In Luke 5:1-6 Jesus told Simon Peter to launch into the deep after toiling for so long without good result. When resources have been exhausted and all previously done with every effort put into project or business it is time to call upon God. There is joy in own strength acquiring chased dream, happiness of accomplishment. Other instances need God’s help through Christ to have good success. So broken heart, disappointment was turned into moment of great blessings overflowing to bless and enrich others.

This is when the presence of the Lord makes all the difference. As usual Simon Peter had an excuse as to why he thought there was no point in even trying any more after such a waste of times. In the middle of lack of success despite hard work, Christ shows up to redeem the day. So saves them from lack, worry, anxiety, fear about how to feed themselves and loved ones. The financial shame and embarrassment was removed with the living word of Christ the creator owner of the sea and all fishes in the ocean.

Even when I feels it too late or drifted too far for good success God is able supernaturally and miraculously step in to rescue you and save the day. Similarly in life God requires us to step outside the box of comfort zone by faith trusting Him all will be well in Jesus Name. It is astounding the command to launch out into the deep, brings about tremendous change beyond all expectation.  They had to call others to help with their boats as they did not launch and let down nets as Christ commanded.

God’s vision, plans and thoughts are so high it requires extra pairs of Divine connections to fulfil dream God puts it in the heart of people on board to help fulfil God’s destiny. Through others God makes it possible to be the blessing to help others. So God deliberately blesses beyond own’s person needs or those of loved ones to bless and enrich others globally to God’s Glory and testimony. As seasoned fishermen, although they already knew the so sea well, they still had listen to Christ’s Voice to completely achieve a good outcome.

After having toiled in their own strength for so long they became weary and not so focused. Simon as impulsive and doubtful as usual did not believe or trust even Christ to make it possible in filling nets so cast just one net. As the just live by faith physically, emotionally and spiritual, natural circumstances so do allow situations to cause doubt. God always proves Himself as His words never return void but perform and accomplish that for which it is sent. God sees the end from the beginning so knows exactly all we need before we ask in Jesus Name.


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