In the book of James 1:12 in the Bible, believers receive a crown of life after redemption through the blood of Jesus in pristine, righteous, Godly Fashion garment dress code acceptable couture elegant clothes to attend Christ’s Royal Wedding to take place in heaven. God’s given design of eternal life provides righteous robes for believers who know for sure they are going into Heaven. God’s Glory Garments are the ultimate final garment to make a fashion statement in passing departure arrival in heaven. These scriptures help us see once we have received Jesus as our Saviour, we gain a righteousness. This is not a righteousness we earn but through the blood of Christ. We always need to be ready prepared for Christ’s arrival for the big wedding feast in our righteous wedding garments! Created out of the love of Christ with various shapes, circle skirts, sewn clothing patterns, pattern sewn garments, to prepare to dance in Glory in heaven to worship God in truth in Spirit.The chosen few believers among many called like Sardis which have not defiled their garments, are the small remnant of people on the narrow  way of life in the church who still are in good standing with Christ. The Christian’s clothes or garments symbolize flawless, gorgeous, beautiful, untainted, righteousness, wonderful, pure, perfect and without blemish righteousness. Christians possess garments by blood of Christ in Revelation 19:8. Literally clean, white, spotless, virtuous garment given by Christ in piety. Heaven rejoices and prepares with great love in anticipation feast of marriage of Lamb of God. Our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ is coming to return for His Bride the Church. Heaven’s banquet takes place as metaphor wedding ceremony between Christ and Bride Church. So all washed White as snow by Blood of Lamb Jesus become Heavenly people.Christ wore one piece seamless garment woven  symbolic of perfection in John 19:23. All invited to great marriage supper of Lamb in heaven are well clothed in Revelation 19:7-9. In Revelation 19:7-10, the heavenly multitudes praise God during wedding feast of Lamb the marriage supper. So the Bible talks about this marriage in Heaven where Jesus marries his bride, the Church. Revelation 19:9, Blessed are those invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb’s by invitation. God the Majesty Request the beautifully prepared Bride of Christ for marriage supper of the Lamb of God. In Jeremiah 33:11, sounds of joy, laughter, joyful voices of bridegrooms, brides will be heard again, joyous songs of God’s people.  All those who put on the garment of Christ become original bride to the Bridegroom of God. White garments are righteous acts of saints so white robe represents righteousness of God.Believers delight greatly in God because our soul rejoices in our God Who clothed us with garments of salvation and He has wrapped and arrayed us in robe of Righteousness. God never alters robe of righteousness to fit the person but alters mankind to fit God’s robe. The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he might be glorified. So garments set us apart for God by faith. In Revelation 3:18 Christ counsels to buy gold refined in fire, rich white garments, clothed from shame to become purified people walking after God’s own heart. The genuineness of faith is much more precious than gold that perishes though tested by fire one finds praise, honour and glory during revelation in heaven. Jesus says as precious metal is heated by fire so cycles of life impurities are refined to sanctify for God in Christ pure like silver or gold crowns awarded by Christ.Jesus Christ the Faithful and True Saviour and Provider has Mark of Divine Approval by ensuring nobody will worry about what to wear or say there is nothing to put on after looking into a full closet to say there is nothing to wear. The Lord Jesus Himself is our righteousness. Garments symbolize flawless, untainted righteousness. Having walked the narrow road that leads to life, they enjoy eternal reward. So join in with saints and angels after these things with great voice of much people in Heaven, saying, Alleluia, salvation, glory, honour, power unto the Lord our God. The redeemed of God will spend eternity in GOD’S Presence In Eternal City where Light and love radiates from the presence of the LORD forever for God is Good.

The rapture of the true Church of God is transformed in the twinkle of an eye into clothing in new garments of righteousness. Garments of Christ’s righteousness, and all who have this righteousness are partakers of the divine nature of God.  Those whose names appear in the book of life  entered by the Lamb’s book of life will be allowed into heaven and clothed with garments of righteousness. The appointed time for prophecy fulfilment of God leads His people in the way of a grand salvation. Finally the day comes believers really arrive in the city of God if Christ tarries to walk into God’s incredible glorious overpowering sacred temple home mansion with gold, diamond, pearl dome towering above them. Angels and nations and people too innumerable meet face to face quite exhilarating above any large joyful crowds ever seen on earth.

