wp-1576679474803.jpgGifts are an essential part of life so there is a frantic search in catalogues, online, super markets, gift cards, vouchers, adverts to find the special gift to put a a smile on the face of loved ones to brighten their day. The giver of the gift breaths a sign of relief as the gift seems accepted and appreciated. The gift giver and receiver share the moment with deep affection and joy to celebrate the gift and the occasion.Gift represents the depth of the intimate feelings of love is given to express in the material form possible to declare love and appreciation of loved ones. There is so much time taken out of hectic busy schedules to search for perfect gift in the shops. To try hard find the most treasured gifts to please loved ones that represent the deep feelings of love. So gift giving takes different forms and shapes in many contexts.150911-woman-giftsGift represents depth of love in Western society. Christmas giving is meaningful to give them favourite present desired by the receiver given. An effort is made to make a list of favourite choices based preferred taste of loved one. Sometimes the whole family has to keep a secret for months in preparation of celebration of an event to give gifts to surprise loved ones. The gift can be a special item to enhance collection of a favourite hobby like luxury cars, model toys, games, shoes, dolls, book series,  vintage cars, clothes assets.                 Some go shopping to look for practical ways of making life more convenient for others. Even the wealthiest who seem to have it all still love to receive gifts. And so do receive gifts as protocol demands one brings gifts when invited to special events, ceremony. Numerous visits, museum exhibitions and shows made of precious gifts from all over the world to the rich and famous. Gifts too many some kept private forms part of national treasure.bday_presentsBirthdays have a larger audience with a important people require so much real thoughtfulness to ensure gift match the status of that special dignitary given the gifts. Gifts help to break ice to open the doors for a cordial relationship so must understand or value the importance of protocol give a meaningful symbolic gift representing nation. Acknowledge these commonwealth relationships of a global family interaction and understanding.wp-1576687060781.jpgpodarki-sotrudnikuSo many people try to second guess the most suitable gifts appropriate for loved ones within their budget. This effort to keep the gift a secret means one cannot to ask for receiver’s direct input to give hint of intended surprise. It is no longer a surprise if person helped choose the preferred gift. Logical reasoning says its best to select exact gift needed useful in life. Daily Mail reported, ‘as people head in festive period comes conundrum gift to get your loved one. According to new survey released no matter how men try hard when it comes to buying present men never get it right. Top list of gifts men get wrong is underwear as men fell foul of buying lingerie for the other half wrong size, colour. Perfume, household products, exercise, clothes score highly.stock-photo-a-shopping-trolley-full-of-gift-wrapped-christmas-presents-isolated-on-a-white-background-112780429John Starr gift card and voucher week, commissioned a study of 2,000 men and women. He said, ‘Buying presents for a woman is a minefield men have a little chance of getting it right each single time. ‘Even the most thoughtful of presents can be received with caution by women, who seem to assume with every gift comes a hint.’ Women wonder why men don’t remember size. The men said to get items wrong:- underwear, toiletries, perfume, kitchen utensils, cheap jewellery or chocolates, shoes or slippers, vacuum cleaner, and flowers, exercise clothes or DVD. Women get it wrong:- clothes. gadgets, men’s bag, soft toys,  jewellery, chocolates, shoes, meal out, aftershave, a framed photo. It was also reported by the Daily Mail, ‘One in six couples admit to having argument over the poor choice of present one in 20 split over gifts. Wise seek excellent companies for a proper help or advise for an appropriate choice.


