True Christianity is easy and straightforward because faith is built on Christ from the cross and His resurrection as the foundation of Christian faith. Christ is the overall doctrine and central message of the Gospel of good news. God chose Christ as His Only way for Christians. God’s message is so clear and precise it is not complicated. The end – time season the world is currently is going through requires the ultimate decision and standing with God.
There is no contradiction in God for sending Christ to die to save and sanctify sinners redeemed to reconnect to God. Mankind often attempts to challenge God by own interpretation so looks for a particular thought to conform to doctrine. Some churches compel people to fixate on a particular doctrine to comply and identify with the group. This means any non- biblical error is designed by the leader based on their ideas and psychology.
Do not look for arguments upon arguments to justify doctrinal position. Do not prove own ideas without absolute truth in God’s love for all. Do not set up resources to train people to ensure doctrine is published to establish views to exclude any other sound Biblical teaching of the word of God.The responsibility is on Christians to stand firmly to fight the good faith to overcome attacks to destroy or weaken Christian faith. God is enough for all through Christ Jesus so all the other ways produced by mankind is not good enough.

Believing right is crucial to accept God’s faith to stop thinking mankind knows better than God. Human nature is controlled by sin so the victorious Holy Spirit leads into all truth to deliver and save in Jesus Name. There is no steps to follow to work through flesh moral evolution be saved except the cross of Christ Jesus for confidence and faith exclusively in Christ Jesus. It is not easy as clinging vines of sin, blood sucker evil strongholds try to distract remnant from faith. True Christianity is not thrill seeking entertainment compromise to regenerate flesh. God’s Spirit is to ask God to help us daily to walk by faith through the grace of God depending on Christ. Payment for sin by penance and works of the flesh cannot pay for sin. Despite class, status, rank, wealth, diversity, race God opened up the Supernatural miracle line through Christ Jesus as the only way for Christian believers.
God is enough for each one of us for great is our God! So God is enough through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. God is enough to meet our needs if we dwell on Him by faith for Christ reaches out in love to rescue us in Jesus Name. There is no second-hand hand me down faith in Christ. Each one has to hold directly onto God to give account each day to God.

God is excellent so creates people to be like Him. God does not require perfection in this human life but through Christ the Perfect one of God we are transformed from Glory to glory. God perfects all that concerns us in Jesus Name. God is enough so sufficient for us. If we truly focus and seek God first, all other things will be added unto us.

As one matures in Christ life becomes clearer in terms of priorities. The true believer recognises contentment, fulfilment, joy, peace, self-confidence, assurance of faith. Material blessings and possessions are good in life to enable sustenance and to pay bills. Above material blessings, price tag of crib, jet, car, shoes, clothes God’s love is priceless and unique.

Even if life does not endow one with abundance yet, one can still rejoice in God Who is enough. Remember things of this life are not useful or relevant in heaven so do not forsake, get angry or hate God for not owning things. As a person’s life does not comprise of the abundance of material possessions. So God does not measure good success by things, but by faith in Christ. So a Christian’s life does not consist In silver and gold or abundance of possessions in Luke 12: 15.

History has shown the world accumulates and wastes plenty of good things laid up for many years. From past history and present generation, material things are hyped and riches flaunted but that is not of God. Remember nothing can separate you from God’s love, absolutely nothing. So God is enough for your life no matter what you face daily or endure in the end time season of life.


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