They quickly forget all sorrow, pain, grief left behind on earth to join joyful worship of God and celebrate Christ Jesus. Yet modern arrangements at funerals are big business with numerous costume changes by loved ones, family members. The particular fabric chosen represents status and wealth to mark memorial occasion. Worn for 1 year, black or white depending on age. Costumes are changed often during funeral and after 1 year to mark end of mourning. Garments and fabrics symbolize remembrance, love and respect for a departed person. A message of farewell is conveyed by garments, parties, food, drinks, gifts, contribution to celebrate tradition to mark ultimate absence by death. Fabric prints and garments remind us of those gone to heaven as part of sign of faith of their rest and sleep in God. Heavenly host rejoices and welcomes with greetings to usher in saints in their glorious righteous garments who are reunited with loved ones in heaven.

It is interesting the most sophisticated, most expensive, decorated, adorned human clothing the world rejoices and describes in the A list as best dressed men and women, does not match God’s garments standard. So it is by trusting in Christ’s finished work believers are clothed in the righteous garments in God’s sight. The majesty of God requires the right garments in His Presence in His Kingdom. Progress into heaven is marked by change of garment and robes. So symbolism of God’s garment implies increased glory accepted into God’s Kingdom. One is either righteous to enter in or ungodly so remains outside. Those sure of salvation are among the called chosen in 1 Thessalonian 5:1-2 so know full signs of times, seasons so need not be written to about such things.Those who feel they are not considered good enough to compare with God’s robes of righteousness must hear and know the truth to set them free in Jesus Name. No matter the price tag of glamorous clothes, God takes off old garments to put on garments of salvation. To qualify to enter heaven one must wear garment of holiness, wholeness and righteousness. The covenant of salvation is a sign between Christ and believers who belong to God so sanctified by righteousness. Together as His Glorious Church and Body, God fully reveals Himself in His Kingdom in heaven. The best biggest fashion designer is no match for God Almighty’s garments of righteousness, because it is not about what you wear but how you live your life pleasing to God in Christ.

Even some white priestly garments made with special skills by all the gifted craftsmen as commanded by God was once seen filthy by God. In Exodus 28:4, 15-21, these are the garments which they shall make breastplate, an ephod, a robe, a skilfully woven tunic, a turban, and a sash at the bottom of their garments, they have fringes on the four corners and breastplates of jewels of 12 triibes of Israel. They make holy good works yet once seen as filthy rags by God. For holiness of Christ redeems by blood so cleanses as white as snow. It is repentance in Christ which removes dirty garments and puts on God’s Holy garments of  righteousness. The resurrection life in Christ Power is revealed through believers to a sinful dying world to repent as believer gain in presence of God and Christ in heaven. God bears grief and sorrows through Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus. It unbelievable the amount of money, clothing, food, shopping, jewels, trinkets, treasures, sewing machines, personal belongings buried with people with misconception they need things to equip them on journey of eternal life in heaven. Many believe they need boats and river crossing fares, numerous changes of clothing on trip to heaven. Funerals have become a multi-million dollar industry with preparations sometimes taking years to plan. In order to finally get all people together on agreed suitable date for ceremony seems to glorify death. God makes it clear the only criterion for heaven is garment of Salvation and Righteousness, holiness virtues God judges. Awake, awake put on beautiful garments in Isaiah 52:1, your Maker God your husband the Lord has called you like a wife forsaken grievied so God partners to comfort believers who mourn with hope.

It is unbliblical for deceased to be kept in freezer for months or years costing so much. This distracts from true purpose of passing into heaven as God ordained. Some in life were never celebrated yet have the biggest funeral after party, instead of celebrating them in life. Studying the word of God helps to understand demise better to gain awareness to make informed choice on burial with 30 pieces of garments per person plus material possessions. In after – life a person has no need of earthly belongings, property, clothes, as only garments of righteousness is accepted in heaven. Christ made statement no man knows day of His return so custom of timing send off party costs thousands of dollars to prepare those asleep for send off. Loans are taken for funeral party while people in need of food and earthly garments. God equips believers to be ready always to give an answer to every man that asks a reason of the hope in Christ with meekness and fear of God. Christ promised garment of white for all over comers so keep it simple. Earthly expensive garments change of clothings are not highly valued or needed in heaven. Jesus and Lazarus left behind grave clothes in  tomb for heavenly garments of righteousness.


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