Happy New Year to all readers and sponsors. We thank God for all the Christian Believer families who celebrated CHRIST during CHRISTmas. Many unsaved are not Spiritually Aware of their Blessings in Christ like saved Christian families who follow Christ. Billions have  no idea secular agenda tries to ban God, Christ, Bible from Schools. The Creation Living History in Bible as Origin of mankind is not taught in secular public schools. So dismiss God as not Tangible Evidence they can prove. In Psalm 14:1 God calls them fools who disregard God for fool says in his heart there is no God. So prefer own man-made textbooks imposed on children with exams. Christian believers are forced to compromise or if they stand up for God’s Truth to refuse to comply fail in exams. Although born- again children know the Bible best, evolution theory uses back door sabotage attack of the devil to frustrate Christians Science students from doing exceptionally well in what they know best. So Christianity is always under attack especially since the birth of Christ became global celebration. The person of Christ since infancy caused jealous kings to kill and massacre children d to try to get rid of Jesus yet Jesus’ family fled to Egypt secretly.

So it not just Christmas under attack trying to prevent Christian believers from celebrating Christ their saviour. Christians have been mauled by Nero’s lion’s and Nebuchadnezzar’s fire for refusing to bow down to idols. Christmas is ALL ABOUT JESUS CHRIST for Christians to celebrate Christ.With the Bible removed from schools for many generations, BILLIONS celebrate shopping. Recently I visited a city centre where Christmas decorations was ”SHOPPING IN BIRMINGHAM as Banner for celebration in place MERRY CHRISTMAS. The annual market Christmas fare dropped stall with CHRIST IN THE MANGER WITH SHEPHERDS gift from Germany displayed usually in previous years at the centre of the Christmas Festival. Other stalls include heathen things allowed on display sold to public. So agenda keeps appearance of Godliness but denies God’s Power in Christ. Christmas ambience encourages more shopping rather than REFLECT ON CHRIST TO WITNESS ON SALVATION THROUGH JESUS.Each year gets worse with debauchery in the name of CHRISTmas as unsaved majority do not even understand the PURPOSE OF CHRISTMAS.  This year the Coca Cola travelled singing carols and giving free drinks all over the world. Santa is not a murderer like Barabbas but a messenger like the humble saint Nicholas who provided for the poor. St Nicholas example was  changed to give gifts to cheer children and adults at Christmas globally. GOD IS THE SOURCE OF ALL GIFTS INCLUDING LIFE AND SALVATION THROUGH CHRIST. GOD IS THE GREAT  PROVIDER WHO GIVES POWER TO CREATE AND GET wealth to give gifts USING GOD GIVEN TALENTS, ABILITIES AND HARD WORK. CHRISTmas is about giving SPIRITUAL GIFT OF CHRIST and FAITH ACTION EXPRESSION OF LOVE through giving. God said faith is dead a hungry neighbour is hungry and freezing cold while Christians refuse to feed or give a coat to warm him.  The world inadvertently PROMOTES CHRIST because ALL ATTENTION SHIFTS to CHRISTmas season. The world may not FULLY UNDERSTAND  CHRIST but it is a God-given opportunity to share CHRIST. When people mature and Grow in Spirit the Holy Spirit guides them to better understand CHRISTmas IS ALL ABOUT CHRIST FIRST.

 GOD gives GOOD REAL USEFUL GIFTS like LIFE, SUNSHINE, RAIN, FOOD, ALL RESOURCES to keep all alive. Christian believers follow Jehovah Jireh’s GIVING EXAMPLE to give to neighbours to keep them alive and warm. The heathen give gifts so how MUCH MORE WILL NOT OUR FATHER JEHOVAH IN HEAVEN, WHO OWNS ALL THE SILVER, GOLD AND CATTLE ON A 1000 HILLs not allow gifts for believers. CHRISTMAS IS FIRST ABOUT CHRIST. Gifts can be made for a personal touch and deeper sentimental value. So it is good to take advantage of CHRISTmas to SHARE GIFT OF CHRIST WITH ALL and exchange relevant appropriate gifts to meet needs in Jesus Name. Giving gifts to others is giving unto CHRIST whom people were surprised to learn saw their giving was ACTUALLY APPROVED by Christ in the parable of sheep and goats. CHRISTMAS IS about CHRIST and all GOOD GIFTS COME FROM GOD’s RICHES  in GLORY  in heaven’s THROUGH CHRIST JESUS.  OUR GIFTS COME FROM GOD THROUGH CHRIST JESUS not santa the messenger. God bless you.


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