Size matters as I found out recently after losing weight through a program to change my life. I could not walk without rubbing my legs together sometimes causing bleeding. i had to use plaster to cover the wounds. The salty sweat caused sting of my wounds. So I became desperate to lose weight. I remembered the size was alright without legs rubbing against each other. Although I ate fairly reasonably or so I thought, until I found out excessive hydration was part of cause of weight problem. I made a diet chart to change unhealthy drinks and I realised was also addicted to water without knowing it. I reduced first my food size portion intake. And informed all friends, family, loved ones to serve me smaller portions of all my favourite meals.
It was difficult at first especially as I watched others eat but I had to discipline myself. The first week was particularly difficult because suddenly all shops seem to do bulk discount my favourite food as if to convince me to keep buying. I had to resist and practice self-control to endure the temptation to buy the cheaper plus extra free deals on sale. So I avoided shop aisles with my favourite foods. I choose healthy ingredients and cooked better home-made meals. I still craved foods addicted eaten for so long over the years. My favourite fizzy drink was vanilla cream soda. I drank about 10 litres a day as it was cheaply sold in most bargain shops. In addition I drank coffee plus water because no matter what I drank I could not quench thirst without water.






I was a water addict so carried water with me always. I could not pass by anywhere there is free water without drinking 3-4 cups at a time many times a day. Some people even collapsed from reducing body salt content with too much water with a few fatalities. I cut down on red meat so eat more fish. I cut out fried foods so started grilling or boiling most of my favourite foods. I cleared my home of the fat fryer used to fry bags of chicken and chips everyday to share with family and friends. I started withdrawing from water, fizzy drinks, so much milk gradually. I reduced drinks by 1 glass consistently to dwindle down to acceptable suitable amount daily recommended. Each day I maintain my body’s hydration level adding up all fluids I drink. I learnt large intestines produce water from processing food contents. So careful extra water drank not drown or dehydrate body.

I researched and found out people died from drowning within body with too much water. I could not believe water was capable of causing weight gain. This was surprising to me when I found out. It made sense because I did not realise my weight was impacted by water. Come to think of it water is quite heavy, weighed or carried about. So water used to be one of my favourite indulgences. Now I resist the strong urge to gulp water down. Now my new love is that I learnt to steam – fry eggs, use water to make stew well in place of oil. My skin started glowing and my hair grew better. I realised my clothes started dropping off. At first I used safety pins to hold them firmly on my body. Over time, pins were not suitable so looked ridiculously shaped bulging out-of-place. I changed wardrobe from sizes 24 to 20 at first and 3 months later dropped to size 16.


I eat no more junk fried foods, sweets, doughnuts, cakes and cut down on coffee. I choose fruits, vegetable alternatives, carrot sticks, cucumber slices, grains and nuts. I eat sugar-free usually healthy cereal brands with nuts in them. Over all people started commenting on my size to ask if I was on diet. I said yes but not for cosmetic reasons. I had to change my size to overcome walking and enduring pain from bruises of rubbed thighs. Although, I could wear suitable protective clothing to cover thighs, I still had to endure pain as my legs grew too close for comfort. Now the first thing I do each morning is to I juice and blend varieties of fruits and vegetables according to the desired taste. I make enough to last the whole day. So I take it with me when I am out and about.

I drink juice the whole day. On very hot days I juice twice as I tend to drink more fruit juice. This helps fill me up well so I eat light cereal for breakfast, good healthy lunch and tea time lots of green vegetables and fish supper meal. I make allowances to eat foods I crave once in a while so not to become desperate for missing such taste. I meet up with friends and family to join in to celebrate good food and to exchange recipes. My life is much happier as I do not have to use plasters to cover thighs anymore because bruised legs. I feel I have perfect right size for my weight as I walk easily and faster than before. I enjoy walking about without pain previously endured. I do moderate exercise definitely recommended anyone struggling with weight problems to change in simple small steps at a time. Do not jump from extreme level A straight to Z level down sizing, be gradual.

Seek support of good friends to encourage and help them. Be true to yourself, sincere, keep track of all foods and snacks eaten but not fussy if you relapse on your diet program. Be flexible and human enough to admit you are capable of mistakes. Start again and keep up good work. Enjoy your life daily because life is too short to stress yourself about yo-yo body sizes. I keep a range of clothes and shoes as I recognise my weight changes affect my shoe sizes as well. I do not fix my body size on specific number. I expect changes fairly within my acceptable size range to prevent legs from bruising by rubbing against each due to over weight. I share my testimony with all interested in helping themselves. I lost weight for right health reasons as my body size truly matters.

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