redbloodIn Matthew 27:51, 1 Corinthians 11:23; 1 Corinthians 11:24; John 6:51; John 6:53; John 6:54; John 6:56; John 6:57; John 6:61-63; Hebrews 10:19–22; and Hebrews 10:20 since we have confidence to enter the holy place by the blood of Jesus, therefore, brethren, boldly enter into Holiest of Holies by the blood of Jesus. In verse 22, let us draw near to enter into the PRESENCE IN GOD’S SANCTUARY THRONE ROOM. As new creations sanctified and consecrated through the blood of Jesus, We QUALIFY BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST. As the temple veil ripped when Christ was crucified, it symbolised an open door policy of God extending the exclusive privilege of only high priests entering Holy of Holies.download.png

GOD EMPOWERS us TO COME DIRECTLY TO HIM. It sounds too daring and too good to be true. Because God once said people cannot come too near or too close previously in the old Testament covenant. However, the New Testament Covenant fulfilled by Christ enhanced by His Blood enables all to draw near to God Almighty like a very close personal friend. Sin separated mankind from the close personal relationship with God once enjoyed by Adam and Eve. In the ancient tabernacles only High Priest entered God’s Presence. Christ’s Sacrifice extends VIP Entry invitation to all His believers

Their original sin contamination caused a defect which God’s Holy Presence previously could not tolerate so was passed on to humanity. With forgiveness of all sins Christ restored the agape intimate loving relationship. God’s words do not return void but accomplish what God sends it to do. Recognize each other in the realization that God means ALL, including men, women and children. The mercy and grace of God is for believers to accept by faith finished work of Christ come boldly into God’s Presence. God says in Joel He will pour His Spirit upon all flesh, your Sons and Daughters will dreamGodly dreams means old men, women and young people will see visions of God, Christ, as God chooses. Like the prodigal son’s Father, God keeps His Front Door Wide open waiting to catch glimpse of prodigals coming back to their senses to return to God. To enjoy fullness of joy refreshing times in the Presence of God.God’s arms are wide open, not counting sins washed away by blood of Jesus. So instead of feeling sorry for yourself, YOU DO something about it yourself by coming closer to God. Those who Love God, accept and know God as a Genuine Loving, Caring, Father, Provider, interested in daily lives so find it easier to come nearer into God’s Presence. God is presented as autocratic, cruel, wicked, only on the lookout for faults to punish. Do not need to draw near to Almighty God as taught only priests, rabbis, prophets, pastors, ministers have exclusive access to God. Christ consecrates us to contact God like Moses and 70 elders ate, drank with God in Exodus 24:1-14 and Numbers 11:16 on Mount Sinai, saw God WHO anointed them for God’s business and lived. So God sent Christ in human form to interact to show how to live in God’s presence. Christ mixed with all sorts to prove God loves so welcomes all in HIS PRESENCE.  Religious people with the form of Godliness deny GOD’S POWER, deprive others a direct approach to God through Christ to God’s Children.

In Heaven believers live day-to-day directly in God’s Presence rejoicing in celebration eternally forever. In Hebrews 8:11, God said, everyone, from the least to the greatest, will know God. Those who receive and bear the Spirit of God are led to the Word the Son. So Christ the Son of God takes believers up to presents us to Father God. No one will teach fellow citizens, believers, family members, brothers, etc. saying know God because all shall know God in themselves, nobody will any longer teach people his Words for everyone will know God for Himself. God is saying become aware of God directly not to lean too much on others only learn of God.

So must grow up to seek God directly as God wants them to call upon Him directly too. Not to give His Glory to anyone but come to Him through blood of Christ Jesus. God’s ultimate will is we are set free in Christ as men and women to rise to our full potential to take responsibility. Rights of God’s Kingdom include supporting to win spiritual battle war. As Royal Priest and Kings of God each individual believer is more than conquerors in Christ Jesus. To lead believers to wake up from demanding pampering to become soldiers of the Cross to know God and understand themselves.God says each person young or old or new believers needs to get known actively directly by God Himself. God wants to get to know each person personally to promote them for exposure to win more souls. God has only Children, not grandchildren. A church one size does not fit all Christian believers. God understand needs through blood of Christ. Encourage spiritual growth to be kind to each other in church. Remember rapture is personal private matter. Always learning word but not bearing good fruit. Power of Cross in BLOOD of Christ and the WORD of God commands all with permission to enter HOLY of HOLIES to learn more drawing closer to  God to mature by faith.

Leaders must not be narcissistic to replace God but allow the direct contact of the flock with God. Like lolly pop lady directs traffic safely,  the sheep must follow shepherd to God through Christ. We must not prefer to be pew warmer elite senior church club member fighting where to seat in church, colour of church carpet, drinking tea. So with the things going on in the secular world , Christians must be stronger in God in Christ. So must boldly share God’s word to win souls. Instead of imposing themselves on pastors to kowtow to meet their emotional needs for sponsoring church.

Encourage, respect, honour authority, attend church not live as hermit but seek God directly in Christ. We must not neglect assembling together to worship God! Continue to give due honour to shepherd but read Bible for yourself for there is no second-hand faith. Leaders, congregation absolutely seek God together but run spiritual race individually to enter the Holy of Holies through the blood of Christ Jesus. Coming nearer God does not mean this breeds familiarity but gives a spirit of humility and reverence of God. Every loving father wants a personal intimate relationship with a child. God our Divine, Holy Father loves us mortals to come near to call His Name by faith in healthy fear of God for personal relationship with God.Snap2double hands


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