fear-godGod on halloween days sees the claim to celebrate death but greatest death story is Christ killed. Golgotha skull mountain Calvary Garden Tomb Christ was buried in resurrected on third day. Remember in Israel Christ suffered so died in agony in pain for sins of all mankind. Jesus has freely given His life as ransom for many so accept Hesus and be saved eternally.Jerusalem Golgotha in Aramaic is skull rock place Christ was crucified on Cross to save all in Matthew 27:33 in the Bible.He was whipped, slapped, spat on, hurt by thorn crown beaten, stripes of Christ wounded, tortured, chastised, punished, crucified for sin saves your punishment.Religious-Horror-Show-LogoChrist has the Exclusive Right to Save all to Atone for sin to Redeem you to return you to God saved you from punishment and killing by sword of God to eternity.images (48)The best halloween storyline is Christ’s real life horror punishment from God to all those who reject Jesus as their Lord.images (65)Halloween mocking death is the devil’s attempt to imitate Christ in vain. People join to mock God unaware its distorted version of hallowed night remembering departed saints in heaven by churches.revelation-9-locusts-apollyon-abaddon-woeReal death is NOT fancy costume parties when the wrath of God is unleashed on the earth. People beg death to kill them in vain from wrath punishment of God through Jesus wrath coming onto earth.images (2)Those rejecting Christ will end up in the hell real death place called due to God’s anger by judgement for rejecting Jesus.boiling_oilTake advantage of opportunity to repent today now and fear God before it is too late. World events cause death, plagues, volcanoes, earthquakes, mudslides, wild fires, tsunamis, war part of God’s wrath.strong-delusionGod said in Romans 1 HE allows strong delusion of permissive will of mankind. Escape this strong delusions of captivity of bondage to sin fear God accept Christ.

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holy_bible_text_11021“What does it mean to fear God?”

Fear God means respect and honour God by believing HIS words. The fear of God is the beggining of wisdom so fear the judgment of God and eternal death separation from God in Bible Luke 12:5; Hebrews 10:31. For believers the fear of God is reverence of God. Hebrews 12:28-29 is good description “Since we receive a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful worship God in acceptable way with awe for ’God is a consuming fire.’” Reverence and awe is fear of God means for Christians. This is motivating factor to surrender to God as Creator of Universe. Proverbs 1:7 says, “The fear of the LORD is a beginning of knowledge.” To understand God develop reverential fear of HIS true wisdom. This wisdom comes from understanding who God is, HE is holy, just, righteous. Deuteronomy 10:12, 20-21 says, “The LORD your God ask you to fear the LORD your God and walk in all HIS ways love HIM and serve the LORD your God with all your heart, and all your soul. Fear the LORD your God, serve him. Hold fast to HIM and take your oaths in HIS name. HE is your praise; HE  is your God who performs for you great the awesome wonders you see with your own eyes.” Fear of God is the basis for walking in HIS way serving Him and loving Him. Some define fear of God as believers to “respect” HIM yes respect is definitely included in concept of fearing God but more than that. Awe is biblical fear of God for the believer it includes understanding how much God hates sin and fear of HIS judgments of sin in the life of thebbelievers. Hebrews 12:5-11 describes God’s discipline of the believer done in love in Hebrews 12:6, it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Children fear discipline of parents that prevent evil actions. The same is true in relationship to God. We fear HIS discipline and seek to live our lives in ways that please HIM. Believers are scared of God. We have no reason to be scared of Him. We have HIS promise nothing can separate us from HIS LOVE in Romans 8:38-39. Jesus promised He will not leave or forsake us in Hebrews 13:5. Fear of God means have reverence for HIM with greatest impact on ways to live our lives. Fear of God is the greatest respect of obeying Him to submit to HIS discipline, and worship HIM in awe.


tumblr_mkwfoohLq11qg39ewo1_500In Romans 6, 7, 8:2 Christians are made free from reign of flesh. God sees lust actions misinterpreted as opportunity to relieve tension. Lust is selfishness without enduring to make appropriate fulfilment of intimacy. Lust is hidden secret action sold in adult magazines liberally as one’s right to indulge in. So self control seems like God is a kill joy. Routine habits last a life time so at times the spousal intimacy is neglected to self-indulge. God made intimacy is disgusted by such actions. A proud egoist attitude of one can do anything one feels to do to with the body makes God sad. Galatians 5:24 says the body belong to God and so Christians told to crucify the flesh to live holy spiritual lives not carnal lives.images (93) The Son of God Jesus Christ atoned for sin so paid hefty price for body with His precious blood. The body is to be kept under control, not to yield to the lustful thoughts or feelings. Especially feelings to be restrained in public places before others. Time is spent looking at a lustful image turns into lustful thought actions. As a person thinks so is he so the lustful emotional feelings of intense desires of the flesh. The Holy Spirit helps some to control their thoughts by transforming and renewing their minds. Lust takes many form such as lust for knowledge, the lust for sex or lust for power. Many images promote lust by selling lust and advocate or recommend lust as human right. The obvious fact is a body belongs to God the Creator nobody has the right or permission to sell lust, promote lust encouraged at expense of people. Such excessive lust over-hyped often starts in playgrounds. Young children sneak and peep at cartoon images as childhood fun and their little harmless secret watching sexual position of drawings. Influencers sell lust desires, lust thoughts, emotions and actions. Pretty soon the newspapers and porn magazine or adult films make money at the expense of selfishness that is indulged with no qualms of other’s dignity. Lust drives people to abuse and take advantage of vulnerable people.Adult films and top magazine racks full of images of lust and blatant sexuality, so images without appropriate virtuous cover. The body language portrayed by images endorse lustful thoughts, seeds,  engaged in by lust models. Most images provoke sexual expression desire of lust over-sexualized in culture manipulating minds of people. Often done with sense of humour undertones which makes it seem as a harmless bit of fun and jokes. It is a deep yet subtle but permeates life with sexual images and messages of lust.Lust is exaggerated as part of sex to fool people into thinking that happiness depends on sexual lust seductive abuse. In extreme cases lust drove some people to kill their spouse and children spurred on by their conniving evil jealous lover accomplices to self destruct. Jealous of a spouse they blackmail men to destroy a family they can’t stand if they can’t have the man solely to themselves. They ruin their family lives so accountable to God.Inordinate craving for fleshly pleasures, or passions, desires of lust. Lust has an element of power and control used to abuse others by whipping who self-abuse lust for life. An extreme or ardent enthusiasm to relish in lustful pleasures of greed to acquire more than needed. Full of  zest for constant pleasure and gratification of the flesh. Some have over-bearing lust for life so train, draw in and suck others to partake us to lust even when they refuse or don’t feel like it. Lust is packaged and sold as romantic feeling of love to deceive naive ones looking for affection in wrong places. Lust is associated with food, sale of products including food. Often one sees, and hears or reads the adverts with lust languages or innuendos. Genuine love is not these. It is important to know and clarify difference between true love and lust. Love is a genuine caring affection not reeling sensation, feeling impulsive scatterbrained. Some want the exclusive isolated ostracised lust pussy whipping  so are taken advantage of by the spouse and others. God is not impressed so will ask an account for abuse of anybody. Real love includes warts and all beyond pettiness. Love action is commitment to be selfless, humble, generous, kind and self-controlled. Living with the spouse, children, family, others helps to learn to be courageous to rely interdependently.True genuine love valued is appreciated not taken for granted. Lust everywhere advertised by greed for material things indulges eyes and flesh. Its an insatiable appetite for sex without restraint limits, becomes obsessed consumed with lust so wants more. Particularly when talks of lust motivate addiction for attention using a love bombing narcissists abuse. Sanctity of love life is destroyed by lust luring people into a delusional thinking. It is constant focus condoning, engaging in eccentric lustful acts by wrong belief thinks its “enjoying” life. Encouraging people exclusively on lustful aspects of life is beyond responsibility, duty, care. Lust for life is preoccupied pornography concentrating on the physical attraction. Such individuals have uncontrolled and often unreasonable behaviour patterns destructive to themselves and others if not dealt with. Can be sexual predators abusing people so charming charismatic passionate for creativity in arts, skills or careerz. Confuse lust as power to abuse  people looking for a genuine hard work. Lust after employees blackmailed and bullied if they don’t have their way to molest them so obsessed take over their life not to be ignored. Some groom the young naive victims posing as father figures of vulnerable girls and boys. It  is “personal touch” care, making money, profit for status and 15 minutes of fame. Deprives them of genuine love devotion to God, family, colleagues or loved ones.Sadly it always ends up in tears and in a destructive way damaging the person or groups abusing others. During the time of abuse seems like fun so getting away with it hurting those who trust them. It’s a judgement of error because people see and hear things leaked to others hoping for intervention. Lustful networks have addictive personalities indulging in the secret abuse think they are above the law that exposes them. Victims coerced into sexual acts laced with date drugs or alcohol numb to senses feel a repulsive reaction to abuse feel helpless not taken seriously or listened to “ask for it” being in their company accepting their gifts. It is reason vulnerable people don’t bother to complain of abuse as too ashamed or embarrassed called the trouble makers  crying wolf after mutual sex of consent want extortion money gain from lust. Biblical says overcome masturbation or lust thought actions offensive to God.masturbation bible1 Corinthians 7:5-9 says “masturbation” is selfish sin avoiding fulfilling spouse’s need for intimacy. Bible says don’t hold back from each other without agreeing to abstain for prayer or health grounds. By masturbation to fulfil lust a spouse is not needed or is deprived because you don’t need them for sexual intercourse. 

