True real knowledge comes from God the source of all creation including intelligence, logical reasoning and analysis within the correct framework as God intended. According to Roman’s 1:0:28 it is important to retain God in knowledge to avoid a reprobate mind.  God protects us from self made ideas, logic, reasoning and intellect. So much knowledge abound on information highway of life. In all areas of modern life manual typing and filing cabinets are being replaced by on line automated services, answer phones, profiling of information, smart cards, accumulate information for record keeping and documentation from cradle and beyond.

real_knowledge_comes_from_god_not_computers_mousepad-rb006c17305a64a8d89118a922267ca9e_x74vi_8byvr_324New information is further attempts by mankind to control, rule and dominate others using sophisticated methods. Knowledge is power so designed and oriented to favour  only the privileged few who can afford it.  So there is always new theory considered of greater value than previous ones thereby expected to help improve the quality of  life. Pretty soon textbooks, tools or equipment, assessment centres, assessors all have to adapt, accommodate and adjust to the new theory. The question is despite all these constant changes in knowledge is God considered part of knowledge. God Almighty cannot be ignored in thoughts, actions to hope for the best.

As it all seems well for a season certainly by the merciful God Who puts up with such treatment for a season. Then another expert comes up with new theory so old goes one goes out the window. This cycle is repeated so often again in  most aspects of life. Then new knowledge is often shared again among those whom it concerns. Sometimes the whole world is affected by change so becomes involved in new trends required to keep up. Most standard matters and jobs have become analytical theoretical knowledge oriented. So requires more training, paper work processing, bureaucracy compared to hands on practical pragmatic approach blue colour work.

Embracing-the-Knowledge-of-GodSuch investments and adverts are designed to give more knowledge and information. To impress and clarify details to convince customers of content as to the best of the product displayed to convince to buy or on sale. All these leads to constant non stop purchasing as customers are told the latest is better than ever before than the previous. So this creates pressure to keep up with demand and supply. So knowledge meets external physical needs to its utmost highest level to make life comfortable and enjoyable. Yet hardly any thought is given to the most important real true knowledge above all knowledge which is personal God knowledge.

However, the most important knowledge which is very relevant above all knowledge is often relegated to background by the majority. Due to diplomacy not to cause offence or cross over knowledge often does not retain God. God is seen as ancient religious phenomena no longer directly influencing the affairs of men. Therefore excuse are made saying, one is not really religious to think about God or retain God in knowledge.

God is seen as the private monopoly of ordained ministers and pastors so kept in such domain.  However, every human being has imbibed God image and God Spirit in them. Whether God is acknowledged or not He is still God on the throne so demands His Knowledge be retained by all. Leaflets and junk mail are posted daily selling and lobbying each day for some matter at hand for information and attention.

Hardly the same attention is devoted to the seriousness of the human condition in national news, consistently urging people to earn as much as possible but not to lose the soul by gaining the whole world. Unity in strength enables people to feel secure in the choices or decisions made so reassured of doing the right thing. However, a few years later the seemingly excellent decisions at the time. God demands to be known by all as the creator and maker of all things in the universe. God demands to be taken very extremely seriously before it is too late.

God knowledge gives insight into life as God meant life to be. It further draws us closer to God so enables us to see the world from God’s perspective in line with His words.  As result, Our Lord Jesus Christ becomes our joint-heir brother as peculiar people. Knowledge of God reminds us things of the earth pass away but the love of God endures forever. Godly true knowledge and real understanding is the true wisdom guidance for living. Society encourages lack of respect for God and the world cheers on those who mock and ridicule God preferring such secular world views and opinions to true real knowledge of God.

God is patiently allowing time to help people come to their senses to change to repent before He finally strikes. He has enough of abuse, insolence, abandonment, rejection, highly overrated self aggrandizement of mankind above God Almighty Himself. Some even prefer celebrating the creature more than the Creator Almighty and are lovers of self, unthankful to God, ungrateful to God, lovers of pleasure more than Lovers of God. The fear of God means reverence, respect  Honour, consideration of God first above all in all decisions and areas of life.


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