During Christmas Season most people join extended family, friends, loved ones to celebrate festivities. Some enjoy the seasons feasting eating so do not to feel alone. Others feel lonely, alone by themselves without next of kin, family or friends. So end up without Christmas family invitation by choice or circumstances. Christmas Season is considered one of the loneliest and most difficult time for some due to isolation. If you find yourself lonely, you are not alone for the Father God is with you in Jesus Name.

There are times we find ourselves home alone. Or our work requires us to travel by ourselves. So always living out of suitcases in hotel rooms, eating by ourselves to remain faithful to our spouses. There are other times we take time out away from friends, loved ones and family to reflect and pray for a season. Christ Jesus often went away by Himself to pray to the Father to fellowship with God.

As the glitz and glamour of Christmas turn cities into beautiful places to be and to celebrate. Many may be unable to join in the blessed occasion to have fun, joy and laughter due to situations beyond their control. Some may be dealing with health issues, family disintegration, loss, bereavement and war, flood and disasters. No matter problems faced, once still alive and breathing this is the greatest miracle to still have the gift of life. Life is the Living Spirit of God as His Active Life Force described by some as energy.

God’s breath life Dunamis keeps a person alive no matter the condition or state of life. Therefore thanks are given to God and rejoice to express gratitude of worship for being alive and still here on earth. In addition, God provides free sunshine, rain and food for His Creation. If mankind has to pay God directly daily for life breath, sunshine, rain, trees providing shelter, food from nature to feed all mankind. So it is important to show appreciation to God for sustenance and count our blessings.

The precious time spent wallowing in self – pity solitude or pity party as misery loves company. Is best to turn to praise to give Glory to God for His Grace and Mercy. To be content to smell the flowers to enjoy  life in the here and now and be content with one’s lot. Dwelling thankfully on what God has given to use it wisely than anger at God for what one does not have. So extending time and attention to fellow lonely people by encourages others to build up inner strength. There may not be bountiful super-abundance in one’s humble abode. Little is much if God is in it.For it is better to dwell in peace to eat herbs, vegetables than indulge in sinful gluttony to displease God. Do not compare yourself to others or envy others to cut off connection for not living up to their standard. No matter how fabulously rich or fantastic others wealth or grass seems greener, everyone is dealing with something in life. You may not realise how blessed you are until you get out of your shell to take notice of those less fortunate than yourself.

Do not allow fear to you ostracise to cut you off from socializing with right relevant people in your life. If peradventure, you are by yourself do not be a recluse. Turn such a time into wonderful intimate moment with God, Christ, Holy Spirit, Angels, Father God Himself with you. Praise God with lovely music, worship songs, listen to faith building tapes, messages, apps, software, TV Gospel talks about God. Use the Christmas holiday season to relax and refresh your life. Catch up on things you could not do due to time restrictions of work or business. Call friends and family is appropriate to lift them up. Pray more, make a list of people with photos if possible to intercede for. Jesus said He is with you always forever.GodshotspotLive space for time date of testimony and give God the Glory to thank Him for un/answers to Prayer. Change your mindset from needs to praise Focus on God. Things of the world will pass away so do not let material, financial physical things or people distract your life to lose your soul. Rejoice in your life everyday and walk in love and forgiveness.  Do not think too highly of yourself to feel so perfect nobody is good enough to interact with you. Christmas is not time for regrets of what you do not have. Thank God for the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. Invite Christ into your life or be more drawn to Christ. Remember the closer you draw near to God the Glorious Light of Christ shines into your life to show flaws. Do not be so bored you are tired of life so does feel not worthy.Put your trust in God and read the Bible to be transformed from Glory to Glory. Join a local volunteer group or create one with other lonely people in a public place to celebrate Christmas together if lonely. Do not let modern advertisement of Christmas make you feel so low for not affording the sales and the material things which pass away. Seek to use your time to have relaxed baths, candle lit dinner, next door neighbours if friendly and amicable.

You have a right to be on this earth according to God’s plans and purposes for your life. Share your testimony, start a blog, write about issues dear to your heart or bothering you. You fit perfectly in God’s Jigsaw Puzzle Bigger Plan for you belong to God. Never allow troubles of life to wear you out if feeling low in adversity valley. Invite Christ on your knees for God to help deliver you from feeling alone.

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