Christians can’t ignore topic in churches or community circles filled with people silently struggling with sin embarrassed to seek help they they could find. If you are struggling with masturbation or no clue why this is a temptation for people but is confided in get advice to help this five practical pointers helping Christian overcome sin of masturbation.

1. Bible Condemns Masturbation

The word “masturbation” not found in Scripture but lust of sin, focus on lustful thoughts or intentions are self-pleasure forbidden as sexual acts sinful. In Bible boundaries remain to the married in 1 Corinthians 7:5 says, “Don’t deprive one  another unless consents to devote time to prayer. Come together again so satan will not tempt you because of lack of self-control.” To single 1 Corinthians 7:9 says, “If you cannot control yourself do marry, it is better to marry than to burn with passion.”A sexual activity physical with includes your spouse masturbation indirectly condemned is selfish lust that is not condoned. Paul says if a married person perform sexual act from spouse you have fallen to satan’s temptation by lack of self-control. If single but perform sexual act as you don’t have spouse Paul says you need to control yourself from  indulging in sex for marriage alone. So masturbation done from spouse, Bible categorizes sin can’t stop masturbating if you not convinced it is sinful. The first step in stopping this sin be convinced it is the Bible God who condemns this act.

2. Don’t Use Mental Tactic: Justify Sin

The act of masturbation starts in the mind. If you’ve never heard bible logic expressed subconsciously masturbation is sin. To get around this, people use odd arguments in their heads to justify why they are indulging in self-pleasure.the oneSingle people learn to masturbate while “thinking about nothing,” feel no lust in mind making self-pleasure okay. People justify masturbation by stating it helps to not commit worse sexual sins looking at porn or premarital sex. Married men feel if they are thinking about their wife to masturbate it is alright in God’s eyes. There are countless arguments to try to to justify masturbation. But in the eyes of God, sin is sin. Keep it simple to obey God at face-value in your conscience the Spirit’s leads by the Bible’s instructions.

3. Looking Ahead For God’s Reward

To overcome temptation needs to resist evil to pursue what is good. As Romans 12:21 says, “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” If single and desire to overcome masturbation, you have to firmly believe self-control and self-sacrifice will result in greater pleasure in the future. You must learn to not only resist the temptation but to pursue pleasure of pleasing God. And so masturbation lessens your delight in sex once you get married. Once you resist sexual temptation a greater your sexual experiences with your future spouse is best. The more you resist sin the greater your experience of God is closer daily.

4. Don’t Emphasize TOO MUCH SEX 

Are you more tempted to masturbate late at night? Stop staying up so late. Do watch R-rated movies to plant seeds of sexual sin in you to feed a sinful nature. Stop watching those types of movies or going to the beach or gym cause you to see the opposite sex in scanty clothing? Don’t go to these places then. Identify any triggers and cut them out. Fighting masturbation is a spiritual battle, but do n’t underestimate practical stuff either.

5. Remember Who You Are in Christ

The process of sanctification is tied to willingness to embrace effect gospel has had on life. As Christians made into new creation with desires you please God in 2 Corinthians 5:14-2. Spend the rest of life learning to embrace a new identify and reject your old nature. If you want to overcome temptation to masturbate, you must trust your Bible not feelings. Preach the truth to yourself, “I’m a new creation in Christ. I don’t want to sin like this. I want to please God now.” The more deeply you believe that you are a new person who craves purity rather than promiscuity, the more your actions will begin to change. If a Christian, you are a new creation. Now you just need to believe it and live from this truth.

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redbloodIn Matthew 27:51, 1 Corinthians 11:23; 1 Corinthians 11:24; John 6:51; John 6:53; John 6:54; John 6:56; John 6:57; John 6:61-63; Hebrews 10:19–22; and Hebrews 10:20 since we have confidence to enter the holy place by the blood of Jesus, therefore, brethren, boldly enter into Holiest of Holies by the blood of Jesus. In verse 22, let us draw near to enter into the PRESENCE IN GOD’S SANCTUARY THRONE ROOM. As new creations sanctified and consecrated through the blood of Jesus, We QUALIFY BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST. As the temple veil ripped when Christ was crucified, it symbolised an open door policy of God extending the exclusive privilege of only high priests entering Holy of Holies.download.png

GOD EMPOWERS us TO COME DIRECTLY TO HIM. It sounds too daring and too good to be true. Because God once said people cannot come too near or too close previously in the old Testament covenant. However, the New Testament Covenant fulfilled by Christ enhanced by His Blood enables all to draw near to God Almighty like a very close personal friend. Sin separated mankind from the close personal relationship with God once enjoyed by Adam and Eve. In the ancient tabernacles only High Priest entered God’s Presence. Christ’s Sacrifice extends VIP Entry invitation to all His believers

Their original sin contamination caused a defect which God’s Holy Presence previously could not tolerate so was passed on to humanity. With forgiveness of all sins Christ restored the agape intimate loving relationship. God’s words do not return void but accomplish what God sends it to do. Recognize each other in the realization that God means ALL, including men, women and children. The mercy and grace of God is for believers to accept by faith finished work of Christ come boldly into God’s Presence. God says in Joel He will pour His Spirit upon all flesh, your Sons and Daughters will dreamGodly dreams means old men, women and young people will see visions of God, Christ, as God chooses. Like the prodigal son’s Father, God keeps His Front Door Wide open waiting to catch glimpse of prodigals coming back to their senses to return to God. To enjoy fullness of joy refreshing times in the Presence of God.God’s arms are wide open, not counting sins washed away by blood of Jesus. So instead of feeling sorry for yourself, YOU DO something about it yourself by coming closer to God. Those who Love God, accept and know God as a Genuine Loving, Caring, Father, Provider, interested in daily lives so find it easier to come nearer into God’s Presence. God is presented as autocratic, cruel, wicked, only on the lookout for faults to punish. Do not need to draw near to Almighty God as taught only priests, rabbis, prophets, pastors, ministers have exclusive access to God. Christ consecrates us to contact God like Moses and 70 elders ate, drank with God in Exodus 24:1-14 and Numbers 11:16 on Mount Sinai, saw God WHO anointed them for God’s business and lived. So God sent Christ in human form to interact to show how to live in God’s presence. Christ mixed with all sorts to prove God loves so welcomes all in HIS PRESENCE.  Religious people with the form of Godliness deny GOD’S POWER, deprive others a direct approach to God through Christ to God’s Children.

