Revelation 8:1 when the Lamb of God Christ Jesus broke the 7th seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour. A 30 minute’s silence in heaven means a lot so is a great deal because worship in heaven continues non – stop in addition to other activities. So for heaven to keep silent for half an hour is a sign of foreboding event about to be unleashed. Silence is used in muted deep reflection and lamentations when too overwhelmed to use language and words to express feelings. One is said to be dumbfounded by shock news makes it impossible to talk about real feelings. Feelings too hard to find appropriate words to use to express happenings so silence takes place to reflect on pain.

As the contents of the seal to be read out and unleashed upon earth and sea by 7 angels sounding the trumpets was very serious. It was so sad heaven was mourning and grieving in advance of the consequences of the astounding tribulation on earth. It was disquieting and disturbing so much is why there was silence in Heaven. In the beginning was silence, but after this big silence in heaven, prophet John and other end time prophets are sent from God with messages to warn of doom and gloom going to happen to the earth. The sound accompanying opening of the seals is revealed as described.

The seals read out unleash earthquakes, hailstorms, tornado, tsunami, monsoon, wildfires mingled with blood tragedies, floods, locusts, plagues, disasters in the sea with one third of ships destroyed, one third trees green grass burnt, rivers polluted and bitter contaminated by wormwood it kills those in contact or drinking it. Darkness forms where sun used to shine but the inhabiters of earth continue to take God for granted. God continues sea destruction, hurricanes, thunderings, lightenings hurled to earth from heaven by God’s wrath.

God and heaven is so sad because their hands are forced and compelled despite their loving heart to act because of opportunities rejected. So God is now forced to unleash destruction on earth. This is due to rebellion and punishment being enforced by God due to mankind’s stubborn will. Blood moon is significant apocalypse of changes on earth. Even though sun turned into darkness, and the moon into blood before the great Day of the Lord. Sky gazers see glimpse of blood moon crossing Earth’s shadow is a sign of God’s wrath causing silence in heaven due to damage on earth.              slide_13The question is why is God extremely angry to totally destroy some parts of the earth? The answer is found in Revelation 9:20 to depart from evil works of  hands, not to worship devils and idols of gold, silver, brass, stone, wood which cannot see, hear, talk or walk. to repent of murders, sorceries, witchcraft, fornications, robberies. This is reason why God’s anger and wrath is unleashed for rejection of God, Christ, do own thing. Tridents are foreshadow catastrophic war plus solar storm. God’s wrath storms are motif of hell on earth. Heaven half hour silence is expression of grief for God’s wrath punishment               kirkjustjori_notendur_thorhallur_my_documents_my_pictures_god_jesus_throne_cat_rel_hist_02roberttbarrett.jpgThe 5th angels begun to release the key of hell which unleashed  smoke and locusts  to torment  and torture to hurt for 5 months those without the seal of God. God is calling for repentance for all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God in Romans 3:23. Nobody knows exact day or hour for rapture but God is now showing consistent signs for people to take His warnings to repent on earth seriously. Why merciful loving God unforgiving? The answer is God’s warnings from prophetic voices ignored means endtime wrath takes place.

So traumatic events and tragedies are marked by a minute’s silence by most nations. Such silence happens on earth on 11/11/11 and other occasions when the whole world or nations stop all activities to hold a minutes silence. The whole world stops to commemorate each year and celebrate end of a world war or traumatic events. God has had enough so changes are happening to warn mankind to wake up to repent before it is too late when tribulation sets in after sealed remnants rapture of those sealed and saved from all nations, and tribes.In Revelations 10:6 another mighty of God standing upon the sea and earth, angel swore by God who lives forever and ever, the creator of heaven and earth, and all things that there should be time no longer extended. So God’s patience is running out to complete and finish the mystery declared to God’s servants the prophets. Damage destructions are attention calls to take God more seriously. God sends wildfire and earthquake tsunamis to destroy ships and homes by angels.

The pain was so intense people cry out in vain for death commanded to flee from them. the 6th angel released 4 angels prepared for 1 year 1 month 1 day 1 hour to slay 1/3 of mankind. God is warning to repent, change and be sealed for rapture by Christ. Jealous God wants to remain as number in Christian believer’s life even whether married or single. Too much hype oversells status of mankind above Christ, God so God wants to be restored as priority in the life of all His creation.After 7th seal during storm of life the chosen saved of the tribes were marked and taken to Heaven. The nations seems repentant so some accept Christ and make changes in their lives. Yet pretty soon that tragedy is forgotten even though some blame God so reject Him accusing for their tragedy. As rebuilding and reconstruction of disaster zones recreate more beautiful structures. So it appears as if in spite of loss, a new opportunity arises to develop better architectural buildings to improve the quality of life. So what was meant for evil turns to good with better modern furniture replacing old tattered ones. God’s warning message seems ignored so the world must turn to God.Tragedy soon become insurance claim broker’s day and time for business to boom and flourish as usual. So building contractors make good money from demolitions as a result. Things return to normal until another tragic hits triggers memories. Pretty soon people forget so things return to same of rebellion against God. This is why heaven’s silence must be taken seriously to repent to seek God’s face for mercy. The number of the army and battle horses were 200,000,000. Power in their mouth for martyrdom of unbelievers and physical disturbances in sky and surface of earth.

Result of tragedy people’s attention is captured by the trauma so changes are made immediately after. Unprepared churches become full of people crying sighing and calling upon God for mercy in the aftermath of tragedy. Soon repeated patterns from tragedy turns to seasoned recovery from traumatic events of life. Instead of learning life lessons to draw closer to God, it becomes opportunity rather to show off cosmetic design prowess to redevelop and rebuilt aesthetically on grand scale. However, the remnant are saved from all nations and tribes.

The remnant who receive Christ and remain faithful to God will rejoice and many people from all nations will be saved despite the traumatic hell on earth. While the human condition in glamorised aggrandized sophistication perishes by gaining the world and losing the soul. So heaven’s silence is a warning to the world to change! Whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved in Jesus Name. Those who usurped and exploited and reject Christ are destroyed.

God’s punishment against noisy words, thoughts, fear, loathing, spite, pain, suffering, panic, ungratefulness, hatred, snobbery, injustice and exploiting evil men. So the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bond man, and every free man, hide themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains. It is important to think seriously about what people will see, feel and experience when the physical events of the Lord’s return begin to unfold. To understand what will life will be like on that day when the great day of God’s wrath is come!



  1. Saying that there’s “no God” and then citing the actions of people as proof of his non-existence is completely illogical b/c it infers that God and people are on the same level. What God teaches and what people do with it (such as using religion as a political, cultural and economical tool) are two entirely different things. Saying that God doesn’t exist might make you feel better, but it doesn’t make it true.

    • Revelation 10:6 says angel of death and destruction is ready to act so swore by God Who Lives for ever and ever, who created heaven and earth, all things therein, the sea, there should be TIME NO LONGER!!! As God’s patience is running out pleading, cajoling, pampering to return to God! God will strike when ready to do exactly as He said despite grand delusion of mankind. Thanks and Glory to God for God’s wisdom manifested in your comment! God bless in Jesus Name!!!

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