image010After Alex lost his father as a young boy, his mother refused the traditional proposal to marry his father’s next of kin to keep his wealth in the family so lost everything. In the process, returned empty-handed as all their personal belongings they owned were not given back to them. Alex remembered one special heavenly music played during funeral service so dwelt on words for comfort thinking about his mother and future. Others debated his father’s assets, property. Some asked Alex about the details of his father’s car registration numbers they did not know but later owned. He saw some relatives wearing his father’s clothes, shoes and was shocked even before his father was buried.

Personal_assets1It seemed people felt a right of entitlement to his family belongings. Alex hurt too much to care about the material possessions he lost. He knew Jehovah Jireh is never bankrupt so will surely provide and supply all his needs according to His Riches in Heaven through Christ Jesus. Alex deeply longed for his father’s love and wished somehow life would return to normal. With a prayerful mother dedicated to God in prayer. Alex felt encouraged to rebuild his life and saw a side of human nature he never knew existed before. Some people became kind, helpful to him. Although disappointed by sad loss of his father’s death was determined to study for good success in life.Alex met good relatives including a medical doctor priest who took keen interest in his life education. He taught him as he visited if less busy. Alex begun to play and smile again. His uncle showed Alex’s family, the trips he made regularly on his projector. He told Alex about life during his own studies and encouraged Alex to work hard. The family gathered after sumptuous meals and watched clips from his trips all over the world. Alex remembered the good times and the stories told with the projector of John’s studies, friends so dreamt of becoming helpful like his role model one day God willing.

how-to-choose-a-projector-screen-2However, like every other unexpected event in Alex’s life, his uncle had a fatal accident driven by his driver. John’s projector and property was never found again. His funeral took place soon after but the body was too damaged to be put on display on view. Alex had to relive his pain and loss again. During John’s annual memorial service, Alex was almost killed by an insane intruder with machetes, while playing in his backyard garden. Alex had to recover and relearn to read and write yet received no compensation. He had nightmares and screamed in his dreams reliving his attack. He developed an unhealthy fear and mistrust of people due to his circumstances.

comfort of ChristIt took the grace and mercy of God to forgive and overcome those dark feelings. Alex was broken-hearted and devastated by these series of sad and unfortunate events in his life. Alex remembers goodness of God and sings songs like, ‘When peace like a river attended my ways, when sorrow like sea below roll whatever my Lord, thou has taught me to know, it is well, it is well with my soul.’Alex invited the Holy Spirit into his life so asked Him to strengthen him daily. With his mother’s love, support, other kind hearted people’s generosity, Alex managed to study hard as he loved to do.gods_wordDue to his head injury however, he struggled with some subjects he previously excelled at. Alex has great assurance and hope his beloved grandma Jean, loving father Bently and uncle John are reunited with each other in heaven, singing and dancing in God’s presence. He is sure they will all meet one day during the resurrection. Alex deals with health issues, surgeries with help of family and friends. He puts confidence, trust in God, Son Christ and the Holy Spirit for sustenance, comfort and peace in Jesus Name.


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