In Heaven believers live day-to-day directly in God’s Presence rejoicing in celebration eternally forever. In Hebrews 8:11, God said, everyone, from the least to the greatest, will know God. Those who receive and bear the Spirit of God are led to the Word the Son. So Christ the Son of God takes believers up to presents us to Father God. No one will teach fellow citizens, believers, family members, brothers, etc. saying know God because all shall know God in themselves, nobody will any longer teach people his Words for everyone will know God for Himself. God is saying become aware of God directly not to lean too much on others only learn of God.

So must grow up to seek God directly as God wants them to call upon Him directly too. Not to give His Glory to anyone but come to Him through blood of Christ Jesus. God’s ultimate will is we are set free in Christ as men and women to rise to our full potential to take responsibility. Rights of God’s Kingdom include supporting to win spiritual battle war. As Royal Priest and Kings of God each individual believer is more than conquerors in Christ Jesus. To lead believers to wake up from demanding pampering to become soldiers of the Cross to know God and understand themselves.God says each person young or old or new believers needs to get known actively directly by God Himself. God wants to get to know each person personally to promote them for exposure to win more souls. God has only Children, not grandchildren. A church one size does not fit all Christian believers. God understand needs through blood of Christ. Encourage spiritual growth to be kind to each other in church. Remember rapture is personal private matter. Always learning word but not bearing good fruit. Power of Cross in BLOOD of Christ and the WORD of God commands all with permission to enter HOLY of HOLIES to learn more drawing closer to  God to mature by faith.

Leaders must not be narcissistic to replace God but allow the direct contact of the flock with God. Like lolly pop lady directs traffic safely,  the sheep must follow shepherd to God through Christ. We must not prefer to be pew warmer elite senior church club member fighting where to seat in church, colour of church carpet, drinking tea. So with the things going on in the secular world , Christians must be stronger in God in Christ. So must boldly share God’s word to win souls. Instead of imposing themselves on pastors to kowtow to meet their emotional needs for sponsoring church.

Encourage, respect, honour authority, attend church not live as hermit but seek God directly in Christ. We must not neglect assembling together to worship God! Continue to give due honour to shepherd but read Bible for yourself for there is no second-hand faith. Leaders, congregation absolutely seek God together but run spiritual race individually to enter the Holy of Holies through the blood of Christ Jesus. Coming nearer God does not mean this breeds familiarity but gives a spirit of humility and reverence of God. Every loving father wants a personal intimate relationship with a child. God our Divine, Holy Father loves us mortals to come near to call His Name by faith in healthy fear of God for personal relationship with God.Snap2double hands


Does the Church of God of Love know it is their duty of care to helps meet needs of members? The greatest need is to be supportive and make it possible to help meet needs of the family. God Almighty Creator of marriage helps meet needs of families but uses people to help meet all needs according to HIS riches in glory in Christ Jesus in Philippians 4:19. Prayers for healthy marriage key to community, so it imperative to help meet needs of ill spouse by visits and gifts. To ensure life of biblical accountability must be done in team for transparency. People need encouragement, help and strength from others. Marriage needs must be taught in advance to guide natural changes of progression of growing through years of dating, marriage, settling down. A home to be successful requires the input from spouses working as team on same page.After marriage pressure is on couples to produce child whether financially able or not becomes conversation topics and questions. Family increase from couple to include child care involves particular changes taking place. Those keen and so interested to demand child from couple may not necessarily be available to help provide childcare when needed. Change by conception, child care requirements,  important to receive help to meet needs of spouse. Focus shifts on the expectant mother celebrated, support can make a man feel ignored. Conception smoothly progress without difficulty is wonderful time to welcome new-born in a family. Nurturing baby by child bearing mother is intensive so care is initially by mother but she needs support and extra help.The truth is conception affects women’s feeling, emotion, moods, sacrifices need to be highly respected. The spouse must remember a child’s comes first to meet needs in a relationship both must treat child as a gift from God. It takes a whole village to raise child but the immediate person influence nurtures baby directly with mother. Pregnancy progress mean hormones change mother has morning sickness feels sick, natural body scent of man nauseating repellent smell. Change causes women to reject man’s intimacy so need to understand and help, woman loves him but hormones affect response in time of pregnancy. wp-1577084627152.jpgPregnancy may feel better or needs care in extreme cases. A woman moves into spareroom if bedroom masculine odour for hormones hard to deal with the man to help spouse. Deep intimacy affections during pregnancy after birth changes so talk and discuss not feel resentful, sulk feel left out on sofa without a cosy body warmth of wife in those moments. Men may resent a baby taking their place in the heart of spouse but babies need the extra attention, time, support of spouse. Wife tossturns body discomfort, pain of pregnancy body swelling. Threat of miscarriage reason suspend intimacy awhile. Time to apply God’s love or hugs not drift apart the man must help meet demands at odd hours to satisfy needs. 20190903_082952.jpgSome new mothers feel ashamed that its hard to admit difficulties to seek help so hide their feelings. Spouses learning to adjust to baby must come to terms to get help with practical reality lovelife and marriage. Shocking changes happen to relationships unpredictable, unforeseen prepare for safe delivery to avoid stress. The spouse is exhausted but relieved its all over so spouse may look forward to restore intimacy in marriage. Only to be disappointed and let down by maternal instincts of spouse kicking in. A spouse’ attention fully switched to baby shocks spouse waiting for reunion of intimacy.The man feels invincible feels is a baby maker machine but happy to be father. Can cause rifts in relationships if spouse becomes too deeply engrossed with only the needs of the baby more than with a spouse. Trusted relatives, friends, help to support and give respite care to the couple helps the relationship. Current circumstances of society means such an important is difficult for some mothers emotionally connected to baby carried 9 months becomes part of her body. Bond means her attention shifts first to caring for helpless baby dependent on mother.Do not further isolate spouse who feels ostracised by immature men by jealousy of attention given to the new-born baby. Remember their own mothers once did the same to nurture them. It is crucial to in the home to get help with if laundry, dishes pile up, cleaning home, shopping food, washing powder, soap, toilet rolls kitchen, tissues, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, sanitary products, nappies, diapers plus essential priorities to be done. Baby’s arrival create disorganised home different from a couple’s lifestyle. Pressure mounts to keep it all together. The spouse is sore, bloated not in mood for love, unappreciated, misunderstood, stressed by spouse to regain body starts exercise  to regain pre-conception shape of happy, strong best self feeling better.Some immature men in a stereotypical relationship accuse spouse of not being good housekeeper, not cooking on time, not up to date with duties and roles. But a good supportive spouse will step in to love, support her more to ensure life is renegotiated to be involved in a father. To do things differently but remember make room for each other. In Christian marriage, God is first, a couple second  and children in third place but the baby cared for takes over a home. Remember despite stress run a household based on requirements of family. Keep discipline not maternal instinct taking over a baby needs disciple routine life. Spouse must support gently not resent new routines. Possible for men and women with child to fully understand strong bond of baby and the mother’s needs. Mother travels miles away maternal antennae instincts and gut feelings kick in fixated on baby left at home. Mother knows the baby is in safe hands but cannot still switch off emotionally. Spouse operates on baby a auto-pilot deeply connected to the baby  more. Help agree to centre conversation first on baby but discuss adapting to the changes in relationship. A mother talks about baby love to make spouse aware but persistent exclusive focus on a baby damaging marriage without realising it.Difficult traumatic pregnancy feel more attached than the usual long-suffering spouse. Lack of affection for intimacy is a year if spouse not in shape or mood for intimacy weighed down by stress of baby’s needs. If man frustrated not fully involved as hands on father in cultures children are women’s job men are not included. Remember to meet needs man requires affectionately. Some men are pressured to look for relieve elsewhere in fresh undamaged girlfriend mistress. Forget causing changes to spouse’ body. Not get new wife or abuse young girls to wife not necessarily solves problems of the moment in context. Bible says love in same way Jesus loved us by willing to have quality time to help meet needs.Spouse endeavour to adjust to changes as believers, young wives need support, advice from more experienced wives in Titus 2:4. The older women to train the younger women to love their husbands and their children. Teach young women to be sober, love their husbands, to love their children. The dynamics of change in marriage is intense so requires extra input. It wise to receive help not feeling incompetent by not being superwoman. It is wise couples do not burn bridges in dating and marriage same people meets up aisle same people meet way down. In bonding with children include a spouse for good domino effect. Children grow up, leave home couple some women experience empty nest syndrome feels nothing to live for but be active family.Dating as couple to focus on each other neccesary for each other’s attention for intimately means bonding and cleaving again. Children become the third-party involved through transitional changes of  relationship. Before the conception couple think they fully know what to do before child-birth. After childbirth they realise relationship needs love review to coping with infants. The co-operative spouse build up the marriage important to adapt to life as normal as possible. Its after birth of children you need God to help spouses meet needs. In a masculine society. Bible says Holy Spirit dwells in body holy temple intimacy, be realistic, honour body in relationship understand spouse as an excellent partner. Support spouse to mend rift quickly not to drift  apart not cope with changes. Childcare issue affects families, often wives pay a heavy price with career profession. Feel abandoned by spouse for caring for sick child, juggling jobs, career, mortgage, or caring for elderly parents. Baby needs do cost money for basic necessities. If disability issue involves childcare man carries on with promotions in career.Some on vendetta refuse to pay sick the child’s support with new partner ignore first family contributes to relationship breakdown. Extreme scenario is not to focus on intimacy cementing factor as it changes by a woman’s libido after birth. Help meet means spouses’ needs discuss children entrusted to parents, stewards lead own lives. Couple relate with adult family members on new level not alone. Submit to spouse in a relationship God created as gift from God created to fill needs in life in Christ. Marriage is good because he who finds a wife finds good thing to make spouse and family happy. Children well raised feel important and spouse respects family at the centre of focus. Children discover the world does need hardwork as parent’s made teach them to do. They make friends, respect adults expect people encountered treat them well home. Help meet need guides child to respect spouse right from birth. Continue to seek God’s face as Bible tells us to meditate on His Words night and day in Joshua 1:8. Encourage spouse for doing well talk respectfully in private to share feelings with each other feel more confident reassured not alone. God help guarantee love so light is at the end of longest darkest tunnel you will rejoice.God’s words say teach, obey, submit and honour adults so itw’ll be well with you, children disciplined respect authority in daily family decision. Seek God’s advice not reality TV drama secular textbook’s view on marriage. Seek commitment for life’s journey long haul till death part by God’s Grace to Help Meet Needs. Storms of changes in marriage brings a family closer together and vacations can help. Check with GP, doctors a spouse is not experiencing a postpartum depression. Support her with love, understanding, pamper with treats. Speak affirmation words in front of mirror use brightlight, vibrant atmosphere, and play favourite music, eat healthy meals, no junk food chemicals cause depression, no coffee after 6pm. Affects deep refreshing sleep repairing body to keep in good health. Spoil yourself with hotbaths, rose petal, live life like first found love in your life. Positive words build up do not put each other down ask LORD God to Heal You. Share testimony with the world. Forgive each other, do not live in bitterness, feel better. Let God deal with all hurts under cross of Christ beyond you to deal with its impact others in Christ. For chronic illness designate teams to visit regularly, pray with family, provide practical help with their shopping, laundry, cooking, cleaning hospital attendance. Just do it do not ask do you want help it sounds like an excuse not to help. People under stress of illness in pain do not let many people know exactly how deep they feel about caring. They do not want to seem complaining so just get on with it. This is time to show true Christians love and just support the family throughout.

