Free expression sense of humour is directed at self, to take mickey out of self to diffuse tension, to take a sting out of conflict to amuse, to calm a situation to make people feel comfortable in company. It highlights one’s own body part like Will Smith tells jokes about his best most distinguished assets, his ears in the Prince of Bell Air. But some dark sense of humour, sarcasm jokes does not translate well with billions of majority of people in other cultural contexts. Poking fun at various traits in people, spots, birth marks, unique tribal features, physique, height, little or extra tall people, large nose, all these highlight God’s Majestic beautiful creation, marvelous wonders. God says Christian believers greet, speak words of God in Bible, Psalms, hymns, good report to build people up. God chose not to create 7+ billion identical clone feature of a particular kind of creation deemed better than all others. Diversity of different facial types, skin tones, head shapes are all part of God’s Bigger Picture to complement God’s Creation. The Bible says nobody can tell God how to design His variety creation. The world needs to realise, value, equal rights and opportunities of diverse people to stop ageism elderly abuse by young bullies. To conform, comply, agree with God’s Wisdom of diversity. It is extremely important, necessary to teach, train children on God’s diversity. Remember God in youth to give elders due respect and honour as youth too will grow old.
In the Bible in 2 Kings:2 – 25, Elisha a prophet of God went to Bethel to minister often. As he went by the way, young people came out from the city and mocked him and said to him, “Go up, you bald head; go up, you bald head!”Elisha regularly passed through to Bethel so had to put up with teasing for years of ridicule from some uncouth children. The elderly Elisha was stressed and exhausted from double responsibility left behind by Elijah in heaven who abandoned work due to torment of Jezebel. A toupe would have solved Elisha’s looks so the children probably would leave him alone or pick on another imperfection. Elisha was hoping for change but things got worse. Extremely tired on circuit from one place to another, would prefer a cup of tea, tumbler of water to quench thirst and bread to stop hunger. Instead he looked behind him and saw them mocking so cursed them in the name of the LORD. So 2 female bears came out of the woods and tore up 42 of them. 25 Elisha went from there to Mount Carmel and returned to Samaria. This action seems extremely harsh in liberal society. The youth children attacked God’s wisdom of creation design to query human form according to God’s will, purpose and plans. God permitted youths of Bethel destroyed for damaging Elisha’s character as God’s prophet. The youth mocked and ridiculed Elisha to go up like Elijah into heaven. The prophet was shocked by rude insolence of children brought up in Torah and Tanakh to honour elders so it is well to live long. Some feel punishment was too great for offence so consider mocking proceeded from great malignity. Disobedient rebellious children are corrected so taught to do the right thing if parents become aware.Possibly Elisha complained to parents and leaders in vain to taunting of the children on his way each time. Elisha felt children faced consequences by challenging God’s Power like devil asked Jesus in wilderness to turn stones to bread to perform miracle at devil’s command. Whole families, towns and cities gain through preaching of gospel. So wicked evil bullies change to be good citizens, bearing excellent fruits of righteousness through Christ to the praise and glory of God. Fear of God is instilled in believer converts to respect, honour God’s servants not making fun of others. Families, adults, young people, little children and infants are taught to reverence God and His prophets. This is crucial and important because not to mock, ridicule God’s leaders. This is a serious matter with the Living God Almighty Jehovah as things different for a reason. God’s discipline is strict for disciple’s own good. God’s prophet, man of God belongs to God, responsible for calling, choosing leaders. Bible teaches children to know their place to respect authority. As future leaders children must live by  golden rule to treat all with equal respect. God personally intervened on behalf of rebellion against Moses and Aaron led by Korah. God considers it serious offence directly against God to mock God’s creation by head shape, look, size, ethnic tribe, colour in Miriam’s leprosy punishment on Moses’ wife Zipporah.Jesus loves all children but God is not mocked by free liberal views on free expression at the expense of God’s servants as the matter is an offence provocation against God. In Western society some children think they are above correction, as the majesty the child served by adults. So Elisha’s Divine action seems strange and extreme in comparison. God permits Elisha’s reaction to stop rude malicious behaviour. In most cultures respect due honour is given to hierarchy of elders. Some kings and queens prostrate flat on the floor to greet others above them in authority. God is Glorified and Highly Esteemed as a Righteous God who hates sin so adults lead by example to honour authority. And young people are trained to be afraid of speaking wicked words against elders or leaders. They are severely punished with extreme discipline to correct them. God notices all said and done, recorded in Book of Life so detests mockery of defects in mind, body, peril scorn of those minding own business. Parents must train children and do the best to drive out foolishness in children’s hearts. Children grow to become parents so influence the next generation. So if undealt with, leads to everlasting condemnation in hell due to careless bad example of wicked teaching of adults. In Matthew 26:51, Mark 14:47, John 18:10, Peter in defence of Jesus during arrest in the garden of Gethsemane was rebuked. Jesus forgave Peter who drew sword and smote Malchus; servant soldier of high priest, whose right ear was cut off. Jesus forgave enemy and made Peter head of church. Jesus taught Peter it was not Peter’s business to defend God’s Mighty Power. God defends His Name, Plans, Purposes through His Son Jesus for God’s servants. Those who insist on teasing others have opportunity in a town in Brong Ahafo, Ghana to participate in a festival each year, approved to freely hail insults at each other without fights breaking out in revenge.

 Courtesy: Image Credit

The Prophet Elisha curses the children who mocked him, by Willem van Bundel

The Children of Bethel mourned by their mothers (Laurent de La Hire, 1653


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