Unspeakable GiftIn Matthew 2:1-12, when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came 3 wise men from the east to Jerusalem, saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him. These 3 wise kings Balthasar, Caspar and Melchior, travelled far to seek Christ to honour Him as their saviour in Bethlehem in Jerusalem in Israel from Eastern countries. Like Queen of Sheba, these kings humbled themselves so paid homage to Christ. In tune with tradition, these kings usually honour the resident king of the land visited. Protocol demands to notify the host king of impending visit to state the mission beforehand for approval. This is important before they embark on a journey to avoid wasted trip through dangerous terrains without accomplishing mission. For peaceful purposes collaborations and alliances are formed by kings through connections and marriages. So they are obliged to conform to protocol. For personal safety and security a forerunner is despatched, like John the Baptist for Jesus to prepare the way for smooth arrival. The 3 wise kings set out to meet Christ, The King of kings. They followed the star that led them to the manger where Christ was born. God’s Glory Arises upon gentiles in God’s Light in 3 kings who came to the brightness of Christ’s Rising in Isaiah 2:2-3. These 3 kings brought Christmas gifts and presents significant expensive treasures, luxury gifts, lavished on Christ Jesus from distinguished royalty, was symbolic. So represents Christ’s Royalty, Priesthood, Anointing for Jesus’ ministry. In Psalms 72:11, these kings kneel and fall down before Christ. These 3 wise kings acknowledge Christ as King of Kings by bringing gold the purified perfect symbol of Christ. They recognise Kingship of Jesus Christ to show Christ is King of kings. Frankincense shows Christ the Highest Priest’s Holy Temple and Divine Nature. Myrrh is precious burial ointment for preparation for Christ’s death, burial and entombment. The 3 kings prophesied Christ’s Royalty, Priesthood, death resurrection, Conquest, Victory over death to defeat the devil. Despite their wealth, privilege and status the 3 kings came to honour Christ too remember God the source of their authority and power.

The 3 wise kings or magi as called, had real wisdom. They knew their physical and material powerful positions in life was not adequate foir their personal salvation. They submitted to God’s Authority by accepting their call and invitation to become part of God’s plans and purposes for the rich and famous. They sought Jesus so recognized priceless worth of Christ, humbled themselves and worshipped Christ. They willingly brought belongings to sponsor the ministry of Christ. These treasures today are worth thousands in value of money. So the dedicated their wealth to Christ. After searching diligently for the young child in Matthew 2:8, they almost got Christ killed in error by looking for the right location of the birthplace of Christ in the manger. They took their eyes off the star and started trusting in Herod for human guidance and direction. The resident king Herod instead of harnessing and following the great example of the 3 wise kings, rebelled in jealous rage, turned into aggressor harassing innocent babies who lost their lives in the process. These 3 wise kings are a role model to other wealthy rich to follow their excellent example to serve God. Christ had to escape into Egypt from the slaughter of the infants by Herod. So Christ wants all other rich and famous to prosper in their soul these 3 wise kings prosper. Material physical lifestyle is great and wonderful but deeper inner fulfilment requires the soul must proper in life. The soul is more precious than golden treasures and rubies. God wants all souls to prosper whether rich, poor, male, female for the soul the most important eternal part of the body. A person’s the soul is of the highest value as it never ceases to live. The soul is alive since creation with God like Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Christ encourages soul prosperity of both the rich and poor as all have eternal soul. The soul despatched by God like Christ Jesus on earth is born as Godly flesh. The 3 wise kings did the right thing by nurturing their soul to flourish and thrive. In addition, to their earthly powerful positions of authority, status, wealth, riches the 3 wise kings sought God in their lives. Christ wants all rich and famous to seek God to devote same great traits, same amount of time invested into earthly disposable treasures. Materials riches are all left behind on earth so Christ wants all to pay more attention to spiritual soul connection to God. God wants all souls to prosper because only souls connected to Christ proper.Christ says it is important and necessary to pay more attention to the soul to prosper in 3 John 1:2. The soul is not afterthought passing reflection after life ends. Godly nurtured soul prospers so lives to return to God in Heaven, if a believer or hell if an unbeliever. This means the soul prospers if well looked after, fed daily with Godly soul food. It is good to have heavenly lifestyle with wealth and riches as the 3 kings to dwell on earth. To prosper in health and physical body or material prosperity is good. As abundant wealth, good success requires attention, focus is required more on priceless soul, not just external visible things. Jesus advised the rich young lawyer to give riches to help save poor. Jesus became poor to enrich believers to promote salvation. The 3 wise kings made all things possible with God spiritually by claiming their inheritance in Christ. In Matthew 19:24 Christ said, it is easier for a camel to go through eye of a needle than rich enter God’s Kingdom. The 3 rich kings in Jerusalem camel gate spiritually hunched down to make it through into the presence of Christ from Middle East.

needle  rich“Eye of the needle,” built 1,000 years after Jesus walked the earth is referred to as part of the most vivid living history of birth of Christ. Although it is really the eye of the needle, it turns out Jesus’ hyperbole rhetorical method exaggeration is perfect. As it highlights the importance of the rich and famous making it into Heaven. The rich sophisticated famous people can be particularly difficult to get saved because their heart is in their investments and treasures on earth. So Christ wants them to focus on God to save themselves from damnation. With men this is impossible but with God all things are possible. In Matthew 19:26, the stern warning of Christ heralds wonderful Christmas and the wonderful salvation of 3 wise oriental kings. The 3 rich wise kings came to see Baby Jesus bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh appropriate for the ministry of Jesus. They helped equip Christ to fulfil His Calling and Destiny to save mankind. Since then, Christmas is celebrated with exchange of gifts and goodwill among all people. Gifts, presents are wonderful, excellent expression of love and affection on earth. But remember the Greatest Most Priceless Gift Above all gifts is Christ during Christmas season.

Courtesy:Image, credit

The Journey of the Magi (1894) by James Jaques Joseph Tissot



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