BuildJesus Christ, the Son of God our Redeemer, is the only rock to build on as a sound foundation of life. 1 Corinthians 3:10-15 says no other foundation can a man lay their building on than Jesus Christ. According to the word of God, Jesus is the best corner stone and master-builder to rely on to entrust one’s priceless asset and property by the grace of God. The process of constructing a spiritual building requires a Godly solid foundation as an important aspect of true foundation in Jesus. Jesus is the Head of the church and the congregation is His Body built up as spiritual house to minister as holy priesthood to offer spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God. Paul clearly states the foundation one must build on is Jesus Christ not Paul or Apollos as some tend to follow ministers who plant, water and God gives increase. Building the body of Christ is through God’s Sovereignty of the Lord’s true church. Jesus is building His Church universal which is not exclusive to any particular man – made church no matter how mega or how successful from traditions of men. We are to depend on God through Jesus Christ for God’s wisdom and help. The body of Christ is God’s Holy Temple dwelt in by the Holy Spirit, so must be build in holiness because without holiness no man can see God. Jesus is the Perfect example who overcame so Christian’s quality of work built as co-workers with God is categorised as gold, a silver, precious stones wood, hay and stubble. The bible says take heed the foundation is well laid so when refined by fire will stand the test of endurance for a reward. In Zechariah 13:9, God will refine people as silver is refined, to try as gold is tried. The people shall call upon God and God will hear them. God will Say, these are My people, and they shall say the Lord is my God. So build strong foundation on Christ to withstand storms of life to survive so the builder is saved to receive a reward accordingly. Rebuilding life is everyday normal part of growth redevelopment process after major changes. Unfortunately people have no choice but to rebuild due to natural disasters, trauma, travesty, tragedy, loss, bereavement, war, attacks or unfair expansion due to the sudden fortune of imposters. FoundationsThe good news is God promised even where there is loss because the work ‘falls-short’ as wood, hay or stubble due to rejection of Jesus Christ and God, one shall be saved despite loss. So do not be disheartened if the fruit of one’s labour seems unproductive. Each person’s work will become evident on the day it is to be revealed with fire to test the quality of each man’s work. At times rebuilding is ongoing never ending process. This is because one hardly completes previous rebuilding when it is all knocked down again. While crying or feeling down and sad the process is repeated. The impact is beyond one’s control, so without alternative steps to solutions, one is compelled to carry on with reconstruction. Often there may be undertones of injustice and anger as one feels cheated out of one’s rightful inheritance. Worst of all the perpetrator is either unaware or could care less so determined to continue with harassment to inflict pain and suffering on others. Often, it is mostly women and children who bear brunt of policies. Such decisions are made without consultation of those who really pay the price for the consequences of the actions of the few in charge. This happens time and time again until survivors rise up in disgust to stand up to fight back in defence against the oppressors. Then comes a rude awakening to the bullying abusers, in their ivory towers until now, unaware of the impact of the consequences on others, begin to try to stop the worm from turning. So while minding own rebuilding business, word goes round about hard work efforts to recovery. Since the bully only feels good by picking on others, cannot understand why vulnerable victims like change. The changes of rebuilding own life means, the new situation brings challenges for dependant leech sucker, who drained others to sustain their life. So instead of rejoicing with you to support your projects, turns against you to sabotage you in vain to stop rebuilding. Pretty soon rallies others to gang up against you for doing your best. You need to realise you did nothing wrong, therefore, remain strong. Continue trusting in God to HELP you to have Good Success and Victory in Jesus Name. The Christian life requires pulling down old foundation strongholds and replanting by rebuilding new life in Christ.

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