Gifts are an essential part of life so there is a frantic search in catalogues, online, super markets, gift cards, vouchers, adverts to find the special gift to put a a smile on the face of loved ones to brighten their day. The giver of the gift breaths a sign of relief as the gift seems accepted and appreciated. The gift giver and receiver share the moment with deep affection and joy to celebrate the gift and the occasion.


Gift represents depth of intimate feelings of love of giver to express in material form as much as possible to declare love and appreciation of loved ones. There is so much time taken out of hectic busy schedules to search for perfect gift in the shops. To try hard find the most treasured gifts to please loved ones that represent the deep feelings of love. So gift giving takes different forms and shapes in many contexts.







In Western society, Christmas giving is meaningful if it is the favourite present desired by the receiver. An effort is made to make a list of favourite choices based on preferred taste of loved ones. Sometimes the whole family has to keep a secret for months in preparation of the celebration of an event to give gifts to surprise loved ones. The gift can be a special item to enhance collection of a favourite hobby like luxury cars, model toys, games, shoes, dolls, book series, rare vintage cars, clothes and assets.


Some go shopping to look for practical ways of making life more convenient for others. Even the wealthiest who seem to have it all still love to receive gifts. And so do receive gifts as protocol demands one brings a gift when invited to a special event and ceremony. Numerous visits, museum exhibitions and shows are made of precious gifts from all over the world to the rich and famous. Such gifts are too many to keep private so forms part of national treasure.

An audience with a very important person requires thoughtfulness to ensure the gift matches the status of that special dignitary given the gifts. Gifts help to break the ice to open the doors for a cordial relationship. Those who understand or value the importance of protocol always give a meaningful symbolic gift representing a nation to acknowledge commonwealth relationship of the global family.

So many people try to second guess the most suitable gifts appropriate for loved ones within their budget.  In the process the effort to keep the gift a secret means one cannot directly ask for the receiver’s direct input to give a hint of one’s intended surprise. It is no longer a surprise if the person helped choose the preferred gift. To the logical reasoning mind it would be best to select the exact gift really needed and useful in life.

The Daily Mail recently reported, ‘as people head into the festive period, so comes the conundrum of what gift to get your loved one. But according to a new survey released today, no matter how hard they try, when it comes to buying presents, men never get it right. Topping the list of gifts men get wrong is underwear. Research found men fell foul of buying lingerie for other half which is wrong size or colour. Perfume, household products, and exercise clothes also scored highly on the list.stock-photo-a-shopping-trolley-full-of-gift-wrapped-christmas-presents-isolated-on-a-white-background-112780429

John Starr for gift card and voucher week, commissioned a study of 2,000 men and women. He said, ‘Buying presents for women is clearly a minefield and men have little chance of getting it right every single time. ‘Even the most thoughtful of presents can be received with caution by women, who seem to assume with every gift comes a hint.’ Women wonder why men do not remember special asset sizes.





Often men are said to get these items wrong:- underwear, toiletries, perfume, kitchen utensils, cheap jewellery, chocolates, shoes or slippers, vacuum cleaner, flowers, exercise clothes or DVD. On the other hand, women get wrong:- clothes. gadgets, men’s bag, soft toys,  jewellery, chocolates, shoes, a meal out, aftershave, a framed photo. It was also reported by the Daily Mail, ‘One in six couples admitted to having an argument over a poor choice of present, with one in 20 actually splitting up over the gift.

While 49 per cent of women put these errors down to men’s dislike of shopping, a fifth said partners did not know what they like. Resulting in over a third of women admitting they present partner with a list to avoid costly mistakes. So it is not just men who fail to make partner’s day at Christmas. Women also often get it wrong too with 21 per cent of men admitting they have received clothes they don’t like, cheap gadgets and sentimental items such as framed photos and soft toys.jeremiah-29-11-hot-air-balloon-550x320Third on the list of unwanted presents from women to nearest and dearest was a man bag while soft toys are another gift men don’t want to see in their stockings. But givers usually give gifts from own perceived point of view.  In other words the chosen gift idea is based on what is seen as enhancing a person’s life. A gift is expected to ‘improve,’ ‘enable,’ or give pure joy. Some provide food, clothing, take care as gifts. The issue is finding a meaningful gift to convey intention in congruence with the receiver’s real true need.

bday_presentsOthers give gifts to show off wealth and status to impress onlookers. So gift giving is a competition with wrong motives. So the talk of the town considered the one whose gift was most expensive on day, time or season. Some gifts are age inappropriate as recipient lacks wisdom, maturity and experience to handle the gift. God Gives Eternal Priceless Treasure, Christ Jesus Our Non – Perishable Gift, Who Lasts Forever in Eternity. As you read and reflect on post ask yourself what gifts do you bring to Christ. Christ Gave His Life Sacrifice to give all Eternal Life. God Gave Ultimate Gift Christ to reconcile man with God.

the-crown-of-lifeThe 3 wise magi kings and shepherds gave Christ Jesus appropriate gifts to help equip His life and Calling. So think it through carefully, the next time you make or buy a gift, ask yourself the motive and intention. Is it for the receiver or do you impose your personal choices, tastes, colours, shapes, favourite gifts onto someone who does not share the same sentimental value of your gifts? Christ gave His Perfect Priceless Gift of Life in Exchange so wants your life to belong to belong to Him. So one’s personal life is the best gift to present to God above all else in Jesus Name.

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