While 49 per cent of women put errors down to men’s dislike of shopping, fifth said partners did not know what they like. Resulting in over a third of women admitting they present partner with a list to avoid costly mistakes. So it is not just men who fail to make partner’s day at Christmas. Women get it wrong with 21 per cent of men admitting they have received clothes they don’t like, cheap gadgets and sentimental items, framed photos and soft toys or experience gifts.

jeremiah-29-11-hot-air-balloon-550x320Third on the list of unwanted presents from women to nearest and dearest was a man bag while soft toys are another gift men don’t want to see in stockings. But givers usually give gifts from own perceived point of view.  In other words the chosen gift idea is based on what is seen as enhancing a person’s life. A gift is expected to ‘improve,’ ‘enable,’ or give pure joy. Some provide food, clothing or take care gifts. Issue finding meaningful gifts to convey intention congruent with the receiver’s real true needs or wants.An audience with a very important person requires lots of thoughtfulness to ensure the gift matches the status of special dignitary is given the gifts. Gifts help to break ice to open the doors for a cordial relationship. Some understand a value of importance of protocol so give a meaningful symbolic gift representing nation to acknowledge commonwealth relationship of global family.

Many people try to second guess the most suitable gifts appropriate others give gifts to show off wealth and status to impress onlookers. So gift giving is a competition with wrong motives. So talk of the town considered the one whose gift was most expensive on day, time or season. Some gifts age inappropriate as recipient lacks wisdom, maturity and experience to handle gift. God Gives Eternal Priceless Treasure, Christ Jesus Our Non – Perishable Gift, Who Lasts Forever in Eternity. Reflect and yourself what gifts do you bring to Christ. Christ Gave His Life as Sacrifice to give us all Eternal Life. God Gave Ultimate Gift Christ to reconcile man with God.

the-crown-of-lifeThe three wise magi kings or shepherds gave Christ Jesus the appropriate gifts to help equip His life and Calling. Think it through the next time you make or buy gift, ask yourself motive and intention. Is it for receiver or do you impose your personal choices, tastes, colours, shapes, favourite gifts onto someone who does not share the same sentimental value of your gifts? Christ gave His Best Perfect Priceless Gift of Life in Exchange for all to be save so wants your life to belong to Him. Your personal life is the best gift present God gives above all in Christ.



