After a hard day’s work, business travel, family management duties, it is good to pamper body well. We look forward to rest, put our feet up, soak feet, cover skin with face masks with luxurious high quality favourite products for best skin care results. It feels wonderful to relax rest in God’s uniquely perfectly created body. God chooses each person’s DNA with special qualities in 7 billion+ to show His Magnificent Wonders. God’s Power of creation cannot be copied accurately, effectively to match God’s Standard. God provided manual Bible to help look after body well by Godly healthy lifestyle. If God is obeyed and manual followed, produces best result as mankind sinned to cause damage to perfect body God created by God. With good exercise, rest, sleep the body is capable of enduring environmental impact to live long according to the will of God. The natural beauty of God within is reflected and seen by others. Despite God’s natural inbuilt input blessing of mankind it seems more focus to do more by wellness centres to enhance natural beauty. A person beautiful outside, inside is a lovely person. This topic refers to over-emphasis on outer human body compared to healthy balanced view and care of physical body, and soul. 

Outward appearance seems over magnified so consumes some vulnerable people. Beauty looks indulge outward appearance of a person more than count cost if priceless value of soul. Many articles are published on improving the body system. Search for best quality variety collection rich natural raw materials continue. And all natural body nutrition boosts, recharges batteries, gives body or digestive system much-needed boost. Juice recipes promise amazing natural cleansing power for excellent ability to detoxify body. Bath products of finest high-quality ingredients refresh, rejuvenate body as sold. Proteins of highest quality help body regain endorphins, etc. making multi billion industry richer. Anti-viral and anti-microbial properties of natural fruits, pomegranate, enhance olive oil, coconut oil, etc. among others used for various needs of body, lotion to feel therapeutic. Hot water is used to strip away commercial body products s, naturally washes retained glycerins, fatty substances to protect skin minimizing essential oils soaked and blocking pores. Natural body building program reduces body fat index increases libido, passion for intimacy by companies that claim to care about and understands use of pure products and healing of the body.

Home remedies natural are part of the natural cure of the body. Beauty magazines bombard us daily with body shape to live for plus natural fruit and vegetable supplements· Natural body care products are sold to improve body, natural muscle-building supplements to gain muscle mass with or without supplements. One becomes a hero and centre of attention to pose for calendars, adult parties, stag and hen nights.People want to touch and feel sculptured chiselled six-pack macho men to adore body. Western modern metro sexual pretty man is besotted with fantasy myth sexuality image. Some choose partners on looks not appropriate Godly character.

Obsession and pressure to conform to keep body in particular size, to shape up, air brush beauty, ex-foliate entire body with natural cleansing products continue. Some constantly under pressure to look perfectly glamorous at all times encouraged to buy some natural beauty spa products. Some become morbidly obese, unable to move or care for self without regular exercise healthy eating. As weights go up and down they need sport discipline. These include natural body care, natural body care products, natural plants for natural body care, natural body, skin care, natural organic body care.

It is good to scrub dead skin cells to rejuvenate face and body for beautiful healthy glow. This is so widespread it outweighs contentment to focus on inner beauty of spiritual inward parts. Extreme self-absorbed look for external gratification, six-pack implants, eye brows waxed, make up, fake tans, tanning beds, excess gym unable to pass mirror without checking appearance. Body OCD full attention permanently on grooming, shape pedicure and manicure. Over all cost investment is worth fortunes yet never good enough and never-ending. Self esteem is boosted for a season until some part of the body seems saggy in their opinion or not perfect enough as preferred. So cosmetic industry, liposuction reduces fat in some areas, tummy and butt tucks extensions in others for perfect body. Some prefer body worship so seem to ignore God the owner creator’s body purpose. As God’s temple, the body is God’s centre of focus to dwell, celebrated for His majestic creation and beauty. God desires to express Himself through mankind in Romans 8:29. So for this purpose God created mankind in His own image, likeness in Genesis 1:26.

Mankind is the supreme crowning glory of our heavenly Father God’s creation designed to have fellowship in tune with God through Christ. So God brought mankind into the world to enjoy but respect His object purpose to live with mankind. God put in people a tender heart full of love to remember God’s handiwork body to give God the Glory.  It is essential to maintain body in best shape possible. It is not recommended to live like  trump in abject poverty not indulge self appropriately. God’s Spirit talks to the spirit mind which talks to body. This visual image shows connection of human body and soul as God connects directly to our spirit by God’s Spirit.


Born again Christian believers do take good care of body. Both believers or non-believers have life, mind and body so the soul goes to Heaven or hell. Soul is not on earth around family watching over them as mediums claim or as ancestors. God watches over all and supplies sun and rain. In the Bible a person dies once in Ecclesiastics 12:7, then the body turns to dust and returns to the earth but spirit returns to God who gave life to the person.” Jesus Himself resurrected into Heaven taught soul survives death so leaves body behind on earth. A cadaver corpse cannot speak, talk verbally in conversation, have relationship. Soul absent from body is present with God in 2 Corinthians 5:8-9, if saved or in hell if unsaved.

Souls-of-Man-Human-Person-Leaves-Where-Light-Eternal-Forever-Creation-Evolution-Explained-Life-Essense-Destination-Hell-Destroyed-Perish-Hades-Evil-Path-Up-Kingdom-Heaven-God-PathScientific museums have proof mankind’s body came from dust of ground in Bible in Ecclesiastics 12:7. The human body is made up of materials and minerals found in the earth. After demise body slowly returns to dust as flesh and skeleton takes longer to decay. The spirit soul returns to God in Heaven or hell. The spirit soul never dies so stays in heaven if born again or hell if unbeliever. The spirit soul is most priceless eternal part of life connected to God through God Spots in brain. So important, necessary to remember to maintain healthy body, spirit, soul in life. The Spirit of God operates through life breath in the spirit soul. The body is a great miracle designed by God so requires valuing, honouring to Glorify God.

The body is precious so worthy above treasures and rubies to God and Christ Jesus. It is good to celebrate and enjoy life with God at the centre and given God due Honour through the Holy Spirit. Eternal life starts from birth so never ends even after demise but returns to God in heaven or sent to hell. Spirit of God connects with human spirit and soul throughout life and beyond this earth into eternity. A soul is present with God in Heaven, so no second, or third chance rebirth reincarnation. Each life is uniquely created and taken extremely seriously by God. So after demise judgement is by God whether Christian or not. All bodies and souls go back to God as the exclusive creator owner of all human beings.

Timing of spirit soul departing in disembodiment shows leaving body as captured by Russian scientist  Konstatin Korotkov. He photographed a person at moment of death with a bioelectrographic camera. The image was taken using gas discharge visualization method, an advanced technique of Kirlian photography shown as spirit soul the leaves body gradually.

Courtesy: Russian scientist Konstantin Korotkov,


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