Listen to God’s word from the Bible essential to walking with God. Loved ones, friend’s voice encourages us. So God wants Christian believers to pay attention to His voice in the midst of chaos in life. Sound Godly knowledge helps to understand life priorities.
Knowledge of God Almighty through Christ leads us to know and God better everyday. Giving reverence to God means loving father God so recognising source of all authority and power acknowledged by all. God’s Spirit directs Christian believer’s spirit through God spot ultra remote control in the brain located by neuro- scientists.
Knowledge of God is crucial to focus the mind on God and make wiser choices and decisions. Knowledge of God is not like a parrot repeating by heart but rather a relationship iin the Spirit tuning into God’s Spirit.
The Christian life is an upward journey daily looking up to God yet firmly rooted and grounded in Christ on earth. It is necessary to realise and understand life is created and owned by God so must be thanked for it. The one whose mind is stayed on God is at peace because the words of God are replayed to help calm the mind down and reassure the Spirit God is in control.  Knowing the word of God is a protective shield that covers the Christian believer’s Spirit and soul. God’s word brings generational blessings for a 1000 years.

This means a closer relationship with God and a deeper friendship beyond human understanding. God is approachable through the Name of Jesus Christ. The Bible says come boldly into God’s Presence through the blood of Jesus Christ.  To be in church is important but the motive is God first at the Centre of worship.

God says judgement will start in House of God as Bride of Christ. Believers need to continue to examine own conscience. To allow Holy Spirit to teach and lead them into all truth. The church can hurt people so look up to God, love people, bless them. Be conscious of God’s power blessings in your life, do not lean on your own understanding. Remember Deuteronomy 8:16-18 says, God gives power to get wealth, so remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth to confirm His covenant sworn to your fathers. Remember God gives ability to enjoy wealth and riches without any sorrow in Proverbs 10:12. Be the best at work but remember to be humble to give due credit, honour to God who blessed gave you talents and abilities.The world needs God now more than ever before, so hold onto God, despite mockers ridiculing God all around. Material things will all pass away as totally useless in heaven do not gain whole world to lose your soul. Many toil with stress, pressure all their lives to fulfil desires of the world only to leave it all behind. So know God’s truth to save you. Do not allow those who rebel against God to influence you to overrule your spirit. God lets those who reject Him get away with reprobate mind with strong delusion and spiritual blindness because they have already condemned themselves if the do not repent. God corrects those He love not to perish with the corrupt minds. Above all, retain God in knowledge to listen to the Holy Spirit’s direction for your life in Jesus Name. Listen to God’s Spirit within you and let God reign in you. Eternal life is above the secular world’s shenanigans which do not last forever so listen to God.

Listen to God because God will take back power of control from the devil over world to let Christ Jesus reign forever. So it is important to belong to God in Christ’s camp ready for God’s take over. Life is beautiful, fun and wonderful but eternal life is greater and more crucial than this world.


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