wp-1576677185863.jpgThe Jewish prophets said in Scripture in Isaiah 53:5, Zechariah 12:10, Micah 5:2, Daniel 9:24 Messianic prophecies in Tanakh. Yeshua is fulfilment of the prophecies. So Christmas celebrates the miraculous virgin birth of Yeshua, Who was born to save the world from all sins. Yeshua was born in the fall around the time of Sukkot and not in the winter. It is important to remember Yeshua’s miraculous birth fulfilled by Isaiah’s Prophecy. Isaiah knew who the Messiah is 800 years before He was born according to Isaiah 7:14 in Bible! wp-1576676950826.jpgIsaiah’s heart lept for joy as he began writing those words about Jesus coming Saviour  Jesus Christ. And Isaiah lived in Jerusalem 800 years before Yeshua’s birth as an ordinary Jewish man.  Isaiah was married, had two sons, and worked as an official for King Uzziah during his early years then called by God to be a prophet so he obeyed call! Yeshua is the Saviour who was born in Bethlehem.Jesus in TempleProphecy of birth of Jesus comes to pass according to prophecy of Isaiah among prophets who prophesied the birth of Jesus Christ. After Jesus’ birth the three kings visited and they brought gifts for royalty gold, priesthood frankincense and embalming myrrh to Immanuel.1545653754462503274586.jpgThe Shepherds visited as the angels told them about the birth and they brought Jesus presents. Jesus’ family and friends visited baby Immanuel Yeshua and gave presents. Above all, they came together to help care for baby Jesus and nurse Mary back to health. There are lots of extra foods to eat. And the children play together whole community rejoiced and celebrate birth of Jesus with His family.Jesus grew into very fine respectful Man who attends synagogue with His family. On a Shabbat Saturday morning 2000 years ago the Jewish men assembled at a synagogue in northern Israel. Isaiah’s Messianic Prophecies was read out loud to all by Jesus! Luke 4:16-21, says Yeshua went to Nazareth. As he is brought up went on Sabbath day into synagogue as was His custom with the whole family.Immanuel Stood Up to Read the scroll of prophet Isaiah handed to Him unrolled it found place where it is written: “The Spirit of the LORD is upon me, because HE anointed me to preach good news to poor. HE sent me to proclaim freedom for prisoners and recovery of sight for blind, to release oppressed, to proclaim the year of the LORD’S favour.” Yeshua said, “Today this scripture is fulfilled in me to your hearing.” God’s prophecy is accurately fulfilled in Jesus Christ’s life.Prophecy of IsaiahGod uses ordinary people like Isaiah 2800 years ago! God wants to use people like you to proclaim His Word and His Prophecies of Messiah to the unsaved people in the world. Nativity scenes of crèche symbol reminds the whole world of special exhibition Christmas season. Nativity plays performed re-enact birth of Jesus. The films, drama stage acts, pantomime, carol singing, model art objects, represent actual scenes of birth of Jesus. Yeshua is True Messiah spoken of by Jewish prophets in Tanakh. The Messiah reminds all world of Yahweh’s Grace Mercy save to redeem mankind from sin. Hebrew prophet Zechariah 9:9 said Yeshua to ride donkey in Jerusalem is fulfilment of the Messianic prophecy. Messiah the True Fulfilment of Word of God for Eternal Life for God’s Chosen people in the Tanakh in Holy Land. The Gospel of Yeshua is Good News Fulfilled as prophesied by Jewish prophets.Jesus in his adult years rode the donkey into Jerusalem with people shouting Hosanna to welcome Him into the City. So God chose the Messiah Yeshua as the His Only to salvation. God insists all people must call upon the Name Yeshua Jesus to be saved. Yeshua is the Son of God and all who accept Yeshua become the sons of God too. God created people as human creatures but only those who accept Christ become God’s sons and daughters. God loved the world so much HE sent Yeshua born to save mankind from the sin of Adam and Eve. Yeshua is fulfilment of the Jewish Gospel must be accepted according to God’s Greatest Truth Miracle. Its not blasphemy to accept Messiah Yeshua said in Jewish Gospel of Yeshua, ‘those ashamed of Him He will be ashamed of before God the Father and will be condemn to hell fire for rejecting Yeshua forever.

