The Holy Bible is the Preserved Living Word of God Spoken or Written. The Bible is called Holy Scriptures, The Good Book, Sacred Book, God’s Holy Supernatural Divine Truth, God’s Communication. The Holy Bible is officially grouped together from works of 40 different authors living on 3 different continents Asia, Africa and Europe as God’s chosen authors. The Holy Bible helps a Christian believer’s eyes of understanding to open to know Perspective of God and How God Works among His creation. The Bible is the world’s most widely printed Book of all time with prints exceeding 4 billion copies in thousands of languages and editions. The Bible is the first undisputed best-seller of all time so no other book takes God’s Word’s Place. The Bible is Inspired Word of God and self-proclaims God’s Authority. In 2 Timothy 3:16, “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction, instruction in righteousness. 

In John 1:1-5,”In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood.  Jesus Christ is the Word With God Since Eternity. Christ Highly Honours Word of God with Great Reverence as the Authoritative Source Word from which He quoted continuously throughout His ministry. As a Jew, Christ learnt from the Torah which is God’s Holy Words to first  the Hebrew people, the Greeks and all Gentiles from all nations all over the world. In John 16:13, The Holy Spirit of Truth, guides into all truth of God. He shall not speak of Himself but what He hears so Speaks to shows things to come according to God’s Word.

 The Holy Spirit, teaches, guides, reassures the Christian believer so confirms the Bible is the “Word of God.”The Holy Bible is written between 1500 years by 40 writers often as scrolls or tablets. The Holy Bible Contains as divided into verses has the Old and New Testaments composed of 66 books not counting Apocrypha. The Bible contains the true living chronological history of God’s Chosen people. 1,400 BC from The First Written Word of God, The Ten Commandments delivered to Moses. The Bible is translated from original Tanakh in Hebrew with some portions, Ezra 4:8-6:18 and 7 :12 -26, Jeremiah 10:11, Daniel 2:4-:28 in Biblical Aramaic of the Semitic world.The original Hebrew Bible was first written on stone by Moses, parchments and other Hebrew Biblical texts. The English word Bible is from Latin word, Biblia, as same word in Greek τὰ βιβλία ta Biblia, means Sacred Holy Book. In Latin biblia sacra “holy books” translates in Greek to τὰ βιβλία τὰ ἅγια ta biblia ta hagia, “the holy books.”The word βιβλίον literally means “paper” or “scroll” so used as the word for the Books of the Bible.

The individual volumes of books of the Bible exist thousands of years. The testimony of the texts of the individual books of the 27 Books of the New Testament are dated to the 1st Century CE. The oldest surviving Hebrew manuscripts including the Dead Sea Scrolls date to about the 2nd century BCE as fragments and some are stored at the Shrine of the Book in Jerusalem. The oldest record of the complete text survives in Greek Translation called the Septuagint dating to 4th century Codex Sinaiticus. The parchment pages of the late 4th to 6th century biblical manuscripts, recently placed on view in the middle of the room, were originally intended to be handled and turned gently, most likely, as a part of the liturgy, by the monks that owned and read them.  This parchments are now on display in the Smithsonian Library for people to view.
The Hebrew Bible is also recorded by various writers like Philo  around 20 B.C. – 50 A.D. as a learned Jew of Alexandria and contemporary of Jesus. Josephus at about 37 or 38 – 101 A.D. as a non-Christian Jewish historian. Melito wrote in 170 A.D. about Bishop of Sartis Origen in 185 – 254 A.D Greek Biblical scholar Jerome 347 – 420 A.D. Latin Biblical scholar. The Bible is Absolute Accurate Word of God by human translation. Meaning may be influenced by limitation of languages but Bible is God’s Real Words. Bible texts translate into languages: English, German, Swedish, Latin, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Tagalog, Norwegian etc. The Bible is a Collection of God’s Words written by God’s Spirit Led Writers and Holy Spirit. The Bible in present form is modern compared with original. Latin Bible translations of Bible includes writer’s own commentary on passages in addition to the literal translation.

By the 7th century, the Venerable Bede translation existed of scripture in Old Anglo-Saxon English. Aldhelm in 639–709 A.D. translated the complete Book of Psalms  and large portions of other scriptures into Old English. In the 10th century translation of the Gospels was made in Lindisfarne Gospels. With word by word gloss insert between the lines of the Latin text by Aldred, Provost of Chester le Street said this is the oldest extant translation of the Gospels into the EnglishThe Wessex Gospel or the West-Saxon Gospels contain full translation of the 4 Gospels into English. Produced in approximately 990, they are the first translation of all four gospels into English without the Latin text. In the 11th century, Abbot  Aelfric translated much of the Old Testament in English. The Old English Hexateuch is an illuminate manuscript of the first 6 books of the Old Testament illustrations including translation of Book of Judges plus 5 books of the Pentateuch.

