Grandma led Alex to Christ and taught him to read and write and sing songs about Jesus. She helped him memorize Bible verses for Sunday School and Children’s day celebrations. She taught him first memory verse about Jesus to hold on by faith, His garment and never let go until Jesus blessed him. I can truly say Jesus indeed blesses us all beyond all expectation by his death and sacrifice. Alex progressed normally as a healthy and fit child. Then one day his world turned upside down while visiting grandma who suddenly became unwell. For some time Alex hoped for the best and looked forward for her recovery soon to eat goodies, cakes and bakes.

2012-09-21_08-33-25_323_zps50ece373Unfortunately, tragedy struck unexpectedly with regard to grandma. Things turned out worse so she died peacefully in her sleep surrounded by family and loved ones. As done in those days grandma, was kept in the corner of her bedroom. Waiting in preparation for the family and well wishers to gather together to celebrate her passing. Grandma Sarah, seated in an upright looked asleep to an innocent child so Alex went to talk to her. He said, ‘ grandma please can I have some home-made sweets you gave me? Alex had never seen a dead person before so did not realise grandma was not asleep.

food-sweets_00323021Alex wandered in daily to ask for sweets as soon as crying, weeping family members were out of his way he talked to grandma undisturbed about cookies and sweets. This continued for 30 days until all invited dignitaries assembled in tents put up for funeral party. People bring drinks, gifts, lots of food, similar to a big wedding party celebration. So time came eventually for Alex to prepare to go back to father’s location of business after long vacation and memorial service of his beloved grandma. People wore several fine clothes, costumes befitting status in community and connection in society. 34490456.optimThey chose the appropriate coffin for grandma after checking many designs. Alex was too young to understand demise so wondered about fuss as relatives sang songs about how beautiful heaven is and grandma will have no more pain or sorrow. Alex could not understand why people cried for  Grannie Sarah’s journey to a better place than earth. The band played music for days while grandma laid in state dressed in white garments with laces, gloves and change of clothing for days on end. People filed past and paid last respects. Some kept cool and whispered a few loving words into her ears. Grandma had a wonderful memorial to celebrate gift of God’s life and her testimony throughout life in Jesus Name. She was a soft-spoken woman who was kind and generous to people she encountered in life. She faced many adversities in life and overcame many tragedies had room in her heart for all people. God’s life is entrusted to all to Glorify God and promote life. No matter what goes on in life, Life Belongs Exclusively to God to preserve including lives considered unworthy enemy.

people@funeral-service_9508Death is so painful some shut down so do not engage in intimate conversations to speak words of passed loved ones. Funerals are often a time of praise and thanks to God for love and caring generosity. Extreme mourners shouted, screamed, jumped, rolled on floor, shouting want to go with grandma to heaven. Others sang her favourite songs, danced and partied in her memory. People shared stories so burst into laughter or tears. Eventually, grandma’s remains was respectfully sealed and driven in chariot to church, transferred in Hurst to cemetery for grand entry welcome party in heaven. images 121Despite the joyous celebration, some mourners become traumatized by bereavement so do not really want to talk about demise. Others concerned feel they dare not speak to hurt bereaved family. The way people feel or speak about bereavement varies. Some become quiet and withdrawn from food. So  donated favourite foods encourage and ensure they eat. People grieve differently through stages of shock, denial, anger, acceptance, mourning. The sad reality feeling causes some to be depressed missing due to sudden loss or slow changes.

images 111On rare occasions narcissists feel empty without deceased, so blame, accuse of abandonment by death. After prolonged growth of intense codependency may lack ability to face life without closure if death unexpected. Some grief unhealthily so die due to soul tie bonds with loved one, unprepared to let go. Born- again Christians believers mourn with hope even if intimately entwined one flesh family.
Christian communities on such occasion take responsibility to teach, inform and learn of passing into heaven. The awareness of death gives more meaning to life to value and treat life with more respect and thank God for preserving those still alive. Modern technology, education, helps find different ways to tell stories as writers, visual artists, performers to bring people understanding of life beyond this world. To fully grasp the magnitude of joy of heaven so anticipate to meet families and friends again.


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