fall-2013-group-photoMen come in all, shapes and sizes created in God’s Image and Likeness according to Genesis in the Bible. Men raise men by training them to become all God created men to be. 1 Peter 3:7 says men are physically stronger than women considered the weaker gender. So men are to protect women, children, the family and community. But the new trend men stereotype reported in the news media says, ”some men want to remain like boys so do not seem mature, smart, articulate, reliable as dependable leaders thought of in the past. So some women today seem to be disappointed by new metrosexual men. An education leader claimed boys between 11 and 16 years are intimidated by  clever female classmates. Alun Jones, said boys do not put up their hands to answer questions or they indulge in immature behaviour to avoid being shown up. Some think as result girls schools should be separate during adolescence to make boys feel safe to overcome being hit with vengeance of adolescence. Facebook responses show people think it is a daft idea because both live together in the society and work together as adults. Facebook comments continued, ‘when boys used to do better and get best pays doing the same job as women nobody pandered to women.C+mon+Men..+Don+t+look+at+the+tags_116755_4125250

Others thought one size fits all system does not help everyone to flourish at the same pace. Some boys felt petrified by girls who seem to mature faster than boys in the same age group. So, it is important to ask, what causes sissy yob stunted emotional growth of boys leading up to insecure effeminate weak men? Some complain women raise boys so often you see a man who just does not look like a man who looks like a woman. So men have man bags, guy line make ups almost like women so some wonder if really men? So, others thought it was Godlessness causing social problems because people choose to exclude God’s Standards and principles for guidance. There is correlation between lack of fear of God society festering its own way. Mechanised unemployment leaves too much time on hand to indulge self. Workaholic parents with children in latch key after school clubs lack practical life experience input of family values. So cannot have it both ways juggling work with family to bond with men in family. Such parents lack priority to properly supervise children while young. Others thought broken dysfunctional homes are to be blamed for changes in men’s behaviour patterns.

th_2386Still some thought it was distortion of roles of men and women caused by feminist movement. So men feel threatened endangered species displaced by women who did not need men anymore. Furthermore, discussion stated freedom of self-expression tolerated creativity. This means people do not conform particular any lifestyle seen as old-fashioned and old school. Therefore people do their own thing as they please nowadays.  As result, men do not get the proper respect and attention due them by women. The women who take on both roles of the strong one in the relationship yet remain the submissive woman expected to be at the same time leader. This creates tension and dichotomy as woman feels like caring for perpetual boy although supposed to be grown up. Those doing better academically or career wise tend to earn better so become the main provider. Such women may own more property, vehicles, resources than those weaker men. This can impact relationship give and take and pre-nuptial agreements. So further disorient the balance of the relationship.

These issues need to be addressed individually as each person is different. A wise thing to do is to seek God’s face personally concerning role and part God intended for each one. One size does not fit all so it is better to know oneself. The family has to consider place of children particularly boys transition change to men. Spouses and couple cannot be too engrossed in each other not to take notice of adolescent needs of boys and girls become men or women respectively. There is so much information out there in permissive promiscuous society on the internet information highway vying for attention of boys and girls. It is essential to guide boys and girls from home throughout teenage years. Children are forced to grow up too quickly to mimic adults yet lack cortex maturity to understand consequences of their actions. Mimicking means children act like parrot seeming to communicate well without full adult matured human emotion intellectual capacity of significant practical life experience of the adults emulated.  Similarly, women also change over the years.Although appearing to be grown up physically yet just remain man-child inside huge body still a child. So look big in terms of age and growth spurt but children inside not able to figure out the adult world. There is lack of congruence of physical and emotional growth. The fault line is games boys play a part in trapping children who remain fixed emotionally at age started playing games. So never develop or recover from addiction to childhood games. This prevents young boys from growing up naturally to play outdoor sports. Some do not  run at parks, experience interaction with team mates to learn sportsmanship rules. Some women complain about men’s brat behaviour. So Russell Crowe said, female stars should stop whining to act their age not their shoe size. He felt women whined and argued but others disagreed. He felt women are held in contempt for doing similar things male counterparts do and get away with creating a double standard. A diversity report in ‘Man’s World’ revealed 30% of top films jobs went to women. Yet women are co-creators with God so vital in life.11126782_10207001937993142_1341328570_nSome more experienced and more competent than men. The irony is the quota of single and childless women is highest among female top-managers and university professors who design educational and child psychology input for families. Professional or sporting success does not.This is the case as most top global companies show although women seem to outdo men academically and career wise they are not found in many board rooms for top decision – making. So decisions are lope – sided and macho oriented without female input essential for women’s development. It affects treatment of women in society in general.Women as expected to remain draconian cave times with men as hunter gatherers in modern high-tech society. Men’s health seems to suffer if living alone by do not paying proper attention to diet or health. Often, behind a successful man is a woman, mother, sister, aunties, grandmothers and spouse. So it is important to take time to study women according to God’s standard to hold them in high esteem as virtuous women of God.


Jesus is the best role model to imitate as an example of total obedience to God. Some people feel that Christ is too sacred too holy to understand the daily needs of men and women, adolescent boys and girls. Yet Jesus lived a normal earthy life, faced so many challenges but took personal life duties responsibilities and commitments seriously. Jesus Christ respected and obeyed His parents and His Ministry family. So included both men and women in His Work Ethics and behind the scenes. Women supported Jesus so played an active role to enable His Calling be fulfilled. Today, God’s Words in the Bible is still available to guide, teach, inspire and correct Christian believers who prefer to obey God rather than men. To feel comfortable in one’s own skin, to exercise freedom of creative expression but not destroy God’s plans, purposes for men and women, boys or girls as Jesus demonstrated as a young man in living into His adult lifestyle. God’s Grace will help in Jesus Name to value and honour each other.

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2 thoughts on “THE WO/MAN’S LIFE

  1. The more you compare men and women with our historical counterparts, the more difficult it is to paint all of them with the same brush. The truth is that times change and so must we. The 1880s standards of masculinity and femininity would not fit in the 1980s, nor would the 1950s fit in the 2000s. Relying on stereotypes as an indicator of progress is a bad idea. There are a lot of areas where we have improved upon – it’s not worth turning our backs on how far we have come.

    • Thanks for your comment, all men are different yet the system wants them all to be clones of models or superstars hence the new hybrid stereotype men’s image. But real men who value their image in God do the right thing. Thank God there are great and wonderful men out there and in our households by God’s Grace and Mercy. We unfortunately have to work with and deal with brats sometimes without choice. So need to address the underlying issues which influence and impact others through their actions. We love of all men and women boys and girls as people. We require progress that uplifts such men to fulfil their destiny and gifts, talents or abilities to the Glory of God. Thank you following Have a Happy New Year!!!

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