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Freedom is assumed to mean liberty to feel free to do as one pleases without restraint or constraint. This mindset has seeped into Christianity so people feel God can be served according to how they feel, think, like or prefer. In real life if there are no rules to guide or direct us there will be chaos. It is simply not a good idea to lean onto own understanding to do own thing. A mind clouded by obsession passion does not think straight. Own judgement is flawed by focusing on negative ideas or actions God sent the Holy Spirit to help you. It is imposible to think life has good success without God. Superficially, is outwardly OK, but beneath confusion and turmoil. God knows life is meaningless without Christ or a sound Biblical foundation. A true Christian life is sweet tasting faith tasted and seen as God is good. To fully understand God means know His Word. Don’t let those permissive wills granted by those who didn’t create your protype human Patent Rightfully Made by God dictate life to you. They will not help you deal with consequences permissive grant you. Freedom seems right to you as favour done to endorse some popular actions. Contradicts God’s law but seems approval given makes it alright to act as those laws endorse and permits you.      20190816_115315.jpgThere is freedom that seem right to you as favour done to endorse some popular actions. Although contradicts God’s law seems approval given makes it alright to act as the law endorses and permits it. Do not choose freedom based on choice without understanding what God say in the first place. Ezekiel 3:33 or 33:3 says help people know God’s position on all matters. Fully obey God’s commands do not practice pick and mix Christianity. It is interesting those in need of freedom in Christ reject wisdom and knowledge of God. Yet believe or trust man – made gurus, self-proclaimed secular experts or authorities, psychologies that hurt or destroy. They try in vain to debunk God using secular human ideas. God does not allow recklessness by freedom.        20190816_121922.jpgThink about it for a minute. How do most people in the world interpret word  “freedom?” Isn’t it described by most as ability to do what they want, when they want, and with whomever they want? For many, this “freedom” is chasing after dangerous risky things. Do not look for wholesome “good, clean” kind of fun, want to “cut loose, drink to excess, mix with raucous crowd. Such freedom is not considered consequences of those actions its really not freedom at all. Choosing to live in in such manner leads to slavery sin bound chain sin nature! In Galatians 5: 13-14, 19-23, Apostle Paul speaks of another kind of freedom which offers reward of  higher value than things of this world. This is what Paul said to Christians in Galatians 5, and to all of us today:-

“You, my brothers, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge in sinful nature; but serve one another in love. The entire law for God’s people is in single command Love God with your whole body, mind and soul and ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ ” 

In Galatians 5:19-23 Paul says, Freedom to indulge selfishly, misleads others for lust, so the flesh is gratified at the expense of others. One tells sweet nothings, promise the moon, lead on until fed up, dumps, moves on to hurt others. Real True Love thinks impact, of emotional trauma, deep hurt injury caused to other Children of God. Freedom means one is set free indeed from bondage of sin in Jesus Name. To live for God, serve God, win souls, show compassion to all.

