In revelations 3:19 God rebukes and disciplines those He Loves. In Proverbs 3:12 God CORRECTS those HE LOVES. In 2 Timothy 3:16, God’s Word is GOOD for Correction, useful for teaching, pointing out errors, correcting and training people to lead Godly life. In Proverbs 15:15 whoever listens to Correction is wise. Hebrews 12 :5-8 says be encouraged when corrected. A principle started in schools where children unaware of mistakes are NOT to be corrected so not to discourage or upset them. So focusing only on the ‘best’ creates new problems in society. A generation of children, nobody dare point error to, have grown up believing they are always right. Believing everything is okay with such mindset go into real life with pressure to deliver perfect service without mistakes. They are shocked by unfriendly harsh world that does not pamper or tolerate mistakes. Yet attempts by experienced ones, to guide with constructive criticism to improve, is seen as negative intrusion. All the grown up matured people were once young. So already made some mistakes about to be repeated. To encourage people to focus only on ‘best’ to sweep dirt under carpet breeds bacteria, so worse. To be successful to improve at anything done in life, everyone needs help, correction and support. It cost the church with consequences for overlooking to be nice.

The Queen of England is one of the wisest leaders on earth, yet has 60 barristers in Queen’s counsel advising her. Parliament, secretaries, team of staff support her including whole world. The church needs in-house reality check to do self – assessment to help people grow in Spirit and in Truth. Jesus drove out traders from God’s House of Prayer as Mr. Nice Guy saw good side gained. Jesus acted deeper beyond tolerating things needing correction in Temple. Things fester as Paul warned and rebuked the 7 churches to correct of untold scandals beyond belief in church.

Paul addressed churches of risk of not being hot to be spewed out by Christ. People can be challenged appropriately in love privately by a team of leaders. Women by the older wiser women and men by the men’s group chaired by pastor, with prayer and genuine affection to help the Holy spirit and transform lives. Leaving things to be figured out so not to offend indirectly tolerates inadvertently. So pray for all members of the church by name individually. Be prepared to intercede for souls in spiritual battles when God reveals things to redeem them.

The church is a spiritual hospital so spiritual physicians cannot cover wounds as they are not to cause pain to clean wounds to heal. Pain killers help so much but still treated despite side effect until wound heals. The church must be real with people and not have fear of man. People must be taught from early years to be willing to be corrected in life. Thank you for following God’s Wisdom. A child fully attended to by genuine parental affection and love from family does not need such treatment.

The pillar to post lifestyle is because relatives are not allowed to be involved properly in raising children right. It means deep childhood issues resurface in adults unable to express anger appropriately to come to terms. It costs trillions of pounds to maintain correctional institutional facilities to transform lives. Although parents are not allowed to train, discipline, correct child by God’s Moral Ethical Truth. God says train CHILD so when they grow they will not depart word of God. Proper childhood investment cost few thousand dollars yet Bible is thrown out of schools.

Real priceless well – brought up life is not costed in monetary-term. To correct to deal with early childhood, FOCUS on inner-development not designer shoes, clothes, mansions outwards material things which perish. Godly training protects with blood of Jesus. God’s firm moral standard of discipline prevents festering. Yet instead of letting parents train in early years to prevent: tear gas, pepper spray, beating with batons, shot by rubber bullets, taisser darts to daze, knock out, are shot dead by law makers. There is no need for such abuses if parents and the church is allowed to train by full attention and correction in love. A child’s soul lives eternally but education lasts for only a season. proverbs-3-12-god-corrects-us-gold_1398839561Adults hate discipline while young. As permissive lifestyle seems more appealing. But ignorance is bliss until child grows up to find out parents were right. They were training, preparing them to face and cope with the real world. Many find out childhood innocence, cotton-wool, bubble, cocoon, wrapped is non-existent in real life. So correct and rebuke a child in love not with anger and aggressive confrontation. Wait until temper cools down on another day or at time another talk to politely for mutual respect. Let the person know you love them but hate the wrong choices and actions. Life university continues into eternity forever. So set priorities right about children’s rebuke, correction and discipline.


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