love in Jude 21.” Yes, we need to remain in God’s love, to maintain a loving bond with our heavenly Father. Rest assured in God’s Deep Love as your refuge. Recognise, Appreciate, Respond, Express Love = RARE LOVE means Remain true in God’s Love through Lord Christ Jesus Forever. niculina i love you.gifDwell on Bible Love teachings learned in Bible as Creator’s instruction manual. Jehovah gave earth as a delightful home filled with abundant food, water, natural resources, fascinating animal life and beautiful landscape to live on. It is good to find wife chosen on inner- beauty not just only for outward beauty. It is good to look good, dress well of excellent height. These list required is not deep enough to sustain Godly Eternal Love. TV shows on Fernando love island shows regret based on person chosen too young, immature, not living up the expectations portrayed in first impression seen prefers previous one left behind. This is symptomatic of a the physical mentality standard used to measure up any potential couples. Some describe love as needing someone to love them to make them feel loved. Someone to complete, share life with, companion, do things with to fill emotional, physical void. Other’s personal taste and desire of love means new changes transforming a person into object of selfish ‘happiness’ and lustful satisfaction. These ideas are different from YAHWEH God’s Powerful Love based not emotional attraction but comes with commitment, responsibility, accountability to God.

People must understand God’s deep true real meaning of genuine love as God intends for His creation as born again Christians. Love conquest passion motivates some inclined to fall in love at first sight. God’s Love means using 100% brain, whole mind, whole soul, whole body, whole heart. God’s definitions and description of love meets needs in terms of expectations. God’s Love idea does not stem from soap drama model romantic love. Such choice is superficial, only externally motivated and referenced. God sees inner heart so appearance alone is not enough. A humble down to earth established or potential good success image spouse is determined by God. Eve uniquely suited Adam an already noble, rich hardworking man. God’s Love is mixed up with intense saucy intimacy passion desire but must agree with author of life’s relationship. God says you are mine in Isaiah 43:1-11. God created and formed you so says, “Fear not, I have redeemed you, I have summoned you by name, you are mine. God feels very happy to see you wake up and excited as His Beloved. Life experiences require a strong anchor in God. So when you pass through the waters God is with you. When you pass through rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned by flames ablaze. For God, the Holy One is your Saviour. You are precious and honoured in God’s Sight because God LOVES YOU.

God Will give men in exchange for you and people in exchange for your life. Do not be afraid for God is with you and your children. You are God’s witness declares God and God’s servant chosen to know, believe and understand God. So no god formed is equal to God nor will there be one after God. God is your Only True God so apart from God Almighty Jehovah, there is No Saviour. God came down as man in Christ the Saviour to save so love and reconnect to God. TV presentation of love is unrealistic compared to God’s Real Love Life. Anticipation of love by reality TV negates God’s definition of love so shows discrepancy in Bible Love Truth. God’s Love is Eternal into infinity so lasts forever. God does not require you to abandon earthly spouse in covenant relationship to seek another spouse.  As some notions of earthly love seems to promote short-term love in the here and now. God’s Love Truth terminology means God’s terms of ownership is guaranteed to possess you as belong surely as God’s Right Partner to fulfil covenant. So both spouses totally depend on God’s ordained relationship input influence as owner creator of people. in Isaiah 54:5 -15, your Maker is your husband; the LORD of hosts is His name; your Redeemer the Holy God of the whole earth. So Language changes from MINE-OURS, VINE-CHRIST, WINE-BLOOD, DINE-NOURISH, TIME -WISE, NINE- DATE, PINE-PRAY SHARE in Jesus Name. Be ruthless in prayer together, pray for leaders, loved ones and your family TO LOVE GOD DEEPLY TO BELONG TO GOD.

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