Courtesy: True Light on Freedom


God holds the whole world in His Hands because He Created space, universe, people, all creatures, seas and all things. The Exclusive Patented Creator, Owner, God Holds all Title Deeds to all souls, Property and Assets. God is Absolutely in charge of life so it is an abomination to God for His Beloved Children to seek to see future through others, horoscope fortune telling, palm reading. Or seek witchdoctors to cast spells, medium or to practice spiritism. The Bible says do  not waste time trying on that which is simply not true. No magic, charm, spell has power to help except the POWER of Living God in Christ Jesus Name. In the Bible in Genesis to Revelation, Almighty God creator of heaven, earth demands absolute loyalty in end- time season in history. God instructs people to focus on exclusive monogamous relationship to serve HIM alone. Not true  planets made by God knows anyone so trust in God your Creator Maker  not zodiac symbols planets, sun, moon, stars to sin against God. Put confidence, trust God’s ideas in Christ. God does not agree with all such interpretation of planets not in Bible.AgedLameBlackpanther-size_restricted.gifGod-and-WisdomIn Leviticus 19:31, God warns not to go to mediums withdoctors, necromancers to make yourself unclean by them: I am the LORD your God. Leviticus “20:6 “If you turn to mediums, necromancers, whoring after them, I will set my face against the person and cut him off from among his people. In Leviticus 20:27 “A man or woman who is a medium, witch or a necromancer, witchdoctor shall surely be put to death with stones and their blood on them.” In Deuteronomy 4:19 And beware lest you raise your eyes to heaven, and when you see the sun and the moon and stars, all the host of heaven, to be drawn away to bow down to or serve them. Do not serve things your God has allotted to all people under the whole heaven. Do not deal with wizards, omens, mediums, necromancy charm, amulets, talismans, beads, tokens, objects, superstition, or serve sky, sun, moon and stars or palm reading fortune telling. Deuteronomy 17:2-5 “God said a man or woman who does evil in sight of LORD transgressed His covenant. Serving gods or worship sun, moon or host of heaven HE forbids belief and worship God in Christ alone. 15630358529596876910149874064613.jpgGod says listen diligently to truth in Jesus Name. Deuteronomy 18: 10-14  says “When in land the LORD GOD gave you do not follow abominable practice of other nations. Do not burn son, daughter as offering to God seek  charmer, medium, necromancer or inquire of dead, things abominations to God. Deuteronomy 18: 20-22 The prophet who speaks in MY name not commanded to speak, or use name of other gods that prophet shall die.’ If you say, ‘How may we know the Lord spoke?’ when a prophet speaks in name of God word comes to pass if not prophet spoke lies. I Kings 19, Prophet Elijah proves God’s POWER GREATLY to defeat baal worship challenged faith of followers of Yahweh and baal. Elijah stood before crowd and said, “How long to worship Baal or Jehovah? You cannot serve both. If baal is god serve it. God is Consuming Fire Answered by Fire He is God.” Elijah took on priest of baal on Mt. Carmel single-handedly 450 prophets of false Caananite god baal defeated. The LORD HE is God worshippers to Honour HIM than baal. Jezebel wants to destroy Elijah, fled to Negev wilderness desert taken alive to heaven in God’s chariot. ImageIn 2 Kings 21:6. Manasseh burned his son as an offering and used fortune-telling and omens and dealt with mediums and with necromancers. He did evil in the sight of the Lord, provoking him to anger yet God forgave and extended his life 15 years. In 1 Chronicles 10:13-14 Saul was unfaithful to God, for his transgressed and committed sin against God. He did not keep word of God, went against word of God. Kept not word, consulted medium for counsel who had familiar spirit to enquire for guidance. Saul died for breach of faith in God so do not join in such acts. He broke faith with the Lord in that he did not keep the command of the Lord, and also consulted a medium, seeking guidance. He did not seek guidance from the Lord. The Lord put him to death and turned the kingdom over to David the son of Jesse. In Isaiah 8:19, inquiring mediums, necromancers who chirp and mutter,” in not inquiring of God but dead on behalf of living? IMG-20190628-WA0003-1.jpgIn Isaiah 47:13-14, wearied with many counsels so let them stand forth saved. Those who divide heavens, gaze at stars, at new moon make known what shall come upon others are like stubble. Fire consumes so not delivered from power of flame! In Ezekiel 13:3-10 Thus says the Lord God, Woe to the foolish prophets who follow their own spirit, and have seen nothing! Your prophets have been like jackals among ruins, O Israel. You have not gone up into the breaches, or built up a wall for house of Israel, that it might stand in battle in the day of the Lord. They have seen false visions and lying divinations. They say, ‘Declares the Lord,’ when God has not sent them, and they expect him to fulfil their word. Fear God do not negative read self-indulgent behaviour.

jesus-1-3It is often aggressively advertised on TV, phones, newspapers etc. So told if wants to buy monthly or yearly horoscope content script pay small Fee using your mobile phone. In Daniel 2:27 Daniel answered the king and said, “No wise men, enchanters, magicians, or astrologers can show to the king the mystery that the king has asked, except by Spirit of Living God. In Micah 5:12 God says He will cut off sorceries from your hand, and you shall have no more tellers of fortunes. In Acts 16-19 while going for prayer met by slave girl who had spirit of divination and brought her owners much gain by fortune-telling.She followed Paul and us, crying out, “These men are servants of the Most High God, who proclaim to you the way of salvation.” And this she kept doing for many days. Paul, having become greatly annoyed, turned and said to the spirit, “I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her.” It came out that hour. When her owners saw gain was gone, they seized Paul and Silas and dragged them to marketplace before rulers. God’s Spirit defeats evil spirits but Pharaoh hates to let go. Paul encountered soothsayer who recognised God’s Power in Paul follows them around for days. This is a spirit of divination monitoring spirits used by her masters to predict and tell fortune as business by her masters to be paid. In Acts 19:18-20 believers confessed Christ divulge practices of magic arts brought books and burned them in sight of all. They counted value and found its fifty thousand pieces of silver. The word of Lord continued to increase and prevail mightily. In Galatians 5:20-21 Idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies, avoid things like these. God warns all those who do such things will not inherit kingdom of God. 15632845166136994354567183668109.jpgIn John 4:1 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test spirit to see if from God, for false prophets have gone out into the world. Trust in God’s word to guide you. In Revelation 21:8 The cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in lake that burns with fire and sulphur, which is the second death.” In Revelation 22:15, Outside are dogs, sorcerers, sexually immoral, murderers idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood. Satan performs lying sign wonders. Since Genesis in Bible the devil spoke to Adam and Eve to deceive them. In Exodus 7:9-12; 8:7, 17-19; Deuteronomy 13:1-5; Matthew 24:24; Mark 13:22; 2 Thessalonian 2:9; Revelation 13:13-14, 1 Samuel 28 and 1 Chronicles 10:13, 14 mediums messages satan’s evil angels. Tarot cards, ouija board cannot speak or communicate. The concept is the occult spirit behind images links to a demonic possession. God’s Christian believers not to use evil spiritual sources. The wise person hears and increase in learning, as person of understanding acquire the wise counsel from God as in Proverbs 1:5. No matter how real or accurate the specific information given by occult medium, it is not Holy Spirit of God. Most people know what is best or right thing to do but choose to ask others to make decision for them. To blame when it all goes wrong. So shift responsibility, blame on others. Pray and ask Holy Spirit to help you in all choices and decisions in Christ Jesus Name.





