The new trend in Christianity and some other belief systems is there is a real risk of focus on God is put aside. The central gospel of Jesus Christ and the Sovereignty of God is relegated to the background so attention rather shifts onto the messenger representing God. Due to the desperate desire for a tangible God to see, feel, hear, hug, kiss, touch, smell the visual presence of God to be sure He really hears or cares is the norm. So some leaders who are supposed to represent God, ”become” the God people prefer and trust. After all, God’s messenger is empowered by God to stand before people on His behalf. Therefore God is seen only through them.Some genuinely believe the leader’s entire day and night is consumed by their needs. So leader presents their problems to God as intermediaries on their behalf. They are constantly told and reassured that the ordinary person not trained to read Scriptures or not so ordained cannot possibly understand the Bible. Moses is an example of such a leader who felt overwhelmed by the people. Moses nannied them so much they could not stay in control without him. So used absence of Moses as an excuse to disobey God Almighty. They worshipped baal while Moses was on Mount on Sinai  for 40 days. Moses absence meant everything collapsed like a pack of cards. Aaron could not help control them so allowed them to make their own god with golden calf. They did not know how to conduct themselves in the absence of Moses.God’s token gold compensation reward of slavery in Egypt expected to be used for building tabernacle holy treasures for God is defiled by idol worship learnt from heathen. Moses was so angry he broke the first set of tablets of the stone containing 10 commandments. Moses did not establish a support team of competent Godly leaders in place. So 40 days away without Moses the only leader seemed like 40 years to them without the familiar direct, daily, hourly input of Moses. This shows message of codependency is reinforced with loyalty and for one exclusive leader. Some assume they are indispensable to God or think more efficient running system alone for accountability as clear leader seems better than delegated team.

Although 2 heads are better than one many continue in enabling the narcissistic leader. Thinking once a leader’s wishes are fulfilled, they have obeyed God Himself. In the Old Testament, Moses was an overburdened leader whose father in law Jethro gave Moses sound advise to appoint 70 elders from the community to impart God’s Spirit into them. Moses did so and immediately one went into the neighbourhood to share the word of God. Some became offended, he dared by pass Moses to do the work of God. Moses endorsed him and assured the people ‘it is the will of God that all people have His Spirit and to prophesy when God wants to speak through them.
On the other hand, when others thought they were equally qualified to take on the work of Moses by their own strength, God buried them alive for their rebellion and attempt to disrupt the leadership of Moses. They feel big headed as insolent people who try to cause confusion to undermine Moses and God’s Power of Authority at work in Moses. So these story of insubordination is often used to dress down genuine potential leaders in the making. Fear of threat of displacements or divided loyalty means no delegation to train prospective leaders. Like able to help like recommended 70 leaders of Moses. Still recognised  competent they are leaders in heaven with God.

When Aaron’s children took initiative without approval of senior high priest to offer sacrifice to God, they were killed by God for meddling in things not recommended for them to do by God. Similarly, king Saul lost his kingdom for sacrificing instead of waiting for prophet Samuel to do his job although stayed on to lead for 40 years yet unapproved by God. However, the word of Scripture is usually interpreted from various view points. Christ Jesus had 12 apostles plus disciples who wrote or preach on Jesus’ teaching from their perspective or point of view. Each represented the readers as God wants the message delivered in their meaningful context of events experienced through their interest and calling. In other words one person cannot insist on knowing it all and being the only source to all people. There are various and diverse equally important areas of need which the leader exclusively cannot handle alone. So if people put pressure on only the one leader to meet their needs they are unfairly making unrealistic demands. Aaron faced such codependent people manipulated a weak leader to compromise to worship idols instead of obeying God.Autocratic authoritarian leaders suppress others to yield as puppets to their style of leadership.

So it is getting difficult to encourage people to learn to become more self – sufficient and inter- dependent. People are made to feel so insecure in themselves or their abilities hence the need for constant affirmation and approval. This means they actively seek others to look up so to feel reassured they are doing well in life. Soon copendency develops as it takes two to tango. They feed off each other making it impossible for God’s direct intervention on their behalf. Once pyramid scheme prosperity message enters into the equation they turn into cults. Due to pride and massaged ego, family and friends are cut off while all their life savings entrusted to leader for lavish luxurious lifestyle.

Those who complain are called trouble makers ma\de villains and insulted or undermined until they leave in disappointment and a crushed spirit duped in the house of God. The leader who enjoys the adulation and centre of attention due to God will pay a hefty price when they do not repent. Those condoning with leaders to feel above God’s Station in life are risking their personal salvation to please people.  They need to train people to recognise God through Christ Jesus as the Head.  is balancing act to please God first then the leaders humbling themselves to give all the Glory and Honour to God. This is a matter prevalent especially in communities that despite women in leadership. So insist on speaking on behalf of women’s issues they hardly know anything about as men or understand. Even identical twins are not clones so people in leadership must provide for all types of needs. And it is impossible for one leader to do so. The real true leader and head of the church is able to do so if leaders submit to God and resist the devil. By allowing people to free to learn to understand God than promote themselves and their personal interests at the expense of God. Some thread on extremely dangerous ground by making themselves god and a law unto the people rather than direct them to God.

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