A Biblical Sex Education is God’s will for genuine Christian born again believers teaching a true and sound lifestyle pleasing to God. To keep body holy and sanctified according to 1 Thessalonian 4:3-4, God’s will is to be holy, sanctified, abstain from sexual immorality, fornication. 4 To know and possess body vessel holy to keep pure to honour God. In 1 Corinthian 6:8, flee from sexual immorality because all other committed is outside the body, but sexual sin is against own body. God’s command in His Holy law is just, good, perfectly agrees with sound doctrine of the Gospel. A Biblical sex education is God’s way of to keep Holy Spirit  pure of safe sex education that has shown unpredictable consequences. It important to educate children from 4 years old due to precocious puberty children get pregnant at 4 years old giving birth when 5 years old. Do not take essential educational need for granted, to teach appropriate touch early. Precocious puberty takes place so sexual organs of body develop early. With growth spurt changing fast puberty sets in earlier at younger than in previous generations.

Most societies in the past, used to marry children early before formal education started. Years ago most cultures practised betrothed children by naming soon after birth potential spouse. As soon as menstruation starts child was ready and given in marriage by both families who agreed in advance after birth. Both children joined family professions for informal education as apprentice bakers, barbers, cleaners, chimney sweepers, cooks, factory workers, farmers, fishers, hunters, masons, pottery, servants, tailors, tanners, thatchers, washers, etc. All chipped in to do their bit on fields or at home. And child birth was considered an opportunity to breed to replenish the earth, as workers to replace elderly aged. So was win win situation to celebrate childbirth without age restrictions before formal education became compulsory. Like slum dog millionaires of Mumbai had 100% employment of whole community. Or hired extra hands to help so all hands on deck if capable of working. With compulsory education, a long biological clock gap creates many years of waiting to get married to have children. So pressure is more on the girls as child bearers to have the major responsibility for fertility control.

So reproduction is held at bay despite active sexual hormones subdued. Sexual feelings are stimulated preposterously in films and language daily yet suppressed by contraceptive pills, injection, other birth control methods. A pool exists of under age teenagers, some finished compulsory education, unemployed with technology taking over jobs. Generations forced off lands means few have abundant jobs. With plenty of time on their hand, new trends encourage sims, second life computer games preoccupation with intense lust feelings played out. So causes paedophiles to pester, cajole, plead, charming personality seduce children to comprise. Normal healthy platonic display of affection hugs, kisses, embrace, family comfort releases affection hormone Oxytocin. This stimulates serotonin attachment feeling craving system of behavioural activation and reward. A simple embrace increases level of love hormone so creates further longing for more addiction misdemeanant sense of commitment. Many do not understand female reproductive organ menstrual cycle, ovulation, conception, gestation period, advantage and abuse children. For Biblical sex education use appropriate age language illustration if necessary.

This same love hormone strengthens the bond of affection between a man and child they have intercourse with called Stockholm Syndrome. As sexual instinct hormones kick in during years of puberty, often girls are told to prove their ‘love’ in relationships.  Children do not automatically understand full functions of private body organs. Some born out of intense puppy love affection cause naive children, lacking knowledge of sexual consequences, to conform and comply.Like playing with fire while hoping not to get burnt, the newspapers are full of stories of under age sex with children giving birth. 5 year old Lina Medina from Peru named son Gerardo after doctor but refused to name the father. In Singapore at 6 years, in Ukraine, Yelizaveta Gryshchenko’ like 6 years old H in India, Anna Mummenthaler at 8 years from Switzerland, Mum-Zi 8 years from Calabar Nigeria, 9 years-old Estelle P from USA, 9 year old in 1881 in UK. Some coerce by rape drugs perform illicit sex. Other naive ones think hyped intimate bonding remains fixed for live at such heightened level so fantasize to get engaged and married. Many fantasize anticipated joyous love from cherishing, owning and possessing a baby. So assume life is easy like abc of playing with plastic dolls, think they can manage love. Some do not consider in the heat of the moment, consequences or cost of raising and maintaining a child. So lack frontal cortex brain to understand need of home to live in, income, maturity to handle, discipline child, ability to provide care, affection, duties and responsibilities of parenthood as they are children themselves. Family becomes responsible for mother and child not fully grown to ensure child is well looked after. So struggle mentally, emotionally and financially. Some loose own childhood as forced to grow overnight so impacts the child born in such circumstances who also repeat same pattern of the cycle. Children are emotionally deficient, materially malnourished to fully comprehend adult issues of childbirth and child care. In UK, Sean Stewart at 12 years old became the youngest father in Britain when his girlfriend gave birth to his healthy son.

