The human flesh has become object of art display, public exhibition art form, to show case ability of modern photography to capture large nude crowds. The flesh is sometimes over- hyped, over – rated, highly valued, adorned to please, celebrated, magnified by mankind almost above heavenly father God. The flesh is classified by status, various positions of power and authority. People spends days and hours grooming, feeding, entertaining flesh to indulge hearts desire. The flesh provides nourishment, health and care to live to the full as far as possible. However, the detriment of the flesh is gluttony and lack of self-control. Comfort eating instead of enduring and facing the realities of life to find solution from the Bible. The flesh is upped, made to feel like be it all and end all of life. Ironically, the flesh decays so becomes dust and is left behind on earth after demise. On the other hand, the human flesh is devalued, treated as worthless so neglected and not appreciated as God’s precious property. 

God must be taken seriously by the remnant few on the narrow way. So the world needs to understand the soul is the most precious part of the body. Though pleasures of the flesh are encouraged by the world to yield to, without self- control or discipline the remnant few have freedom in Christ. Guerilla marketing targets fleshly emotions as human rights so twists the word of God to conform to desires of the flesh. The flesh is flaunted and shown around in beauty contest competitions to celebrate the best according to man-made standards.

21763_galleryThe ultimate display of affection and personal interests are marked by body tattoos. To show off love and devotion, emotion, signs or logos to indicate a sense of belonging.Yet God did not create people to follow people but to follow God through Christ Jesus. The remnant are totally to depend on God alone not on human flesh. Such emotional attention seems more valuable to some to fit in outward predisposition to have fun than face solid realistic inward time with God.


It is important to have reliable dependable friends, loved ones, to support one another. As inter – dependent people living in the flesh on earth we belong to a community but depend on God. So by Divine connection of God remnant need to reflect more on will of God than pleasing flesh. The remnant cannot be complacent, not proactive to take great care of temple of God.

Christian believers are not to depend on the arm of the flesh or boast in the flesh. For it shows trusting in the creature than the Creator. It is true remnant are to love people seen as they do not see God but this does mean they are to adore mankind above God. It is true authentic genuine true love cannot help but love others. But should not hype flesh above God as a Christian remnants living for God.

The ultimate reconciliation love says God is an all-inclusive God with no boundaries. So in the name of God, love others so much they even share spouse, swap, threesome etc. extra love condoning sanctity of the marriage bed. Holiness is seen as strange if not indulging flesh. Some feel bold display is boost of confidence to declare unashamed of flesh. So see it as healing courage, boldly feeling proud of displaying flesh. In defending nudity, God the Creator made humans nude until sin entered and people covered up by animal skin or leaves.Some people in the jungle still wear natural birthday suits. Therefore some people’s purpose is to celebrate freedom of choice. To live or do as one pleases as it is believed one owns the body. Others strongly believe exposing oneself in the nude impresses potential partner, spouse to keep mind on them. God is bona fide owner of every person and all creation. The issue is whether it pleases God Almighty, such public display of God’s Precious Holy temple.

Especially if some are led into debauchery after hyped moment. Can wrong choices or decisions be made? Without first praying through feelings about such presentation to God. Not all feel good for such open display if abused so may hide flesh. Or allow life to get worse because feeling damage has already been done to them.Such people need confidential talking therapy to recover, not flaunting flesh. Some clothe in skimpy outfit in extremely cold weather in the name of fashion.Pretty soon some may turn freedom without boundaries into friends with benefits to hook up without restraint Soon seducing spirits take over with bestiality obsession. When consumed by fleshly lustful desires in the heat of the moment if drugs and alcohol are involved. Yet nobody stops to request God’s opinion to fulfil the flesh. After moment of indulgence it brings forth fruit that lasts a life-time with complicated consequences. The remnant cannot indulge in the works of the flesh.

When it all goes wrong, God is blamed, attacked, badmouthed, cursed, sworn at, hated in the confusion, for not intervening to stop. Yet many warnings were ignored until after before reality sets in. God is merciful, forgiving and restores the wayward righteous fallen many times if necessary to restore back to God. Those left behind bear brunt of consequences so their faith tested. Though they are left carrying effects of actions of emotional damage, can have victory in Christ Jesus Name.

No matter hurts, abuse, damage, injury to flesh, the human spirit and soul remains intact regardless. The blood of Jesus cleanses from all sin as white as snow. So one must not allow external emotional wounds inflicted upon the flesh to diminish God’s priceless creation because of such negative experiences. All such heavy burdens, contrary to Godly priceless nature, belongs to Christ to bear on the cross so nailed out-of-the-way of the remnant believer in Jesus Name.

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