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Eunice and Ivy as Christian believers in business are sisters who grew up on the other side of a university fence. Eunice used to sell fabrics and textiles in a stall in the market shopping centre. She was advised to change job due to a change in circumstances. So Eunice started selling tomato on the tray in front of university student hall of accommodation for some few years. She was approached by that university to supply tomatoes due to the good quality of her tomatoes sold, to the university cafeteria. God blessed Eunice from selling few baskets of tomato daily to sell tons of crates and the truck loads of tomato to cafeteria, restaurant, other catering departments of the University.
Eunice successfully transitions to selling tomatoes to increase her stock supply as business entrepreneur woman. Travels to buy tomato from farmers who supply her the best quality tomatoes produced. Though she lived behind the university with modern facilities including piped clean drinking water, she used polluted water from river. Eunice and Ivy had no direct access to water from university. This is because of demand of pressure on water due to size of that university population. Ivy and Eunice had to walk 6 miles from home to fetch water. And in some places children wade through water to school and drink dirty water.wp-1577534040545.jpgwp-1577539375017.jpga64a0f9df41aa3e4080a99b584a3e917.jpgCarrying containers on their heads they waded through a local river knee-deep with water to their home. They saw in the distance a flashing sky light music denoting event and celebration. So they inquired and found out it was a Gospel Revue. They went home changed to an appropriate dress to suit the occasion. During break time at the Gospel festival Eunice and Ivy talked to the people who told them of a help available from local water developments projects in vicinity. After much deliberation, Eunice and Ivy made an important to take action to do something about their water problems. Desperate times call for drastic solution measures. Eunice and Ivy decided to dig a well in their village. Although it cost a lot of money to hire digging equipment, they chose to do so. So use their savings and investments to provide clean water to the village. The public standing water pipes was provided by Eunice and Ivy’s generosity and kindness similar to one seen above. Most people not privileged with indoor cold running water taps in privacy of homes walk to fetch water.20191216_160802.jpgBeing faithful in business brought good prospects to improve the lot of Eunice and Ivy by the grace of God so blessings received. Eunice and Ivy have managed to improve their lot in life by hardwork. Obedience to God and used wisdom and experience from Godly Counsel, Eunice and Ivy changed the burden of carrying water solved problem within their own ability. Development and growth of the business they hope to invest more in the community to create jobs and the better opportunities for all. Hopes to take full advantage hot sunlight for solar panel on roofs of new builds in their village. California-Homes-Solar-889x635.jpgDream of improved situations to install water tanks for running their tap water to connect hot and cold water pipe lines in future if able like California houses. God transformed the lives of Eunice and Ivy trying to help their community to benefit from God’s Favour. Eunice and Ivy’s old wax fabric fashion shop selling many catwalk textiles displayed globally similar to this one. Plus lucrative tomato contract with their local university too.God Promotes like HE Promotes Eunice and Ivy because Promotion Comes from God. Whatever God calls you to do, do it with great passion, devotion, humility, dedication and goodwill to God’s GLORY in Jesus Name. Don’t sit and feel sorry for yourself for what you don’t have yet. Look around you, inside you unyil you find the key to your life. Recognise what you have, value and appreciate talent in with humility and in obedience to God’s Will, plans, purposes in life with God all things are possible. Trust God to bless your talents, skill, abilities to enrich you to bless others in Jesus Name. And Give thanks to God and share your testimony like Eunice and Ivy did to encourage the others to believe in God too. People may laugh at first if you downsize business to manage your time better to take care of family or care for family health needs or unemployment issues. At first it may seem loss of social status to condescend to do menial job like hawking tomatoes  or any other manual jobs not seen as of high social standing. Eunice and Ivy has made the right decision to do work that earned less but gave them opportunity to prove God lifts up the humble. Trust and obey God’s instructions to change jobs cause too much stress in lives if you believe in Jesus Name GLORY to God!!!

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Angel-Of-Peace-angels-10952900-426-414The Bible says, “God will command HIS angels to guard you in all your ways” in Psalm 91:11. God sends HIS angels of Peace to dwell with us to keep us safe in Jesus Name. God surrounds the lonely not to be alone with presence of His angels to keep them safe. At any time in life, if for some reason you find yourself alone be always reassured God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit and God’s angels are all with you. Even if that moment feels unpleasant, not what you expected or prefer, remember God is still in control of your life in Jesus Name. Bible says we are never alone because Our Father God is always with us in Jesus Name. If alone all by yourself without a family, spouse, children, friends, colleagues and loved ones remember God’s LOVE for you is Great and God Loves you deeply even if you do not believe, feel or think so. The Peace of Christ rules your heart in body of Christ so be thankful. Let living word of God in Christ richly dwell in you, His Word perform great wonders in you.IMG-20181127-WA0000.jpgGod’s wisdom in you helps teach, share and encourage others with the psalms, hymns, spiritual songs, singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God. Whatever you do in word or deed do all in the name of Jesus giving thanks to Father God says Colossians 3:15-17. It is important as a CHRISTian believer to have peace within Christ and God’s identity. Angels of God climbing ladder from heaven provide for food for Jacob.IMG-20181127-WA0006.jpgChrist in us the Hope of Glory draws people together in God including relationships. It is God’s idea is not good for man to be alone. So by dedicating life fully to God’s service through any direct ministry, support or sponsorship for more souls, souls, souls into Heaven you are in good relationship with God. God certainly meets relationship needs at His Right Time according to His plans for all. Christian life is all about JESUS CHRIST WHO MATTERS MOST. So let the Light OF Christ Shine through you to let people see Jesus Christ for personal attention. God is ready to set things right not in the distant future but soon! God is ready to save Jerusalem to show God’s GLORY to Israel and God’s people in the world in Isaiah 46:13. So keep your eyes on God and enjoy the season with thanks to God. God bless you.God is Faithful The angels are God’s messengers despatched to help billions to do God’s Will and bring God’s instructions. In the Bible, God uses HIS angels to do so many essential services functioning as God’s messengers.  In addition all can practice peace in their lives with God’s help too. Christ Jesus the Messiah Prince of Peace enables us to live in peace with others. God’s angels instructed to help in time of need to rescues and save us.

