Are you  sure where you stand in terms of your life? Can you surely declare you are saved in Christ? As the year takes a turn it is time to take stock of life again. The world is rapidly changing as the secular world seems to get worse. The news is always relaying tragedies and traumas all over the world. Wars, rumours of wars, pestilence, floods, fires, storms, thunders, nuclear disasters. The list goes on in spite of adversities there is hope assurance for Christian believers in Christ.This place is a state of supreme happiness, endless joy, perfection, laughter, unending love, a pleasant place.  This place is called Heaven. It is a VERY HAPPY place people find themselves after death. So there is surely life after death. No matter how good or how bad one feels, in God’s sight one is a sinner. All people were born sinners because of sin of Adam and Eve in garden of Eden. So all sinned and fell short of Glory of God. But God sent Jesus to die on Cross so shed Blood to Save you. Your life is in your own hands to the choice to bring action to make changes of things in your life.

All you need to do to help yourself is to accept God’s Free Gift Paid for by Christ Jesus. Once you receive Christ as your saviour do so you will live forever WITH JESUS in Jesus Name. Jesus took away punishment from sinners to give you salvation. Despite intense suffering, there worst unbelievable anguish and torment exceeding anything known in life. In hell is no end to pain or escape. There is no choice or freedom to live or leave as one feels.There is no sophisticated luxury comforts, designer gears, class or status there. No shifting blame of responsibility to accuse others. This place is so real, God is in total control of man’s life. It is unpleasant place nobody wishes to be but some end up there. Unfortunately, life is not designed for such a place but wrong decisions in life make it exact future destination. Recognise you know for sure you belong to God. Be sure of Heaven by coming to Christ to repent and confess your sins to God. Those who accept Christ are not rejected according to John 6:37. Repentance is absolutely necessary to be sure. Trust in God to forgive your sins to clean you from unrighteousness in 1 John 1:9. Believe your sins are forgiven because the blood of Jesus cleans all sins in 1 John 1: 7. Trust God Christ is your saviour according to John 1:12.

Tell someone about your salvation as a Christian belong to Christ as your Saviour. You will find inner peace, assurance, joy within your heart. Outward circumstances around you may change, get better or get worse. God gives perfect in spite of every situation going on in your life. God is in control of Heaven and earth as the Creator. Make sure year does not pass so make the right choice and decision.

Read your Bible everyday, pray daily, attend services to meet fellow Christians. You will find friendship, help, support and a new lifestyle in your new God’s Way. Heaven is real, so believe God’s words and live right. Prepare for Heaven by looking forward to Jesus coming back on earth to restore perfect peace. Pray to God to be sure of salvation or renew faith.

If YES PRAY: Dear Father God, Please I ask for Your forgiveness right now in Jesus Name. I accept, and invite Jesus into my heart as my Saviour. I believe Christ died and rose again to set me free from sin. I repent and ask you to cover and clean me with Jesus’ Precious Blood to save my life. Thank you God for Your forgiveness. With Your forgiveness I am a new creation made whole again by God. Christmas ChristI forgive all who hurt and offend me in Jesus Name. I believe my name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Thank You Father God for Grace, Mercy, Loving Kindness in Jesus Name. I believe my name is written in Lamb’s Book of Life in Jesus Name.
Image for Religious Christmas Cards 2014 HD I Praise Your Name!  Jesus -Yeshua, Jehovah God and The Holy Spirit in Jesus Name. Thank God I am born again in Yeshua Jesus Christ’s Name. Amen

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