God so loved the world especially you that He gave hid beloved Son to come to earth to save you in Jesus Name. God watches personally over you to ensure He keeps in touch with you so respond to God ‘s Love and personalise God in your life.


It is good to love God fellowship with others in Church. In the process it is important to personalise God and become involved directly through Christ Jesus. One starts by inviting Christ sent specifically to save you. Say salvation prayer and add your name in John 3:16. Learn to worship God and talk to Jesus and Holy Spirit daily.

Call upon God yourself with the help and support of others to bear you up in prayer of agreement. God values your prayers and loves to hear your voice which is a sweet sweet sound in God’s ears. Christ has time for you so come just as you are to tell God all your griefs, sorrows and troubles. God cares deeply about you.

Intercede for yourself, your pastor and church, the children and youth, your neighbourhood, community and nations, others including your enemies. Continue in prayer faithfully and do not try to second guess God. Do not make God your shopping list provider so if you do not get what you want.

Learn to hear God’s Voice through His words and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Pick out verses that speak into your heart and not down relevant bible texts that deal with any issues you are facing. Trust God as the righteous walk by faith not by sight. God uses people to bless your life so thank them but give all Glory to God.

Continue to live and walk in repentance bought by the blood of Jesus Christ. Although the devil attacks you and taunts you with guilty thoughts and feelings. Remember the truth of God stand because there is now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. God’s grace is sufficient to carry you through

Invite the Holy Spirit to empower you strengthen to teach you to understand the word of God better. Listen, write down God’s words, gut feelings of living water flowing out of your belly. Check word of God in line with thoughts, feelings, pray for God’s wisdom.

Even if you are physically alone by yourself you are never alone for the father God is always with you. So continue in faith, confident that God is watching over you with the heavenly hosts of heaven and angels. With God all things are possible. This life is for a season so do the best you can and leave the rest to God your Rest.


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