charming-jesus-tattoo-on-upper-armIsaiah 49:16 in Bible says God engraved HIS Children in Palm of HIS Hands. This means you are special to God and Loved Highly Beloved, Valued, Known as God’s permanent possession and HIS Friend. God’s Written or Tattooed your name so is not turning HIS back on you because God LOVES you deeply. God is over the moon in love with us HE has our names engraved and tattooed on Palm of HIS  Hands. God constantly sees the names of His Children by anthropomorphismGod-has-not-forgotten-youJesus friends tattoo Christ painstakingly meticulously on their body helps spread their love of God. Popular art of Jesus is really beautiful taken on by long hours of people enduring pain to put Jesus on their body to celebrate Jesus Christ. It is amazing these details of Christian Bible message highly accurately depict Jesus Saviour Jesus Christ and God’s angels. It is good to see Christian Gospel message this way boldly displayed on their bodybest-jesus-tribal-tattooThis is how some people feel strongly to share these Gospel message good news impact on their lives boldly with others in the world. Many wonderful designs tell love of God to bring Gospel message. A picture speaks thousand words details portrays  art forms representing Gospel. God uses symbol token images to teach lessons and give instruction from Bible. Same principle followed by many relate God in meaningful message of Gospel of Jesus and LOVE of God for HIS people.text-layer3.jpgPeople demonstrate a romantic love and affection with the tattoos of each other’s names on body to profess love boldly and publicly to show affection to their highly beloved ones. As the relationship lasts their tattoos remains throughout their lives deeply in love. Some people get married with tattoos on their body. In addition, to wedding rings, get wife’s name tattooed on his arm or vice versa seen as a symbolic token of Love. Visual art graphic design is the fastest form of sharing messages on God/Pin Interest.isiash-49-16Tattoos global art forms among younger generations include art competitions by studios specialist decorating people. So  tattooists meet to celebrate tattoos. On the other hand the trouble with tattoo is it cannot erase easily when you change your mind. It is complicated married to spouse with ex-partner’s name, picture symbol, mark as a constant reminder of past rather prefers not to remember. So people spend rest of life entrenched by tattoo they got younger. So embarrasing to carry explicit tattoo image contrary to a matured wiser person they became. It is the same way Jesus Lives with Scars of His Crucifixion for His Body Sacrificeisaiah_49_16_by_houkangishiJesus has marks on His Hands and Feet reveals His Unique Calling for salvation of mankind. God notes marks on Jesus who gave His Life freely as a ransom for many. No pain no gain is what Jesus did so it cost Jesus to save lives. People live with scars or marks not avoided to save their lives. God Sees Jesus’ Hand as HIS Constant Reminder Redemptive images of Divine Exchange for sin covered by faith by the Blood of Jesus. God forgives and disconnects to deactivates past soul ties. Outwardly different has a genuine true inner refined personality symbol of past wild crazy days display not state of mind new stage in life. Understand God looks at inwards parts of heart repented of past sin. Trust God living righteously experience reality God’s new creationAccording to the Bible God gave laws on marking ou making cutting patterns of any kind of incisions on the body. This is because body marks are associated with specific ritual cult to identify members. Its point of contact made using specially concocted secret items rub inside body incission. Fetish priest pronouncements libation to seal deal of commit person to ancestors spiritual guardians invoked to protect cult members. They are given a list of taboos and totems to observe to belong to the secret cult. They asked to eat certain good to avoid some meats or events depending on cult. Can be direct invitation into spiritual world and blind witchcraft unawares by participants. In the moment of life Jesus Comes to Save, Deliver, Heal Translate from kingdom of darkness into Kingdom of HIS Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ we are set free. image005From God’s point of view human beings HE created are HIS Personal Patented Property engraved in the Palm of HIS Hands. The Jealous God does not want fresco of idols or idolatory rival marks on His Own Beloved Children. So warns against it in Leviticus 19 : 27-29 states, “Do not cut or mark your bodies for the dead put piercings or a tattoo mark on yourselves I AM LORD God ALMIGHTY.” Your body is God’s Temple dwelt in by Holy Spirit. Tattoo is logo advert images God does not approve it is not pleasing to God but loves people. Tattoos marks body in past for identification without a written record family tree, photograph or DNA. Tattoos served purpose before era of accurate record keeping emerged.The-Crucifiction Whatever reasons for a tattoo God does not reject people for marks put on skins. Secular society against God has freedom for political correctness by the leaders in countries to do as they like. God told Adam and Eve not to eat from tree of life devil permission did so. Although devil didn’t create, own Adam, Eve or tree. Its a sin symbol mark DNA world initiated in sin covenant relationship. A person in secret society tattoo members. Remnant Christian believer worship by God symbol of the Good Shepherd Jesus Gospel. Body art Tattoos Glorifies God in body temple worship symbol Christian Church. People saved born again bear a Mark of Jesus Christ on their body too.2-Jesus-Shepherd-tattooSome forbid it based on Leviticus 19:28 tattoos God’s Bible Christian principle. God Wisely forbids it as some signs are apostasy of shedding human blood DNA solidarity to person marked belonging to shrine or groove. Tattoos, piercings used to mark slaves belonging to owner of property. Branding common process of burning mark on stock animal’s hide of cattle identify ownership. Branding important aspects of large, small, retail businesses. The effective brand strategy gives major edge to competitive markets spiritually used to mark God’s children. The symbols and images tattooed often are not pleasing to God Almighty. So a Christian remnant on the few narrow way of God must decide whether they should please God or their peers. So the Bible teaches God forbids tattoos and other cosmetic body piercings. So this passage indicates tattoo is forbidden for true genuine Christian believers. God allows permissive will to grant any one who strongly feels they wish to do so. A parent may not agree with obnoxious decisions by a child so does God loves them. Without cortex make rebellious decision, get tattoos while young, regret it years after maturity God loves all.God created people perfectly so does not need extra help to improve an authentic original design God owns the Christian believer’s body. God feels some pledge double allegiance to God and mammon pagan idols. Christianity mixed heathen fetish mark tattoos act desecration and vandalism of Holy God’s Temple. So God wants to keep body as naturally perfect as possible for God. So God warns not to serve 2 masters to but to serve God only exclusively. The world condones tattoos as freedom of choice to live life as one pleases. People’s personal control over body as a Christian remnant belongs to God. It does not matter flesh as the soul as long as the heart is right with God. So flesh will be changed transformed into Glorious heavenly body those in Christ.things-the-bible-forbids-tattoosThe Christian believer set apart for God so belongs to God. Christ Jesus bought believers by His shed blood to redeem them from any images that gives access to spiritual connections not of the living God. God created people perfectly does not need them to help God improve his authentic original design as God owns Christian believer’s body. God knows a person in detail so counted number of hair follicles on their head. In the age of political correctness some deliberately conceal tattoos to gain employment. So after securing job reveals it to provoke, defiant accuses company of undisclosed ploy compensation for ‘discrimination.’ Why gain whole world to lose your soul God firmly marked HIS Hands for you. faedbc856fd060ce7b250d388fd7d840God knows the body so intimately so no need to advertise the body before God recognises His Own Beloved Children. Tattoos are big business sold as one best good way openly display love, affection, to take stand for cause. Christ sees using God’s body mobile bill board adverts, some took risks and even lost lives in process. Jesus said what comes out of inward inner, spirit soul, filled by Holy Spirit is what defines a person or makes holy. Man looks on the outward side but God looks on inner – heart. Spirit soul in Christ in God in tattooed etc. perfectly is giving Glory to God. Others think defiles original and authentic natural external outward beauty although the flesh pays price in pain, suffering. Salvation is in name of Jesus Christ not works of flesh. It is a controversial subject tattoo lovers feel they are attacked. Puritan believers feel they must literally abide by Bible.2ecbc4b61f9c841a9224866363acb78eSome keep tattoos of good memory but others deeply regret years tattoo if sad, lost affection removed after divorce. Or cannot remove it although moved on in relationship. Bornagain Christian follow and Obey God’s laws and rules. So Good News is actions in life brings awareness to full God Knowledge understanding of word of God forgiven by God. God chose remnant not based on appearance, flesh but pure clean Godly heart. So believers rest in the finished work of Christ Jesus at Calvary Cross. Believe, receive, accept Christ is enough God does not need DNA blood sacrifice to enhance HIS PERFECT SACRIFICE Jesus for salvation. Some do not allow tattoos in businesses others do not be wise, discreet places hide from a public view. Avoid controversy tattoos debates between opposing sides. Angels are also depicted in some of the tattoos.artist--Artem_Pelipenko--Back_tattoo_0191347787881Believers with previous tattoo before salvation did not knowing the Bible and God’s laws are forgiven by Christ and washed clean as white as snow. Good news is flesh and blood does not inherit heaven so flesh discarded on earth after demise not used in heaven. So God gives heavenly garment of righteousness. God prefers true Christian believers to keep body as sacred holy Temple to dwell in. God does not want to share His Glorious Home body with idol symbols. So create impressive happy body God’s attention is expressed. Know to find job in certain strict dress code environments. God will not stop bornagain believer into heaven for tattoos if repents. Christ has heaven  righteous garments for heavenly Joyful glorious worship so flesh is discarded.top-cool-back-christian-tattoosPeople made to feel they must always give something to feel good or worthy of God’s Love. The concept seeped in belief and faith in God made to feel they help to ensure contribution to God’s works in their flesh. To qualify or deserve God’s mercy and grace, Christ paid for sins by His own BLOOD SACRIFICE excruciating crucifixion of His Body. So all believers perfectly sanctified repent are cleansed by the blood of Jesus, no other ransom or declaration of flesh necessary proof. According to Ephesians 1:7 Acts 17:11, 20:28; Romans 3:25 redemption through Ultimate Priceless Highest Price Jesus is more than enough to redeem us. So not your own but bought by Jesus. Belong to our Awesome God we serve in Christ!


