ImageChrist Jesus is the Living Word of God personified in John 1:1 termed Logos or The “Word.” John amplified and applied the familiar concept to introduce to readers to that the true Logos of God is Jesus Christ. Christ is the Living Word of God, fully God and yet fully man, who came to reveal God to man and redeem all who believe in Him from their sin.whose birth was recently celebrated. After the season’s events Christ Jesus is still at work actively in the Christian believers life.”So those who confesses the Son Jesus Christ is Lord has the Father also according to 1 John 2:23. Having being blessed with the joyful feasts, abundant food, gifts exchange, it is important to ensure lives are refreshed in God’s Presence. So it necessary to take time out to reflect on the past year and recommit the future into God’s Hands.I love Jesus!!!! He is the way, the truth and the life! He has risen, He will come back and every eye will see Him said Rev 1:7. How you spend your day is your own choice. You can either count your blessings or count your troubles. Life is always a choice !!! GOD LOVES YOU ! Read Daily doses of scripture from the Bible. Use the version meaningful to you and easy to understand from others.

God has begun doing a good work in you so I am sure He will continue until it is finished when Jesus Christ comes again. Begin New Year in Christ and the rest of your life in Will of God in Jesus Name. entrust your life to God completely to protect, guide, and make Christ your lord and Master.

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