Do not kill yourself for nobody’s attack on your life! The bully’s are jealous and envious of you! They are the insecure low sums of the earth who thrive on putting others down. They distract attention from their diminutive low self-esteem. So try to make themselves feel better by latching onto indefensible vulnerable victims. They are loud, aggressive, from peer pressure gangs and force others into their reckless abusive ways. Separating children too early to play by on own unsupervised away from adults must be dealt with. It influences and impacts children to look up to each other more than up to adults. So soon bonding and attachment to peers means adults are perceived as too busy, not interested to know or care about them. Misconception of adults by children make children at times suffer in silence.Children who experience bullying know the consequence as it gets worse if reported to teachers or significant others in charge. As they are threatened and bully takes dinner, lunch or pocket-money. Good apples never save rot decay bad ones. Some bullies target particular children for being too bright teacher’s pet or has disability. Disruptive classmates often have underlying problems unrecognised or beyond capability of schools to deal with. So children are hurting, because they cannot read properly. Dyslexic children are ridiculed, mocked, called thick heads, dunce, insulted as lazy. The official reading age of 7 years is too late to learn properly. Sensitive tender-hearted, gentle, soft and mild children with a heart of saint are mocked and ridiculed by reckless, vicious, morons who do not know any better. Those who admit they cannot handle ruthless children alone so need help are put in special measures.

The children are often statemented, schools monitored by education service. Pressure on schools to study elitist reputable subjects like double science to perform, force subjects on incapable stressed children. Some teachers and children kill themselves over unrealistic pressure to perform to match league tables. Under privileged Schools deprived by the privileged are named and shamed for under performing compared to rich private school. Funding grant puts pressurize to stake on subjects without parent’s consent. As result teachers are heavily weighed under pressure in such chaotic conditions imposed on them. So children under imposed stress project problems on others by bullying to feel better and powerful. Bullies have parents who are bullies so extend cruelty, lack of compassion to bully children. Until someone stand up to bully to bully them to change. Or deal appropriately with them to understand bullying costs lives!Instead of being realistic to allow flexible time-table to enhance best talent in children, compelled them to study unfamiliar compulsory subjects that stress them. Usually, if a school does not do well it loses funding so such children are moved on each year to maintain the façade.  Teachers are assessed and promoted on performance so do whatever is necessary to push such children through school. So often problems are swept under the carpet with children churned to become bullies in the society. They run gangs to force children to hide guns for them. Bullies end up making bullies in work places as unintelligent people causing problems in society. Damage by bullies parents affect schools. Drama and comedy, suicide website encourage and trivialize death as easy way out option but it is not true as God will judge you.

Basic respect and human rights of others as equal beings are not understood by bullies. They pick on people different from them seen as threats. They feel those from certain classes and diverse backgrounds are not similar or conducive to their perceived image and status. So pick on such unfortunate innocent victims at the wrong place at the wrong time. Such victims are bullied verbally by name calling, emotionally by threats, physically beaten, raped, murdered. Some bullies viciously pick on innocent, studious hard-working ones with great future. Despite moving house or schools some children continue to experience bullying until they can take no more.










So victims feeling helpless, attacked on-line, twitter, face book, Skype, phones, whats up, texts resort to suicide. Bullies are getting younger due to unfiltered imagery Coupled with evil wicked images absorbed from sims, second life, horror films, games, racism undertones and subtle propaganda bully have no conscience. Some schools do not want to be labelled an incompetent problem school so do not openly admit problem. Some smile and laugh as they taunt their victims of not able to take a bit of a joke. Meanwhile if the worm turns for the shoe to be on the other foot so the bullies get a bitter taste of their own medicine, they cry wolf. Such is the magnitude of bullying because it is complex.