1) Adam, Eve’s garden Eden guarded by angel’s flaming swords Genesis 3: 24.

2) Guidance and direction is given by angels in Exodus 23:20.

3) God sends provisions by HIS angels in 1 King 19:5-6.

4) God has angels of death, 2Kings 19:35.IMG-20181127-WA0004.jpg

5) Bodyguards as God’s angels protect us in Psalm 91:11.

6) Angels worship and serve God in Psalm 148:1-2.

7) God sends HIS angels to deliver people from danger in Daniel 6:22.

8) God sends angels to bring answers to prayers Daniel 10:12-13.

9) God sends His angels to give strength and encouragement in Daniel 10:18-19

God is Great

10) Supernatural Angels from God ministered to Christ in desert, Matthew 4:11, Mark 1:13.

11) Angel Gabriel from God announced conception to Mary in Luke 1:26-38

12) The birth of Jesus was announced by the angels to shepherds in Luke 2:14.

13) God’s angels strengthens, comforts Jesus in agony sweats blood in Garden of Gethsemane in Luke 22:39-46pray-for-peace

14) Angels deliver God’s messages in Acts 8:26

15) God’s ministering angels help in time of need in Hebrews 1:14.

17) Paul says entertain strangers, many met angels unaware in Hebrews 13:2.

18) Future actions of God angels predict in Bible in Revelations 1-21.

