Self-worth is valued in many ways by different people. There are 3 main broad umbrella general typical self-worth categories discussed here. The 1st group believe their self-worth is derived from God Almighty their Lord and King in charge of all areas of their lives. They sincerely believe God created them so knows them better than anybody. So the acknowledge God 24/7 and exalt His Holy Name. They live for God totally, seek God’s face for every decision and ask God’s blessings through the Name of Jesus. They understand they are God’s property so God is their source of life not their networth. Their family, promotion, rewards, material riches, wealth, assets, prosperity. houses, lands, businesses are from God the author and finisher of their faith. They feed on God’s soul food the Bible for self-esteem in Christ.

They depend on God to supply all their needs according to His riches in Glory from heaven by Christ Jesus. Where to live, what to eat, what to wear is supplied by God who knows their needs. So they give due respect, thanks, Honour, Glory to God for their breath, their life, their strength, their healing, their comfort, their grief, their sorrow in God’s hands. The work of their hands belongs to God, their fruits and ministry belong to God. In fact they are so blood bought and purchased by God  through Christ Jesus they are sold out to God. They are in the world but not of the world as peculiar people, their feet is on earth but their heart is in heaven.

They are actively winning ans sponsoring others to win souls and ready for rapture! They constantly talk of God in almost all conversations and addicted to God. They see their self- worth only through God’s worth and God’s Image imprinted in their spirit, soul and body. They are God focused, hot for God though not perfect they fall many times but rise again in Jesus Name like good soldiers of the cross. Confidence is in God’s guidance to embark on projects and dedicate them to God. By turning the mind healthy in actions, thoughts to reflect Godly self-esteem.The 2 category of self-worth is defined by one’s own self- effort, self-achievement, self-confidence, own, strength, and self- made abilities, connections, status, class, wealth, riches, friends, family and relationships. Put pressure on themselves to improve self in many 12 step programmes. May try to maintain diet to keep size in shape, height, status,  etc keep changing to adapt to desired taste. So feel they needs regular tummy tucks or other tucks here and there to redesign themselves for the perfect ultimate shape intended. So proceed to make themselves feel better through various big time changes to improve looks, enhance and implant boobs or reduce them not for medical reasons.I'm awesome

Liposuction, pump butts, enlarge phallus, redesign private parts. They may become product junkies so regular updates are required to keep up changes worth thousands if not millions of dollars. True self-esteem does not come from a bottle or products. Self-worth derives from self-confidence in God confidence. It includes self-respect and self-belief, self acceptance and self-love. It is in the interest of many multi- billion industries and companies many people live insecure life. So they become their source of making them look like what they deem fit as best suited for them. So people become addicted to stimulants and substances to try to numb self-worthlessness, shyness, mask pains, masking behaviour by mentally blocking feelings. So keep up the façade by maintain the charade.
Yet unaware of billions of so much wasted land fill sites meant for houses and homes. It’s Each change feels good for so long then the cycle is repeated to maintain and keep up appearances with the Jones. There seems to be a nagging void so no matter what is done to present self well is never satisfied. Years and years of longing for fulfilment through things is never enough. One is into the hyped epic of the latest gadgets and the toys and the most expensive item believing the costlier the higher the quality transferred into self-worth to enhance image before others trying to impress. It is true self-confidence is the foundation of good success and achievement. However, self-esteem philosophy which originated in 20th Century secular psychology is deeply embedded in Christian teaching with name it and claim it selfish system.

The 3rd self-worth group seems to have no self-belief concept of the precious value of their life, abilities, talents, wealth or talents. No matter what everyone else sees in them or tells them about  God’s beauty and Image in them, they feel ugly and have low self-esteem.  The falsely think humility means low self-esteem. So worry, are anxious, constantly looking outward not within for self-worth. Some may or may not use external cosmetic enhancement but still never feel good enough. They may be kind-hearted, sweet-natured, loving, generous, compassionate yet do not think they are worthy to receive or enjoy their life to the full.

They are impressionable and easily led so influenced by others because they want to please everybody except themselves. In the process  receive many contradictory advise so become confused so cannot make up their own minds. They may be vulnerable and  bounce off other people as misery loves company. They may worry and look for underlying reasons for their low self-esteem through non-existent health conditions or blame others, their background. Such a habit is really destructive and totally unnecessary so must understand the emotional drain on themselves and stress put on others under pressure from them. Many adults are still dealing with self-worth issues of childhood.

So have no value for their life, family, assets or wealth. They do not feel they deserve anything good in life. On the other hand may have no filters or boundaries so underneath the mask is underlying issues of anger, may be hiding deeper feelings of hurt and vulnerability. Some project their hurt onto others and not even aware of such treatment of others. As they do not learn to control emotions they cannot separate good feeling from bad feelings mixed in their life. They may show the world one attitude yet feeling another. However it is important to be congruent to configure feelings to admit true inner feelings and thought to be true and honest with self. Often the body language expression shown reflect or gives clues and hints of symptoms of expressions of true feelings underneath.

So change low self-worth denigrating self- attitudes because no one is worthless. Even if hurt by others respond and do not react to result into negative self-worth vibes transmitted and radiated by own actions and words. Obsession with self- worth is also detrimental as one is constantly changing like chameleon to fit in and blend. God made all perfect for His Glory to stand out and be counted. So nobody is a sea of identical faceless invisible clones modelled on a particular self-image. It is important to know one’s self-worth is through God’s Image imprinted since creation. So families raising children in Godly value life is are highly regarded and appreciated by God. People are created as God’s inmost being knit together in womb as stated in Psalm 139:3. So each child is from God granted life on earth according to God’s will.


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