Bible_GunThe most powerful weapon in the world is the word of God. God’s words says no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper or succeed in Jesus Name. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord God so their vindication is in God, according to Isaiah 54:17. Everyone is looking for extreme protection that guarantees life. During intense spiritual warfare people seek safety zone of reassurance not to perish. God’s words lives on forever beyond life so stops the damage impact of tongues rising in judgement. GOD’S NAME IS STRONG TOWER SHARPER THAN 2 EDGED SWORD in the Name of Jesus Christ. God says thou shall not kill so if all people in the world Respect God and do not kill his creation there will be perfect peace on earth. God Almighty, the Mighty One in Battle, Jehovah Nissi Decided mankind must obey Him.

In Bible in Hebrews 4:12, God’s Word is so sharp it pierces to divide soul and spirit, joints and marrow. God’s Word is Quick, Alive, and Powerful, Action Force, piercing even to the dividing asunder of body and soul. God’s words are Eternal Living Words God Puts Above Himself. So put Confidence in God assured His words are sharper than a two- edged sword cutting through to the bones and marrow. Gods words are like hammer shatterings the bones. So depend on God and be thankful to God through the Holy Spirit. Make use of God’s Words with CONFIDENCE IN GOD. Acknowledge God first daily to put trust in God. Be strong in faith God for reliance on God. God Encourages all to put God’s Words First.

In Matthew 10:28 God says do not be afraid of those who kill the body but CANNOT KILL THE SOUL. Those seeking God’s Promises know God is The Refuge Fortress to Hide inside God’s Secret Place.Those who still believe in God’s Divine Protection Cover of the Blood of Jesus  guard the doors of heart. Beyond natural life comes an after life. Christian believers face challenges from evidence of destruction caused by evil. This text is talking about both spiritual and physical life. God designed life to be totally in charge Himself in Theocracy including instructions not immediately understood. Mankind rebelled against God’s directions so punished directly by God or He uses another nation for defeat.

Some nations think they are fighting for God but in actual fact perceive themselves to intervene on God’s behalf. Such turn of events means fights are not authorised by God. So this leads to further tit for tat aggression against fellow human beings that hurts God deeply and offends God because each person is God’s creation.In Psalm 20:7, some put their confidence in chariots and horses yet God says people must not boast of their chariots and horses, but BOAST in the name of the LORD GOD JEHOVAH NISSI THE HOLY MIGHTY ONE of Israel IN BATTLE.In the physical world looking up to man- made tools, gadgets, equipment for protection seems to last for a season, a life – time or generations. Having silver, gold, horses and chariots to solely depend on for protection provokes God. Attention shift to instrument than onto God the Great Provider.

It makes God seem unloving, uncaring, incompetent, not capable looking after His Creation. Since man decides to make God redundant to put more trust and confidence in human endeavours, neighbours or friends above God. Therefore, God draws away to laugh and watch mankind self – destruct.  Even if life is lived naturally to 200 years or beyond there is time of natural demise. The has body changed since sin contamination of Adam and Eve to became an unnatural form of God’s Original Perfect Creation. God is The Ultimate Owner of Life so finally decides when to judge all people according to all actions on earth. Despite the way life is treated on earth God will vindicate to RESTORE EVERLASTING LIFE IN PEACE. The most important thing is to live right in personal relationship with God to be saved by Christ.

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