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688487Christ is our hope of Glory sent from God to build the Godly foundation on which our hope is built. Jesus builds and raises our hope to depend on Father God our hope the author of hope says Romans 15:13. God of hope fills us with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost in Jesus Name. Hope is confidence and trusting in God to encourage and inspire each other in midst of adversity that all is well. Hope continues to grow by faith through power of Holy Spirit.hope (2)In Romans 5:2-7, through  Christ Jesus we gain access by faith into God’s grace in which we now stand. And we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God.  Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because know that suffering produces perseverance, perseverance, character; and character for hope. And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit whom given us. At a right time, Christ died for sins of the ungodly. Rarely will anyone die for a righteous good man so Christ died to restore man to God. Jesus is our peace, who made Jews and gentiles one so has destroyed the barrier of dividing wall of hostility. So creates in Himself one new man out of the two making peace in one body to reconcile both to God through the cross so put to death their hostility in Ephesians 2:14–16 and to live in hope.hope.screenshopWith the weather changing and getting colder, there is usually a corresponding low mood that accompanies loss of bright sunshine and vitamins A and D in winter. So it is necessary to stay alert on top of things not to get sucked into the flow of things and lose oneself. In the midst of the weather issues are other matters of life, the heart, family, health, work, spouse, children, holidays. Absolutely this huge list goes on and on almost unending. Yet Christian believers hold on in love by enormous steadfast hope. Despite overwhelming, pressure, stress, depression, pain, trauma, loss it is hope in Christ that heals your heart.hope in godGod’s  magnificent, delicate, design is so intricately interwoven knit pattern’s life disintegrates. Unfolds before your eyes due to no fault of yours entangled in the consequences of tapestries chosen by others affecting you. Imperceivable joy of interesting life in peace so content is shattered. The carpet pulled from under your feet, wool thrown over your eyes. Baffled, confused with what is going on in your head seems to be permanent fog unshakable preventing seeing the wood from trees. Greatly overcome by worry not knowing  what to do feels so low.4086171_6727ec5924_mLife becomes drab and not motivated to face challenges of life anymore. Worst of all itis unbearable and impossible to share your feelings for fear of ridicule, mockery, shame. So you suffer in silence seems happy outwardly but go through emotions of life on auto-pilot standing and working daily. Unable to perform quite well at your job, feels inadequate, Yet instantly, long for relieve and respite care to indulge in a care free in life. The most incredible truth is your hope and a way out in Jesus Name if you believe.hope1People love and appreciate you yet still you hold onto intricate details of your life, your looks, your shape, your size, your body image. So cannot fully accept and embrace yourself. You deliberately ignore, the incredible talents, abilities, skills, focus on negative disadvantages felt inside. You feel like you betray or cheat yourself if indulging in ethereal happy lifestyle. Why do you feel you do not deserve or not worthy of a glorious blessed lifestyle. You avoid joy so almost reclusive in fear of being hurt or in pain again. Have hope in God’s inbuilt inner-strength in you tapped from within you in Jesus Name is the key to your life.Hope (3)Deep  heartfelt painful fire of affliction becomes great cost to your personal life. The fiercest battle challenge you have is tendency of wearing down emotionally. But the most exquisite refined character is hope turned on by the Holy Spirit to comfort to help you. There comes a time to turn over every area to God to say, I give up tackling life in my own strength and abilities. Over to Jehovah Nissi in Jesus Name to put trust and hope in God. Even delayed hope will not make your heart grief for you know for sure God cares deeply about you.hopeslider-hopeThe most exquisite success stories of life are miracles and testimonies of battle fought victory is won. It is discouraging to look downward if heading upwards towards mountain top experiences. So it not denial to avoid screening the nifty gritty details of weaknesses and faults. It is better to focus on goal for outcome for good result in life. Discouragement  and weariness cannot stop events and circumstances to complete transition of the dynamic changes in life. You need to step out of comfort zone into the realm of God’s super natural heavenly places of hope to complete life successfully.hope (1)This Hope prevails by your prayers for yourself and others in Jesus Name. The desire to lead a fulfilled meaningful life requires the effort so is not due to luck. Einstein said doing the same things daily but expecting a different result is not wise. You account to yourself first and foremost without losing hope. To declare purpose of hope to self mistake proof, be humble enough to receive correction in love from others. The joint effort is share prayer to support others.minimalwall-hope-10-78-1Hope is not wishful thinking, chance encounter or luck. It is essential to have assurance God is in control in spite of natural circumstances or evidence seen. God is the ultimate source of hope derived through Christ Jesus. So it is by hoping in the goodness of Christ and the love of Christ that fulfils promises of the covenant hope.To enjoy the joy and glory of heaven faith is the substance and evidence of things unseen. Peace and true joy comes from hope in God by prayer to live life.unseen.hope-logo-redTo be established and confirmed in life as Christians means hope of desires in abundant hope through power of the Holy Ghost. God’s Almighty Power of hope works through grace to strengthen hope. Our own power will never reach hope so abounding hope comes from God. In Romans 12:12 Bible admonishes Christians to rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, continue instant prayers. Hebrews 11:1 says faith is substance of things hoped for even evidence unseen.cropped-hope-word-20143Psalm 43:5, says why are you cast down, O my soul why are you disquiet within me hope in God, for I shall praise God Who is the Health of my countenance and my God. In Psalm 33:18, the eye of the LORD is upon those that fear God, upon those that hope in His Mercy and Grace. In Lamentations 3:24, God is our portion in the land of the living so hope in God. Titus 3:7 says you are justified by God’s Grace made heirs according to hope in eternal life. It is a life journey of faith in God in Christ to live in peace.