Recently the Yorkshire Post in Annals of secret history shows in Museum library, Gill Taylor reaching down to a heavy 1480’s Holy Bible carefully placed on the table. It has exquisitely illuminated pages, with blue, yellow, green and red flowers blooming in a great curly capital E. In 1525, William Tyndale’s Bible in English was first published to appear in print. Tyndale was a true scholar genius who felt GOD THEO was excluded in THEOlogy College in Oxford. Most people in Europe were unable to speak Latin so could not understand the Bible directly. The Church acted as mediator between God and people so Priests interpreted bible on behalf of  congregations. The Wycliffe Bible of 1385 was based on the Latin Vulgate as the first hand-written translation of the Holy Bible into English. Tynedale, a reformer and genuine Godly spiritual leader. Tyndale holds distinction as the first man to ever print New Testament in the English language.  On the left is Wycliffe’s 1385 Bible and Tyndale’s Bible of 1525 on the right.

Tyndale believed ordinary people should be able to read the Bible for themselves. This spurred him to translate the Bible into English. So he wrote, ‘the Church authorities banned translations of the Bible in order to keep the world in darkness. So their intention was not let Christian know God’s Words or talk to God directly. So they might sit in the consciences of the people. Trough vain superstition and false doctrine to exalt their own honour above God Himself. Tyndale’s Bible was first considered illegal so banned and Tyndale was executed. Thanks and Glory to God Tyndale made God’s Word available to Christian believers. King James after elimination of Tyndale recognised and impressed by his name in the Bible, ordered all homes in Britain have a copy of the Bible hence the Authorised King James Bible.

In Matthew 5:18, “For verily I say unto you, heaven and earth will pass but not one of God’s Word, jot, content, title shall pass from God’s Words till all is fulfilled.” The Word of God is not altered but fulfils all prophecies recorded in Old and New Testament. God’s Word is a Lamp to our feet to direct our path in life to know God better to do God’s Will. From the writings of Moses through the prophets and other 39 Old Testament books, God worked exclusively through the children of Israel. Today they are referred to as Jewish people. The New Testament begins with the coming of Christ into the world as the prophesied Emmanuel God with us in the form of the baby of Mary, Jesus. God took on a body of human flesh.

The New Testament is composed of 27 books and ushers in the church age. But the church opened up God’s grace to whosoever would come. This includes non -Jews. The Bible is the only complete history book which tells past history and foretells future events that come to pass. All other history books record the past.  It includes Gentiles of all nations and races. The history of the Holy Bible records the history of mankind from the beginning until the day this earth will pass away and a new heaven and a new earth will appear. It covers humanity from beginning to end. No other history book records future events.

Only God possesses such knowledge. He is the Alpha and Omega. The I AM of eternity. The Bible exist as the Word of God from time infinity so is written in  from an eternal perspective. Only the Divine could have created this masterpiece. God is much more than His Name describes. In Psalm 138:2, The Bible proclaims God Honours His Word Above All His Names. God Magnifies His Word so Elevates His Word above His Name. God Reveals Himself to His people. God Highly Exalts the Word Christ Jesus by Giving Christ a Name Above all names. God gives us rest of His name with many commentaries and  literature.

God’s Words are so vast that all Jesus said has not enough space to put all into notes. The evaluation of God’s Words shows God Himself made Provision in His Manual, the Bible to study and put His Words deep into our hearts. In John  21: 25 Jesus did so many things which, if they should be written, the whole world is not big enough for all the books to be written. Christian believers are empowered by Christ Jesus’ Words in Spirit in harmony with God’s Spirit and comforted by the Holy Spirit.Many electronic and audio sound versions of the Bible are available to buy or get free from Gideon’s or Bible Charities. Christian believers can access the Bible on-line, on phone, iPad, internet, iPhone, android, Jerusalem Nano Bible, tablet among others. Read and study the Bible everyday. Check the list of contents and various titles to learn about the relevant issues of your life. Stand on the Word of God to change your life in Jesus Name. Keep a note-book and memorize texts to recall when you need it to sustain you as soul food in Jesus Name.

Choose type of Bible preferred to read and understand. Many Bibles are available in print forms, scrolls, audio, on phones, androids, Jerusalem Nano Bibles, iphones, ipad, tapes, computer, tablet, internet, on line, Google Torah, Tanak, Bible word texts in music CD’s, tapes, praise and worship. Read Bible everyday, pray to God, ask Holy Spirit to help better understand God’s Words in Bible in Jesus Name.

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