God’s Attributes are many titles, names and qualities. God is all present so sees the world He created and knows all about people. Just because God is not seen physically does not mean He abandoned creation.God is up in heaven but actively interested in what goes on here on earth. He wants all people to get along and be fair to each other.e He created all people so loves all people so God feels hurt when people disrespect His Omni presence and do their own things He does not like to see or hear

God understands so knows things happen so nothing surprises God. Christ was sent to warn with signs often ignored or dismissed as medieval draconian rules and rebelled against. God lovingly, patiently softly waits gently for repentance to forgive. God has compassion and mercy till set time appointed.

God knows your name, address, situations, circumstances, grief, sorrow caused by mankind against each other.  God wants people to change from wicked ways to God is good and stop blaming God for world’s evil. It is important honour God and stop treating God like a joke without due regard.

God continues to provide even His enemies with sunshine, rain, breath, food, clothing and other blessings. God watches with His eyes roaming to and for over Christian believers and His people. So there are more attributes of God and it good to know and honour God’s attributes.

People respect friends and loved ones so God likes to be treated with humility and talked to. God likes to be praised and His attributes discussed by Christian believers for His Goodness forever more everyday in appreciation and gratitude.


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