Dr Phil recently conducted an experiment based on behaviour of children in a school. Setting up a 2 way mirror, the children were advised to behave well while teachers watched from a safe distance. Pretty soon a 4-year-old bully pulled toys from others, did not share, bashed some children on head with toys, pulled hairs of others. It was recorded to teach parents the children’s behaviour.  The next day parents were invited so asked to express opinion on children’s interactive behaviour with others. The bully’s mother praised her child on how kind and gentle her son is. And that others picked on him for his gentle nature so he went home the previous day crying about being bullied. So the mother comforted him so-called and reported bullying to the school that day.

After parent’s spoke on how wonderful their precious little angels were, Dr. Phil showed them video’s of their saints. The 4-year-old mother could not believed believe her eyes so lost for words. She was flabbergasted, shocked and horrified her son was actually the bully terrorising the class all these years. Other parents could not believe that bullying side of their innocent children. Some parents attack teachers for daring to discipline or correct their children. Their children’s version of events and stories are different from what truly happens, for fear of punishment. So fester and bully others in school condoned by parents, yet not excluded  from school so contained in special detention coolers.

Some breakfast club and latch key children are bullied, recruited, coerced to become bullies. The bullying problem gets worse before and after school in the vicinity as officially directly under teachers only legally during school hours. Others pursue and attack on school buses and post code attacks started from school undealt with. So it is necessary to realise the extent and seriousness of bullying.  Nobody was born a bully so it is a learned behaviour pattern that can be unlearned. Children as young as 6 months must be  to taught to share and be considerate of others. Do not leave them to own devices but train them deliberately saying no at times to help them understand life better.

An open approach is required to help bully change to better ways by handling bullying transparently. Leaflets, glossy magazines, glamorous data statistics and campaigns to prove to public solving bullying problem does not necessarily stop bully. Such effort reassures parents to continue to send children to a failing school to avoid closure from bad name. Cosmetic educational measures put in place help for a short time then children picked on again after the dust settles so children bullied continue to suffer in silence until take own life.  Be careful not to attack school since you never know if child is bully crying wolf. There is an answer and solution to all problems in life even if it’s not by your way.

The greatest revenge is live, have better high self-esteem, learn karate self-defence classes, assertiveness. Get help to be emotionally strong, firm, respond appropriately and overcome bully by not fuelling abuse with fear. Ignore at first for 1 week and do not entertain with response reaction to give negative attention. After that seek urgent help from parents, teachers, pastoral counsellors, mentors, life coaches. Some children threaten teachers their parents will fire them if they dare report or discipline them. It is in the interest of every parent and citizen to deal with bully before the grow up into monsters terrorising the society. Each parent must remain deeply connected intensely with children. After dinner, settle down and talk to them away from phone, TV, computer about life in school daily.

Naming, blaming and shaming bully as cause of death does not justify reason to take priceless precious life. Social Media puts people in a position to be bullied, where people can say whatever they want just not to your face but on-line too. The bully who mocks, ridicules, provokes, prompts, taunts, threatens and spurs you on to kill your self if traced is fined $25,000 plus 10 years sentence reduced to 5 years due to congestion in prison. Some bullies do not recognise or aware their untoward actions constitute bullying until confronted and challenged. So do not lose or waste your precious life over an ignorant moron who does not even know or remember hurtful words said, text, twit, message posted to you. A Christian believer’s life belongs exclusively to God. Seek help and get support to overcome stress and pressure. Jesus said cast all your burdens upon Him for His yoke is easy and His burden Light. Restart your life and live your dreams!.










Taking life means God’s judgement brought faster on your life in torment in hell fire worse than the bullying pain for a moment in life. There is help available instead of escapism suicide killing of self  not an option. Do not give bully upper hand to kill yourself. Remember life in a school or workplace is for short season. Get help, move on, live a happy life! Live!!! with the of agony aunts, mentors, and teachers or parents and become so successful the bully will beg you one day to forgive and ask you to employ them! Make the great and beautiful talents in your life happen!!! Do not allow distractions of bullies and envious jealous haters destroy your life. Invite the Holy Spirit into your life to comfort you, help you overcome adversaries and frenemies. God Loves you deeply, Jesus Cares and your family loves you!


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