Jan 2014 - Psalm 126:3

God is faithful so God’s Joy will see you through New Year in Jesus Name with thanks to God.

2015 new year

Bless the Lord God Almighty who grants life among the living to Praise His Holy Name.

Year of Favor

Trust God to make this year full of Favour of God no matter what in Jesus Name.

Everything Beautiful

Glorify God and thank Jesus for the gift of life in God’s Bundle of life in Jesus Name.

January 2015 - Your Year

God is our joy of salvation, Hope and Mighty Tower of Strength in Jesus Name.

Beautiful Day

God created beautiful Heaven, Earth, day, night today belongs first to God in Jesus Name.

Happy New Year

God crowns the year with goodness, mercy to follow God daily in abundant love.

Happy New Year - Becoming New

God is the same yesterday, today, forever so God who sustains will do it again in Jesus Name.

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