The human flesh becomes objects of art display, public exhibition art forms, to show case modern photography ability to capture large nude crowds. The flesh is over-hyped, over – rated, over- valued, to please people. Celebrated, magnified by mankind almost above God heavenly father. The flesh is classified by status, various wealthy positions of power and authority. People spends days and hours grooming, feeding, entertaining flesh to indulge their heart’s desires. The flesh provided nourishment, health and care to live to a full extent as far as possible. However, detriment to flesh is gluttony by lack of self-control. Comfort eating instead of enduring and facing realities of life to find solution from the Bible. The flesh is upped, made to feel like, be it all and end all of life. Ironically, the flesh decays to become dust left behind on earth after demise. So human flesh is devalued, treated worthless neglected unappreciated but human body is God’s most precious, priceless, property asset. God is taken seriously by a remnant few on the narrow way. The world needs to understand the soul is most precious part of the body. Alhough pleasures of the flesh promoted by the world to yield without self- control discipline remnant few have freedom in Christ. The guerilla marketing targets flesh emotion ‘human right’ twists the word of God to conform to desires of the flesh. So flesh flaunted and shown around in the beauty contest competitions to celebrate best according to human made standards of beauty.21763_galleryThe ultimate displays of affection and to express personal interests is marked by body tattoos. To show off love life and devotions, emotions, signs or logos to indicate sense of belonging. Yet God did not create people to follow people but to follow God in Christ Jesus. The remnant totally to depend on God alone not on human flesh. Emotional attention seems more valuable to some to fit in outward predisposition to have fun than to face solid realistic inward times with God.imagesItis important in life to have a reliable dependable friends, loved ones and to support one another. Inter – dependent people living in flesh on earth belong to community but depends on God. Divine connection to God sustains the remnant reflecting more on the will of God than pleasing flesh. These remnant cannot be complacent, not proactive so take great care of their body as the Temple of God.Christian believers are not to depend on the arm of the flesh or boast in the flesh. For it shows trust in the creature not the Creator. Its true remnants love people and God but this does mean they are to adore mankind above God. A real true authentic genuine love helps others but love is not hyped by the flesh above God as a Christian remnant living for God.Ultimate reconciliation love of God is an all-inclusive God with no boundaries. In the ‘name of God’ love others and share spouse, swap, threesome etc. extra love condoning sanctity of the marriage bed. Holiness seems strange if not indulging flesh. Some feel bold display boost their confidence declare unashamed of flesh. See it as healing courage, boldly feeling proud of displaying flesh. In defending nudity, God Creator made humans nude but sin entered, God covered Adam and Eve with animal fur skin after leaves.Some people in jungle still wear natural birthday suits. Some people’s purpose is to celebrate freedom of choice. To live to do as one pleases as it is believed one owns the body. Others believe exposing oneself in nude impress partner, spouse to keep mind on them. God is bona fide owner of every person and all creation. The issue is does it please God Almighty of public display of God’s Precious Holy temple. If it leads to debauchery hyped orgies of the wrong choices or decisions made? Without first praying about their feeling of misrepresentation of God. Not all feel good to openly display the body so hide their flesh. Or if life gets worse by a damage done to them. People need confidential talking therapy to recover, not flaunting flesh. Clad in skimpy outfit cold weather bold fashion celebrations?Some turn a freedom without boundary into friends with benefits and hook up without restraint if seducing spirits take over bestiality obsession. Consumed by the fleshly lustful desires in the heat of moment if drugs and alcohol involved. Nobody stops to request if God’s opinion fulfill flesh. After moment of indulgence brings forth fruit lasting a life-time with complicated human consequences. The remnant of God cannot indulge in such works of the flesh. If goes wrong, God is blamed, attacked, badmouthed, cursed, sworn at, hated in the confusion, for not intervening to stop. Yet warning ignored until after reality set in. God is merciful, forgiving, restores a wayward righteous fallen many times necessary to return to God. Those left behind bear brunt of consequences of faith tested. They deal with effects, actions, emotional damage, for victory in Christ Jesus Name. Hurts, abuse, damage, injury to flesh or human spirit, soul remains intact. The blood of Jesus cleans all sin as white as snow. So one must not allow external emotional wounds inflicted on flesh to diminish God’s priceless creation by the negative experiences. Lay down a heavy burden contrary to God. Priceless body belongs to Christ on His Cross nailed out-of-the-way of remnant believer in Jesus Name.


Jehovah God is more than enough to all Christian believers in Christ. Even if life is not easy and straightforward faith is built on Christ, cross, His resurrection is foundation of Christian faith. Christ is overall doctrine central message of the Gospel of good news. God chose Christ as His Only way for Christians. God’s message is clear, precise uncomplicated. End – time season world going through requires ultimate decision by standing firm with God. There is no contradiction in God for sending Christ to die to save, sanctify sinners redeemed to reconnect to God. Mankind attempts to challenge God by own interpretation looking for a thoughts to conform to own doctrine. Some churches compel people to fixate on doctrine to comply and identify with a group. Non- biblical error designed by leader based psychology uses argument to justify the human doctrinal position. Do not prove ideas as absolute truth in God’s love for all. Set up own resources to train people to ensure their doctrine is published to establish views to exclude other sound Biblical teaching of the word of God. The responsibility is on Christians to stand firmly to fight the good faith to overcome such agendas to attack, destroy, weaken Christian faith. God is enough for all in Christ Jesus so such other ways produced by mankind to control others is never good enough. Believing right is crucial to accept Godly faith to stop thinking mankind knows better than God. Human nature controls by sin a victorious Holy Spirit leads into all truth to deliver, save in Jesus Name. No steps follows the works of the flesh moral evolution saves except the cross of Christ Jesus. Confidence and faith in Christ Jesus is not easy if clinging vines of sin, blood sucker evil strongholds try to distract remnant from faith in Christ.True Christianity is not a thrill seeking entertainment compromise regenerated flesh. God’s Spirit help us daily to walk by faith through grace of God in Christ. Payment for sin by penance and works of the flesh cannot pay for sin. Despite any class, status, rank, wealth, diversity, race God opens up Supernatural miracle line in Christ Jesus as the only way for Christian believers. So God is more than enough for each one of us for great is our God! So God is enought by faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. God is enough to meet our needs as we dwell in Him by faith. Christ reached out in love rescued us in Jesus Name. No second-hand faith in Christ so each holds on directly to God to give account each day to God.God excellently creates people in Christ like HIMSELF. God does not require perfection in human life but in Christ we are made Perfect by God. So we are transformed from Glory to glory as God perfects all that concerns us in Jesus Name. God is enough is sufficient for us. If we truly focus and seek God first, all other things will be added unto us. As one matures in Christ life becomes clearer in terms of priorities. The true believer recognises a true contentment, fulfilment, joy, peace, self-confidence, assurance of faith. Material blessings and possessions good in life enables our sustenance to pay bills. Above material blessings, price tag of crib, jet, car, shoes, clothes God’s love is priceless and unique. Even if life does not endow one with all abundance yet, one can still rejoice in for God is more than enough.History Remember things of this life are not useful or relevant in heaven so do not forsake, get angry or hate God for not owning things. As a person’s life does not comprise of abundance of material possessions. God does not measure good success by things, but by faith in Christ. Christian’s life does not consist in silver and gold or abundance of possessions in as Jesus said to remind us in Luke 12:15. History shows that the world accumulates too much wasting plenty of good things laid up for many years. Past history, present generation, material things are hyped and riches flaunted but is not of God. Remember nothing can separate us from God’s love, absolutely nothing. God is more than enough in your life no matter what you face daily or endure in the end time season of a life time have an absolute confidence in God in Christ.


