tumblr_mkwfoohLq11qg39ewo1_500In Romans 6, 7, 8:2 Christians are made free from reign of flesh. God sees lust actions misinterpreted as opportunity to relieve tension. Lust is selfishness without enduring to make appropriate fulfilment of intimacy. Lust is hidden secret action sold in adult magazines liberally as one’s right to indulge in. So self control seems like God is a kill joy. Routine habits last life time so at times spousal intimacy is neglected to self-indulge. God Who made intimacy is disgusted by such actions. The attitude one can do anything one feels to one’s body makes God really sad. In Galatians 5:24 those who belong to God as Christians are told to crucify flesh to live spiritual not carnal lives.

images (93) The Son of God Jesus Christ atoned for sin so paid hefty price for body with His precious blood. So the body is to be kept under control, not to yield to lustful thoughts and feelings. Especially feelings must be restrained in public places. If much time is spent looking at lustful images it turns on lustful thoughts. As a person thinks so is lustful emotional feelings of intense desire in body. So Holy Spirit helps to control by transforming and renewing the mind. Lust takes many form such as the lust for knowledge, the lust for sex or the lust for power. There are many images glorifying lust, selling lust advocating lust, recommending lust. The obvious question is the body belongs to God the Creator. So nobody has the right to permission to lust or the right to promote lust and encourage lust at the expense of people. The importance of lust is over-hyped and often starts in playgrounds. Young children sneak and peep as childhood fun and little harmless secret watching cartoon graphic drawings.All these influence desires, lustful thoughts, emotions and actions.Pretty it graduates to newspapers and porn magazines and adult film. Yet it is seen as selfishness as the one indulging has no qualms of other’s dignity.

Adult films and top magazine racks are full of images of lust and blatant sexuality. Some images were especially obvious without appropriate virtuous cover. The body language portrayed by the images endorse lust engaging in psychological lust of models. Most images are provocations provoking sexual expressing desire.  Lust is over-sexualized in a culture manipulating minds of people often with sense of humour undertones which makes it seem as harmless bit of fun and jokes. It is deep yet subtle but permeates life with sexual images and messages of lust.Lust is exaggerated as part of sex to fool people into thinking happiness depends on being forever sexually attractive and sexually active.

Such inordinate craving for body pleasures, passionate overmastering desires or cravings are lust. Lust has an element of power and control to abuse of others, self-abuse lust for life. An extreme or ardent enthusiasm to relish in lustful pleasures of greed to acquire more than needed. Full of  zest for constant pleasure and gratification of the flesh. Some have over-bearing lust for life so train, draw in and suck others to partake us to lust even when they refuse or don’t feel like it. Lust is packaged and sold as romantic feeling of love to deceive naive ones looking for affection in wrong places. Lust is associated with food, sale of products including food.

Often one sees, hears or reads adverts with lust language innuendos. Genuine love is not these. It is important to clarify the difference between true love and lust. Love is is not just affection with a reeling sensation and feeling impulsive; scatterbrained. Some wanting to be exclusively isolated and ostracised for just the warm  feelings of lust so take advantage of others. God is not impressed so will ask to account for use of body. Real love includes warts and all. Love is action of commitment to be selfless, humble, generous, kind and self-controlled. To live for our spouse, children, family and others. We learn to be courageous as others are inter dependent so rely on us.

So true genuine love cannot be taken for granted, although lust is seen everywhere. Lust is also greed for material things to indulge eyes and the flesh. It is an insatiable appetite for things without limit. One becomes obsessed and consumed wanting more. Particularly when they talk about lust the motivation is addiction for attention. Sanctity of love life is redefined as lust to lure people into delusion thinking it is so. Constantly focusing, condoning, engaging in eccentric lustful acts is wrong belief of really enjoying life. Encouraging people to dwell exclusively only on lust aspect of life magnifies beyond all proportions.

So becomes preoccupied into pornography by concentrating largely on physical attraction.For such individuals lust is sometimes uncontrollable and completely unreasonable. Lust can be also passion for creativity, art, skills or career beyond normal reality. Often confused with love of hard work. Lust is not love if you that obsession takes over life so one ignores health, self grooming, personal care, just making money, profit for status, 15 minute of fame. Deprives devotion to God, family, colleagues and loved ones.



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