A great event at Christmas 100years ago is enemies at the battle frontlines joined together to celebrate Christmas meal. So put down weapons of war to party and exchange gifts. This miracle was done in in joyful celebration of Lord Jesus birth. Soldiers were touched in their hearts to show compassion to each though sworn enemies. This is armistice reconciliation in history between British and German soldiers in Belgium France battlefields at the Western Front in trenches. Peace was briefly agreed one day to halt war between enemies fighting on Christmas day during the first world war in 1914. This unusually true story is a subject of discussion that surprised their families. It’s a miracle two groups shooting and bombing each other the previous days decided to celebrate Christmas together. After a series of the unofficial ceasefires that took place around Christmas 1914. In the week leading up to the holidays, the German and British soldiers crossed trenches to exchange seasonal greetings and talk. Men from both sides ventured into neutral land on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to mingle and exchange food and souvenirs. Later joined burial ceremonies and prisoner swaps, several meetings ended in joyful carol-singing.They played football with one another, is one of the most enduring images of the peace truce. But peaceful behaviour did not last as the fighting continued in some sectors. In others areas both sides settled on the arrangements to recover bodies. The following year, a few units arranged ceasefires, but the truces was not as widespread as in 1914. This is interesting because they trusted each other enough to meet together without arms so they had confidence to eat and play football together. Prince of Prince Christ Jesus touched their hearts and the minds of these tough most hardened veterans to stop fighting on Christmas day. Among them was James and Otto on the 25th December, 1914. These men were courageous enough to take risk to be in the same vicinity with each other. They show human love compassion side of each other at least for that day. So it is possible man can choose to live in peace with each other willingly if they want to do so. In remembrance these real event of that previous Christmas shows a good will towards all men. Their families tell story so with God all things are possible.Reflections of this story shows amazing  testimony of kindness shared today. By celebrating that Christmas with enemies brings the word of God alive to prove ‘God truly sets a table in the presence of enemies.’ Most of these soldiers wrote of event in their diaries sent letters home sharing the wonderful experience with family and friends. Others took pictures so sent the photographs home showing friendly match between sworn enemies. They enjoyed greatly treasured moment in history. Many documentaries, adverts and films are made about the Christmas truce. This sign is precursor to endtime war to cease but the war continued for another 4 years to 1918 then war ended. This shows men are capable of seeing the good in each other if they choose to do so. If willing to put up, each with one to meet God’s standard peace in future times of no more wars in Jesus Name. All people will lay down arms to live together in peace with one another. God said life will be peaceful man will dwell in peace and all children play with lions and lambs. Things gets worse before it gets better in the near future of no more wars ever. Ultimate truce will take place as worst battle in history, Armageddon war is the biggest war of wars to finally quench these blood thirsty revenges. These signs of this future ultimate war begins with other wars in many parts of the world. These new alliances formed takes place as the Bible predicts before second coming of Christ. Ultimate True Peace comes after all wars only through Christ Jesus. It is important you read the Bible and pray to God in Jesus Name watch Bible news unfold globally. Above all, in spite of wars and rumours of wars have inner peace and assurance of eternal life. No matter what you now go through have sure hope in eternal life beyond sufferings of the world. Be sure you have peace with God and you know your destination before hand. So accept Christ as your personal Saviour. Then will be no more tears, grief or sorrow in Heaven. God comforts the people from all nations in perpetual joy, of singing and dancing in Heaven. And celebrate loved ones in heaven and so remember they are at PEACE FOREVER REJOICING in the presence of God, with Christ the Holy Spirit, Saints as angels. They are NOT IN PAIN anymore and are restored to youthful looks very happy. God cares about all family members left behind on earth. One day you will be reunited and the circle will be complete in heaven.

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Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ so you and your house shall be saved. Acts 16:31. The world will be judged through informed choice accepting or rejecting Jesus Christ. Those who believe in the Son of God Jesus will be saved among God’s chosen sheep to live in an eternal life. Those who reject Jesus will sadly perish in a hell fire originally prepared exclusively for only satan and demons. So make sure you receive Jesus as your personal Saviour and your friend. And your name will be recorded in the Lamb Jesus’ Book of Life to live forevermore in New Heaven coming to New Earth.