In the book of James 1:12 in the Bible, believers receive a crown of life after redemption through the blood of Jesus in pristine, righteous, Godly Fashion garment dress code acceptable couture elegant clothes to attend Christ’s Royal Wedding to take place in heaven. God’s given design of eternal life provides righteous robes for believers who know for sure they are going into Heaven. God’s Glory Garments are the ultimate final garment to make a fashion statement in passing departure arrival in heaven. These scriptures help us see once we have received Jesus as our Saviour, we gain a righteousness. This is not a righteousness we earn but through the blood of Christ. We always need to be ready prepared for Christ’s arrival for the big wedding feast in our righteous wedding garments! Created out of the love of Christ with various shapes, circle skirts, sewn clothing patterns, pattern sewn garments, to prepare to dance in Glory in heaven to worship God in truth in Spirit.The chosen few believers among many called like Sardis which have not defiled their garments, are the small remnant of people on the narrow  way of life in the church who still are in good standing with Christ. The Christian’s clothes or garments symbolize flawless, gorgeous, beautiful, untainted, righteousness, wonderful, pure, perfect and without blemish righteousness. Christians possess garments by blood of Christ in Revelation 19:8. Literally clean, white, spotless, virtuous garment given by Christ in piety. Heaven rejoices and prepares with great love in anticipation feast of marriage of Lamb of God. Our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ is coming to return for His Bride the Church. Heaven’s banquet takes place as metaphor wedding ceremony between Christ and Bride Church. So all washed White as snow by Blood of Lamb Jesus become Heavenly people.Christ wore one piece seamless garment woven  symbolic of perfection in John 19:23. All invited to great marriage supper of Lamb in heaven are well clothed in Revelation 19:7-9. In Revelation 19:7-10, the heavenly multitudes praise God during wedding feast of Lamb the marriage supper. So the Bible talks about this marriage in Heaven where Jesus marries his bride, the Church. Revelation 19:9, Blessed are those invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb’s by invitation. God the Majesty Request the beautifully prepared Bride of Christ for marriage supper of the Lamb of God. In Jeremiah 33:11, sounds of joy, laughter, joyful voices of bridegrooms, brides will be heard again, joyous songs of God’s people.  All those who put on the garment of Christ become original bride to the Bridegroom of God. White garments are righteous acts of saints so white robe represents righteousness of God.Believers delight greatly in God because our soul rejoices in our God Who clothed us with garments of salvation and He has wrapped and arrayed us in robe of Righteousness. God never alters robe of righteousness to fit the person but alters mankind to fit God’s robe. The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he might be glorified. So garments set us apart for God by faith. In Revelation 3:18 Christ counsels to buy gold refined in fire, rich white garments, clothed from shame to become purified people walking after God’s own heart. The genuineness of faith is much more precious than gold that perishes though tested by fire one finds praise, honour and glory during revelation in heaven. Jesus says as precious metal is heated by fire so cycles of life impurities are refined to sanctify for God in Christ pure like silver or gold crowns awarded by Christ.Jesus Christ the Faithful and True Saviour and Provider has Mark of Divine Approval by ensuring nobody will worry about what to wear or say there is nothing to put on after looking into a full closet to say there is nothing to wear. The Lord Jesus Himself is our righteousness. Garments symbolize flawless, untainted righteousness. Having walked the narrow road that leads to life, they enjoy eternal reward. So join in with saints and angels after these things with great voice of much people in Heaven, saying, Alleluia, salvation, glory, honour, power unto the Lord our God. The redeemed of God will spend eternity in GOD’S Presence In Eternal City where Light and love radiates from the presence of the LORD forever for God is Good.

The rapture of the true Church of God is transformed in the twinkle of an eye into clothing in new garments of righteousness. Garments of Christ’s righteousness, and all who have this righteousness are partakers of the divine nature of God.  Those whose names appear in the book of life  entered by the Lamb’s book of life will be allowed into heaven and clothed with garments of righteousness. The appointed time for prophecy fulfilment of God leads His people in the way of a grand salvation. Finally the day comes believers really arrive in the city of God if Christ tarries to walk into God’s incredible glorious overpowering sacred temple home mansion with gold, diamond, pearl dome towering above them. Angels and nations and people too innumerable meet face to face quite exhilarating above any large joyful crowds ever seen on earth.

They quickly forget all sorrow, pain, grief left behind on earth to join joyful worship of God and celebrate Christ Jesus. Yet modern arrangements at funerals are big business with numerous costume changes by loved ones, family members. The particular fabric chosen represents status and wealth to mark memorial occasion. Worn for 1 year, black or white depending on age. Costumes are changed often during funeral and after 1 year to mark end of mourning. Garments and fabrics symbolize remembrance, love and respect for a departed person. A message of farewell is conveyed by garments, parties, food, drinks, gifts, contribution to celebrate tradition to mark ultimate absence by death. Fabric prints and garments remind us of those gone to heaven as part of sign of faith of their rest and sleep in God. Heavenly host rejoices and welcomes with greetings to usher in saints in their glorious righteous garments who are reunited with loved ones in heaven.

It is interesting the most sophisticated, most expensive, decorated, adorned human clothing the world rejoices and describes in the A list as best dressed men and women, does not match God’s garments standard. So it is by trusting in Christ’s finished work believers are clothed in the righteous garments in God’s sight. The majesty of God requires the right garments in His Presence in His Kingdom. Progress into heaven is marked by change of garment and robes. So symbolism of God’s garment implies increased glory accepted into God’s Kingdom. One is either righteous to enter in or ungodly so remains outside. Those sure of salvation are among the called chosen in 1 Thessalonian 5:1-2 so know full signs of times, seasons so need not be written to about such things.Those who feel they are not considered good enough to compare with God’s robes of righteousness must hear and know the truth to set them free in Jesus Name. No matter the price tag of glamorous clothes, God takes off old garments to put on garments of salvation. To qualify to enter heaven one must wear garment of holiness, wholeness and righteousness. The covenant of salvation is a sign between Christ and believers who belong to God so sanctified by righteousness. Together as His Glorious Church and Body, God fully reveals Himself in His Kingdom in heaven. The best biggest fashion designer is no match for God Almighty’s garments of righteousness, because it is not about what you wear but how you live your life pleasing to God in Christ.

Even some white priestly garments made with special skills by all the gifted craftsmen as commanded by God was once seen filthy by God. In Exodus 28:4, 15-21, these are the garments which they shall make breastplate, an ephod, a robe, a skilfully woven tunic, a turban, and a sash at the bottom of their garments, they have fringes on the four corners and breastplates of jewels of 12 triibes of Israel. They make holy good works yet once seen as filthy rags by God. For holiness of Christ redeems by blood so cleanses as white as snow. It is repentance in Christ which removes dirty garments and puts on God’s Holy garments of  righteousness. The resurrection life in Christ Power is revealed through believers to a sinful dying world to repent as believer gain in presence of God and Christ in heaven. God bears grief and sorrows through Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus. It unbelievable the amount of money, clothing, food, shopping, jewels, trinkets, treasures, sewing machines, personal belongings buried with people with misconception they need things to equip them on journey of eternal life in heaven. Many believe they need boats and river crossing fares, numerous changes of clothing on trip to heaven. Funerals have become a multi-million dollar industry with preparations sometimes taking years to plan. In order to finally get all people together on agreed suitable date for ceremony seems to glorify death. God makes it clear the only criterion for heaven is garment of Salvation and Righteousness, holiness virtues God judges. Awake, awake put on beautiful garments in Isaiah 52:1, your Maker God your husband the Lord has called you like a wife forsaken grievied so God partners to comfort believers who mourn with hope.

It is unbliblical for deceased to be kept in freezer for months or years costing so much. This distracts from true purpose of passing into heaven as God ordained. Some in life were never celebrated yet have the biggest funeral after party, instead of celebrating them in life. Studying the word of God helps to understand demise better to gain awareness to make informed choice on burial with 30 pieces of garments per person plus material possessions. In after – life a person has no need of earthly belongings, property, clothes, as only garments of righteousness is accepted in heaven. Christ made statement no man knows day of His return so custom of timing send off party costs thousands of dollars to prepare those asleep for send off. Loans are taken for funeral party while people in need of food and earthly garments. God equips believers to be ready always to give an answer to every man that asks a reason of the hope in Christ with meekness and fear of God. Christ promised garment of white for all over comers so keep it simple. Earthly expensive garments change of clothings are not highly valued or needed in heaven. Jesus and Lazarus left behind grave clothes in  tomb for heavenly garments of righteousness.