To celebrate life means to acknowledge life to the full to commemorate as seen on TV This is your life program. Harry Hill is person nominated by loved ones but kept in the dark. Contact is kept with utmost secret with all relatives, loved ones, colleagues, class mates. All suitable relevant appropriate necessary information is collected to celebrate and honour him as the person chosen. It is so efficiently organised the chosen person remains unawares of things go on behind their back. Photographs or past interesting memorabilia are put together into a book. The date is set so all invited gather together to really surprise. During meeting all turns out well to celebrate life. There is an after party to eat and celebrate the person given the book documenting childhood throughout to adult life. This is one of best programs showing true understanding of meaning of life. As it is important to celebrate life daily as much as possible with family, friends, loved ones. Above all to remember to thank and Glorify God Giver of life.






One may not need to go on TV necessarily to celebrate life but it is good to remember to honour family and friends at some point in their life time in their presence. Most people seem however to put more effort into celebrating after life. Hence funerals become big party events  with lots of preparation of earthly treasures stored for future use in graves. Most of the treasures are useful in preserving past history to show creative artworks. Like these Staffordshire hoard artefacts of 3500 gold shields, swords, belts etc seen here. These items are supposed to help equip the owner to enjoy the after life. Pyramids have been built for burial with gold, wealth accumulating belongs to the dead in expectation of use in next life. Gems and gold sit in piles for thousands of years on dusty floors found in tombs of the Egyptian pyramids among others.

The size of graves increased according to status and wealth. In the obelisks were complete tombs with mummified bodies that intrigued the world. The golden intricate riches setting of tropical luxury wealth made from plunder and tribute. The treasures include jewelry befitting status, stature of king, swords, daggers, weapons and cosmetics. Tomb content include vessels, vases of gold, jewelry, gold art works, sceptres, trinkets, diamonds, topaz, beads, headrests, chairs, stools, leather sandals, musical instruments, storage chests, bowls, combs, and other trinkets, along with food.Wealthier ones buried with furniture valuables too numerous to list here. Boats, scenes of food production, craftsmen, workshops, professions, scribes, soldiers found in tombs. To enable dead king to live full-scale lifestyle chariots, horses, terracotta soldiers to guard king in after life. Wives, servants, slaves, killed to accompany king to serve in after life to enjoy companionship indulged on earth. Others include brand new or normal beautiful clothing worn packed for future use in grave. Artefacts include, stored bags of wheat grains, grave goods to provide essential Egyptian funeral banquets in after life. Luxury tombs built by impoverished slaves, skilled craftsmen, peasants for kings, queens, noble classes and rich merchants. Most artefacts from tombs are in museums all over the world collected buy archaeologist and archivists for posterity. The citizens left behind strongly believe not giving grand final farewell to ruler upon his death would be punishment of ancestors now watching the population from the plane of the immortals. So a pledge and levy is pain by each citizen throughout their lives life to prepare for such an occasion. Other people bury their dead in a simple grave. The body may be treated, arranged in particular way to faith belief. Most did not keep written evidence but kept regular visits to graveside to tend it, send food and drinks, flowers, teddy bears. The grave is shown to younger generations to trace family tree. The living feel it is their duty and responsibility to provide tomb lavish decorations. Maintain regular contact visit for solace and comfort so deceased feels loved. Information on modern afterlife custom include sewing machines, tools of trade buried with deceased, shoes, money for river crossing journey to pay toll on way. Some turn funeral into big events bigger than wedding ceremony. So organised by professional event managers, funeral contractors to provide music, entertainment, food, venue, chairs, tents, meals and drinks. So cater for VIP guests to ensure everything runs smoothly according to plan. Big donors give huge sums to avoid debt so make profit. These events are fashionable so provide dance services to entertain guests.

Due to understanding of the meaning of after life recognised no earthly riches is of any value after demise. This is one of the most richest kings who ever lived to 90 years old, buried immediately on same day draped with simple cloth in unmarked grave according to custom. This was according to protocol although the king could afford the most expensive designer coffin of any shape desired to order. The king could be carried in the most expensive funeral cortege procession. Dressed in the best most priceless fabrics could be chosen by chief mourners and sympathisers to change into costumes every hour to display wealth to show off. The whole burial would have been postponed because of the magnitude of the kings stature and status in the society to prepare to give the best funeral party in terms of age. Some preparations take as long as 5 years with the deceased in deep freezer mortuary paid for until all family members can afford to find time to gather for funeral. By then, funeral costs rise to millions of dollars. The older the deceased the bigger the party and as king the ceremony is ultimate display to signify position of power in death hierarchy ceremony traditions of men. This almost becomes competition of keeping up with Joneses. Nobody wants to change standard funeral traditions. People record by video, ceremony to distribute to friends, family, loved one. So keeps memory alive of the deceased’s funeral event to watch again from time to time. Then post images, video on face book and online display blogs of documented events. This enables the whole ceremony to be stored to show those unable to attend to partake by visual reality. It is good to remember to record precious loved one’s passing departure if can afford lavish competition ceremony budget. Misguided fear of letting departed down means going to extreme lengths in debt. Meanwhile the members of family hungry daily, out of school due to lack of fees not equally invested in.

Contributing to lavish death ceremony events is done by the poorest of the poor. As it is compulsory for all citizens do so. So compelled to take loans to prepare for funeral in debt to pay years to come. Time and amount invested in death mongering can eradicate poverty to build schools and hospitals. Those living in fear of ancestors must realise celebrating life in presence of person honours far better than grand funerals in absence. Funeral amount money spent is never spent in lifetime. Some cannot afford medical treatment when person alive. They cannot provide appropriate diet in hospital suitable for improving health. Some abandon for years family members. As too busy enjoying life to care about aged elderly.  Yet forget they too will grow old as what person sows is what they reap. No matter lavished pyramid mausoleum accolade tomb goods, flesh decays but soul lives on. So society needs to rethink and redress priority to celebrate life. Above all it is the soul that matters most so goes back to God. The flesh decays earth to earth, dust to dust. This pyramid shows 3 highest tier opened grave in Japan.



Those who understand and recognise true meaning of life live practical lives. So use material goods and riches to make the most of life. Beyond life in the after world there is no need to bring along own material goods for prosperity. Or pack luggage for use by the deceased. God has abundant mansions of pure gold, diamond etc better than earthly goods so not required in Heaven. All silver, gold, wealth, riches belong to God for all people to use on earth. There is more than enough resources as Solomon favoured with God’s Special honour given riches, wealth inventoried in the Torah. The Ark of Covenant is made of pure gold. God has super abundance for all God’s creation so there is no need to kill or destroy another before one becomes blessed by God. At the end of the day, no matter how rich on earth body dies so soul lives on to give account to God. Maintaining Godly soul connection with God is most important focus. All said and done, perishable flesh decays but soul lives with God eternally.

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