Be blessed during Christmas and thank God for the blessed Christmas festive Christmas season to celebrate and commemorate Christ our Wonderful Saviour. The Son of God, Christ Jesus the Word, Who came down in human form to earth, born in a manger in Israel. His birth was expected for many thousands of years. God Spoke through many prophets in advance for many generations before Christ was born. The whole world becomes focused on Christmas day as some worship God in church. The whole world becomes focused on Christmas day to remember to celebrate Christ and thank God. Some people have beautiful decorations of bliss and glitz to glamorise the cold freezing weather to turn it into a great atmosphere of goodwill and cheerfulness. The festive season is one of the highest shopping times for exchange of gifts among family and friends. Some look for the best gifts appropriate and suitable to surprise and please loved ones. So make plans to meet up to reunite with their families to remember the good times and share fond memories. The conversation soon turns throughout the season to gifts on shopping list, games to buy, desired chosen menu, dresses to buy or make by sewing own clothes. Some prepare so much by decorating homes or special venues for big parties.

The homes are prepared visually designed to keep up with Christian believer’s festive season. Christmas decorations and St Nicholas are remembered for their kindness and generosity to others. The place us is well laid out so beautiful and attractive ready for use. The whole atmosphere is positive, lovely and positive and great to be in. The uplifting joyful mood keeps the city in anticipation of the celebrations.

Some make too much food than ever before for the day and throughout the week culminating in the new year celebrations. So continue with most distinguished culinary perfection suitable for the Christmas season. The best crockery and plates are brought out and and the table decorated for the best meals. Everything looks pristine with precision and set for having good times with family and friends.

Decorated christmas dining tableThe home is filled with plenty of food delicious aroma. The Christmas turkey is prepared with other alternatives plus serve fruits and vegetables for the occasion. Loved ones share jokes, laughter, snacks, juice, appropriate age related drinks. The vegetarians and vegans are also included and catered for.The music is playing gracefully in the background while food is spread in food warmers, deserts prepared.

The Power Christ has on enemies on Christmas day helped stop acrimony to lay down their weapons of warfare to eat together from one table to commemorate and celebrate Christ birth. Even the most hateful person is capable of love for others if they choose the path of peace through the Prince of Peace Christ Jesus. Altogether the precious celebratory environment is buzzing with joy and eating of various meals.

The atmosphere is wonderful and delightful to be in and be part of. Christians are particularly grateful and thankful to God for protection throughout the years and supplying all needs according to His Riches in Glory by Christ Jesus. The day is spent relaxing, stuffing with delicious foods one cannot help but enjoy. The host provides hospitality so is offended if one does not enjoy their hard work to eat all the favourite delicacies provided and deserts. Some feel their food is not good enough if not eaten by you.

The meals last longer than the usual family times for dinning. it is almost as if time stands still people zone in and zoom in on the family reunion. Some may forget about troubles and problems to celebrate the Christmas meal. So dedicate meal to God to bless the food and thank God for His Graciousness.

148573409Christmas is fascinating to celebrate Christ but also let the hair down to be with family to share meals in the dinning or living room. Many remember those not unable to afford luxurious meals so send food and parcels to neighbours in the community and gifts to celebrate with others.

Some visit them later to ensure they are warm and well- looked after by those who provide care if prefer to live on their own. Christians give thanks to God after the meals. Thoughts turn to opening presents on the same day if relatives travel back so cannot wait till boxing day.

Gifts_for_Christmas_EveOften, the look of joy and expression on faces as presents are opened tell a story. Some are really over excited and really surprised to receive presents. Above all we appreciate the greatest gift God gave us in Christ Jesus. Some spend money on shoes and handbags for forthcoming parties.

In addition, some carefully wrap parcels. And decorate chosen presents with beautiful wrapping paper and ribbons, beads. Christmas bobble on Christmas trees decorate with ornaments, miniature figurines, lights, doves, angels, stars plus mistletoes,  tinsel, foils, holly, angels, bells, among others.

The Christmas tradition has been here for many years since Christmas trees and tinsel were introduced from Victorian times. Millions of trees are sold every year to keep up with Christmas celebration to remind people to cheer up and enjoy the joy of the birth of Christ. Most families join in celebrations to sing together around the piano. The trees are recycled so put to good use, turned into garden wood chips, and other uses as desired.

The Great Light of Christ is Shining all over the world to those willing to submit to Christ to make Christ the Centre of Christmas. Those who accept Christ continue to celebrate and remember God’s Gift of Christ’s life as the saviour. The exact accurate date and time of Christ’s birth is changed into December Day the 25th as the official birth date celebration compromised by king Constantinople.

This Christmas, as the preparations and plans are in place, by all means enjoy your life and celebrate Christ but remember Christ is the reason for the season. Remember those not so blessed or fortunate to send them shoe box gifts, parcels and donations especially for the underprivileged children. Have a blessed Christmas in Jesus Name!!!

Christmas workers

Xmas_party1Despite the joyful celebrations those unfortunate are remembered and pray for so Prince of peace visits them. So encourage people to go out with hot meals, hot drinks, blankets for the homeless, through not fault of their own, suffering in hard times. Then pray, minister to others, directly or send to Christian charities to lodge on extreme weather nights. Help them find solutions to better their lives in Jesus Name. Help them get emotional support to become self-sufficient. Provide head start training, update skills, opportunities for good success in life. While blessed to be employed and enjoying socialising with colleagues and friends, remember to have goodwill towards all people in Jesus Name.

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