In Romans 12:2, in Bible Christian believers are to be transformed and renewed in their mind by the word of God. As God’s child, God’s gives Peace of Mind, inbuilt and embedded in image of God reinforced by Godly thoughts through Christ. The mind is the great work of Almighty God Infinite Whose Words influence the brain in perfect congruent agreement with God. It is important to keep the mind transformed to avoid and overcome inherited sin nature of Adam and Eve unacceptable to God. Issues including drugs often create biochemical imbalances in the brain, so fix thoughts on God to avoid not being of the right mind by fear, depression, abusive behaviours. Guard heart, from it flows all thoughts in the heart. Build Godly wall in mind to save hearts from addictions. Read God’s words to store in the mind.god-on-the-brain-hi

The Bible says we must not conform to the secular world but be transformed by the renewing mind. Jesus continues to speak about importance of  thoughts in mind state of our hearts. So ensure one guards the heart and mind from who speaks into heart and mind. Filter relevant, worthy thoughts to store and sift careless speaking not reflecting God. Automatic conversation, gift of garb neighbourly friendliness banter is associated with being civil and caring for others is good. What is shared is important and necessary to talk. But first carefully check words and your thinking are genuinely in line with God Words to build up your neighbour in God’s Sight.

God’s Wisdom reveals His Ultimate Source of knowledge to help solve problems of the heart. The heart stores thought from the mind. So Christ tells Christian believers to keep the heart and the mind safe in union with Christ Jesus for peace. Many varieties of Bible Christian books and also, some Christian music, movies, TV programs influence thoughts. So discern actions by carefully choosing what your eyes, ear gateways enter to care for heart. Avoid hardened regimented, insensitive thinking and actions, Jesus taught with quotes from Isaiah that people can honour with lips, but hearts far away.” Parents  following good news, teach children Jesus heals hearts because Jesus is in the business of heart-healing through Biblical meditation and prayer in Jesus Name.


Refocus, renew, transform mind heart as inner – heart thoughts do affect external the actions in life. Thoughts maintain lifestyle. So filter ideas through Christ blood. Jesus gives His Rich message of Grace to the church. So Christians pray and meditate on word of God as soul food. Read Bible daily as God is the greatest writer to truly experience happened in Bible be actively involved in process of faith journey true faith storyline. Remember where the mind goes body follows. Seek God; Seek His Word, Be lead by the Holy Spirit for within the pages of the Bible lies Godly Wisdom. Answers to life, health, work, family, business, wealth, riches, assets, property, all needs is in God.

not conform
There’s a huge variety of books, movies, music influencing thoughts and actions. The eyes and ears are gateways to the heart so we care for the state of our hearts. To avoid hardened regimented, insensitive thinking actions, Jesus quotes Isaiah for people honour with lips, but hearts far away. The bible has so many good advantages and good side effects from Bible that impacts life positively. The issue is there are too many distractions vying for one’s attention and focus so often the personal care of one’s heart and mind is kept on the back burner. Then people wonder why they have no peace of mind.

Some want to indulge and do exactly as they feel based on human directions, opinions blame God if things go wrong. The Bible helps us to renew our mind in Jesus Christ because whatever is read is kept in mind. When Bible is read devotionally it keeps in mind what is read, watched, recorded stored in mind. Believers learn about brain from anatomy books to understand amazing miracle creative power of God. God sees, knows thoughts, emotions, feelings processed. As believers have to consider daily, moment by moment choices affecting the heart mind and body at all times.

Students Intrigued by Brain in Science Class

God demands to use mental alertness and discipline as little thoughts become bigger issues of life. The mind, body, soul in union with Christ gives the perfect peace of God beyond all understanding in Jesus Name. The spirit and soul are eternal but work through the body, heart and mind. Thoughts take root to manifest in believer wholly accountable to God. Protect heart, inner- feelings and actions. The brain controls mind and thoughts so watch what one puts in. Feed the spirit of your brain mind with word of God and good reports. Be transformed and renewed in your thoughts, actions, and lifestyle. Spend time before you make or choose ideas or entertain any feelings you act upon. People are created in God’s image and so filled with the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Christ and the Holy Spirit. This means a person is not helpless if they choose to obey God. For obedience to God’s words is a protection to life, blessings for good success and soul prosperity. Our brain means a lot to us for a sound mind gives peace, rest of God despite physical evidence seen. God speaks directly in His words in spirit mind dreams, visions. Both the physical and spiritual brain described in detail are in directly tuned in connection with God as Creator and Instructor.


The brain is compelling as seen here so imagine you are a neuroscientist studying the brain images of Christians. Like Dr. Majid Fotuhi, a pre-eminent voice in area of brain science gives advice on how to keep brain healthy. His latest book, “Boost Your Brain,” is of great help to believers because of the amazing miracle wonders of God seen.  The idea of expressing Godly thinking from the Bible is the written equivalent of reading a book then speaking about it publicly is a challenge for those who like to have their brain thoughts private not obviously predicted by others.

A standard Biblical life is observed and seen by others, who are a cloud of witnesses around believers who truly know God. In Acts unbelievers testify of knowing  ‘Paul and Apollos’ as saints of Christ. whose influence demonstrate God’s Power in actions and behaviour so as a person thinks so they are. The brain in detail reveals many aspects of God’s creation beauty of life. Modern technology has managed to produce high tech. detailed images of the brain and the mind. These reveals the magnificent wisdom of God in His creation. So the mind controls what is seen, heard, thought and reflected upon.

brain bible
God’s provides resources to show in detail the fibrous mind to see enhanced images of the brain. This indepth details reveal the function of brain networks and how this monumental complexity might be understood. Scientists agree with God we must improve the value of boosting the brain to feed the mind. So healthy thoughts keep heart purely by feeding brain great soul food function and detect dementia, Alzheimer’s the HCP early. Learning disabilities like dyslexia are marked by variations in the brain language pathways. So thought processing and word analyses of disability requires support and help. God’s brain creation is so majestic nobody is capable of such highest intelligence and wisdom of God. So give God All Due Credit, Glory, Honour  in Jesus Name.


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