Depressed3Depression is becoming a major issue today so if unidentified or untreated early can lead in later years to dementia. Life is more challenging with so many issues to juggle with daily. Children and some people have unmet expectations and disappointments that cause them to be depressed. Change from a place of good success and high achievement to sudden unexpected happening created shock to the person. Difficulties affect the body and mind so makes it harder to adjust instantly to cope with changes. This can lead to shock, anger, denial, error, wrong thinking and faulty processing of information. Depression is not simply feeling unhappy or fed up with life for a few days. Depression causes symptoms to make the person feel different to their normal self feelings and sense of well-being. Depression can affect day today life and work if not dealt with properly.

It causes distress if unable to shake it off symptoms which cause exhaustion. Mild depression requires time to rest, relax, change good diet to restore life to continue to function normally. Severe depression needs proper clinical treatment accompanied by overhaul and complete change of activities.  Chronically depressed person lives in a clouded bubble disconnected from reality. At first, it may not be clear to sufferer or loved ones depression is going on. The person may lose appetite, lose sleep, become restless, feel insecure so may withdraw from friends and family in extreme cases. Some forms go undetected for months and years, others may be erratic in behaviour. So make impulsive decisions which further exacerbates the problem. Delay in seeking help causes pain and uncertainty of the future. coupled with financial hardship often associated with depression intensifies the situation.

Furthermore, the domino effect creates knock on effect on emotions, feelings which become clouded with wrong thinking. Sudden unpredictable change of circumstances of life experiences cause stress and sadness.  As many as 20 percent of new mothers experience postpartum depression, according to the Centres for Disease Control. There are various types of depression with different types of treatment. No matter what the cause, severe depression and psychosis can lead to suicidal thought caused by some medications.Depression can be affected or caused by fear, anger, anxiety, panic attacks. Some require clinical depression treatment so given antidepressants. Others receive talking therapy in confidential counselling sessions. The doctor can help patient to go to a set up for counselling as a client. Others turn to family and friends or colleagues.

Chronic depression is a long -term situation whereby an entire lifestyle is taken over by depression. Some are heavily sedated on medication without which the person cannot survive so live like a zombie. This causes dysfunction as the person has no spatial knowledge. So cannot remember days, time, hour and drifts along on a daily basis. Depression centres provide resources to find a way forward from stress, low mood, depression or suicidal thinking. If none is locally available, create or join a depression support group for help  from a gathering of people suffering from depression. If substance is involved then treatment is complicated as the chemicals in the drugs can react with the medication to cause more problems.  Be aware some drug treatments for depression cause more harm than good. These are some symptoms of depression as follows:-Group support can help sufferer to learn to become empowered with highly effective techniques to deliver results everyday.Discuss what you feel comfortable to share in the group. These groups can be found on line, in most cities around the world. This will empower you with highly effective techniques and how to access treatment and support. It also includes tips for helping yourself, and guidance for friends to help deliver good results for improvement everyday. The best person who understands triggers of depression is the sufferer who can identify things to avoid. Possible causes include issues of self conflict, long-term illness, lack of self-confidence, lack of vision, purpose, motivation, environment, wrong company, watching negative depressive programs, abuse, loneliness, being alone, low self-esteem, insecurity, bereavement, grief can suck joy out of life to cause depression.

People may misunderstand the symptoms so upset them. Others may complain, accuse, blame as laziness but may be responsible for creating or contributing to the problem of depression. But postpartum illness needs to be recognised to help the person depressed. Often they are unaware of ongoing changes in them. It is important not to be embarrassed or ashamed to openly talk about depression. This is a good sign of recovery as it makes people feel more confident and reassured not alone. Be encouraged to know others been there so can guarantee there is definitely light at the end of the longest and darkest depression tunnel. Do pamper and love yourself with treats of affirmation in front of the mirror, I will live to make it. Check triggers, use lots of light, create vibrant atmosphere, depression prefers safety of darkness, play favourite music to lift your spirit from depression.

Avoid coffee after 6pm as it causes one not to have a deep refreshing sleep for repairing the body to keep it in good health. Spoil yourself with hot baths, rose petals, live life like you found the greatest love of your life, YOU!!! Enjoy positive words to cancel negative ones and do not put yourself down. Thanks God daily for your life and ask God the Healer to heal you. God’s healing may be instant or slow however  a good sign of healing is sharing your story with the others to encourage them. God already started healing as you share your testimony with the world. You defeat the devil by your testimony and by the Blood of the Lamb Christ Jesus. Forgive and do not live in bitterness it will make you feel much better.

Let God deal with anything hurting you under the cross of Christ. God blesses as you are impacting others! It is important to eat good food to eat really well. Eat healthy meals, no junk food as chemicals cause depression. Create delicious simple easy to prepare quality meals with affordable budget. It is important and good to take great self-care of yourself. Accept help from others can support you and be there for you for so long. Remember they may be carrying own crosses you may be unaware of. Reaching out to help others helps yourself too.  Eat well, rest, be true to yourself to recover fully in Jesus Name.

Do trust relevant expert advise to work for you and check small prints on medications if recommended by your Doctor. Above all, you know yourself best to understand triggers to avoid. God is the healer so if one tries other methods of treatment and it did not work then turn to Jesus. The woman with issue of blood spent many years consulting physicians. It cost so much money until eventually she touched the garment of the Greatest Physician. Christ Jesus is from God’s Spiritual Hospital. By pressing through the crowd and pressures received healing.

Photo: Be grateful for this moment, this moment is your life<3

Christ is the Balm of Gilead Who soothes deep emotional hurts, sorrows, grief and pain. Christ was betrayed, wounded, suffered excruciating crucifixion, body whipped and tortured on Cross of Calvary, humiliated so understands depression. God’s arms are wide open so seek God’s help too. God is the Healer of the spirit, mind, body and soul. It is important and necessary to WILL to recover. Empathy helps people to understand depression better, so bring awareness for greater understanding support.

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