Other teenage pregnancies of young mothers and fathers are in the Guinness book of records. So Biblical sex education is essential. Importance of sex education for homeschoolers, must be emphasised before it is too late! In Genesis 34:1-31, Dinah was raped by Shechem son of Hamor the Hivite and in 2 Samuel 13:1-21, Tamar raped by half – brother Ammon in Bible had intense selfish lust desire fantasy craving to abuse young naive half sisters. Amnon, son of David lusted after Tamar, the beautiful sister of Absalom in 2 Samuel 13 :1. On pretext of sickness faked illness to lure Tamar to cook meal for him then used violence against her to temper with her virginity. Knowing fully well nobody will marry her after rape as considered damaged goods in such times. David did not punish Ammon for rape of Tamar. Such men move on and dump the girl, as their motive was selfish lust to seduce to fulfil flesh. Intense passion craving causes some to give engagement rings to seduce some girls use, abuse then collect ring back.

Like Ammon such men discard girls after getting what they want. So do not want long term reality to maintain a relationship. So collect the ring back without compensating alimony of services rendered by the girl whose time they wasted. Some end up with different sexual diseases, including HIV, etc., paedophilia rings and gangs abusing them. On the other hand, girls body changes after birth bonding more to the baby so switch emotions on auto pilot maternal instincts. This displaces the father once intensely given attention to. This causes boys and some men to feel rejected and abandoned so left in the lurch. This change in dynamics equation of relationship makes each partner distracted from each other. Some fathers, instead of coming on board to support the mother do the hard work. So dumps her to seek attention from the next available willing victim looking for love in wrong places. So cover children with blood protection of Jesus and soak them up in prayer.

Watching TV images of sex and listening to lyrics compounded by sexualised  music, parties, peers, clubs, perverts. The irony is the main desirers demanding sexual fulfilment promote sexualized society bill boards. Advertising, innuendos, jokes, swears, books, strip clubs, adult films, porn, on line illicit magazines, lyrics in pop hip hop music highlight sex in a derogatory manner making light a serious sacred intimacy created by God. Teach God’s way, procreative appropriate age designed by God not follow legalised sin. But Alfred Kinsey, SIECUS – Sexuality Information and Education. Education Council of the U.S. and others refer to children as capable of sexual activity so the bible never endorses child or teen sex. With idle hands unoccupied sex is turned into entertainment joke though it has consequences lasting a lifetime and beyond generationally.

Sex trafficking sells as the fastest multi-billion business sponsored by pimps, control freaks who dominate and abuse victims. It is important to teach children especially vulnerable children about Godly self-value, self-esteem, self-appreciation. Appropriate expressions of genuine platonic parental affection for children lowers hormones stimulated and elevated during hugs and kisses from abusers. Also a child must be taught clear boundaries between parents and close family members exclusively entitled to hugs, kisses, embrace transparently and publicly in the family. So allowed to touch them appropriately for personal care in too young. Teach them to value their body as priceless affection from God in deep enough to merit their comprehensive unconditional love of Christ for them. This issue requires team work, ethos with high expectations to motivate and support children to overcome such barriers. Pastoral care is essential between schools and family working together not against them. Confidential support must be prevention support centred more than waiting to repair after effects of damage. It cost more to raise child mother and child than use same resources to properly educate them. Children hook up with others end up creating baby mama and fathers. Not quite realising contradiction domino effect not solutions of exchanging one problem for another. So carefully, teach them about personal care, use of private parts. Tell them there is really no such thing as 100% safe education as most do not have contraceptives or care to use them at times. Graphic illustrations purporting to demonstrate sex education. There is urgent need for sound reading skills knowledge to motivate, inspire and encourage children to have high expectations, attend school, progress in life. To have excellent manners, love themselves first in life, no matter how humble their beginning, to appreciate and enjoy life. Above all, the world is screaming sexual values yet sex is God’s idea and creation for consummation of marriage, intimacy, companionship, affection and procreation, it is better not to lean to own understanding excluding God from sex equation. Through God’s child can grow into the kind of adults who can have deep, meaningful, lifelong marriages filled with spiritual, sexual, and emotional intimacy.


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