Appropriate touch is important especially in a tactile society where considered essential, necessary. Ethics requires establishing and maintaining appropriate professional boundary with people. Since no one lives alone as an island, one is bound to meet and run into people often as possible. Parents, guardians nurses, doctors, fire men, first aiders, health professionals, provide nurturing appropriate assistive touch during care. Other significant people provide care as part of duty, responsibility to help those totally dependent on them. Due to many reasons and factors, appropriate touch is used for care during formative years as child is trained for personal care from 2 years onwards. Depending on child’s spurt growth maturity level, care continues until if able to do so unsupervised. People express love openly demonstrating affection in specific manners acceptable to that society. Some demonstrate affection publicly by kissing, holding hands, hugging, touching each other in meaningful ways. To various people in other cultures including married couples, one cannot openly flaunt love as it is not acceptable in that environment. Although, it may seem like freedom of expression to openly verbalize or express feelings of affirmation, some cultures have own standard expressing love in their context. So it is good to find out in each context, to know how people relate. In some communities, one cannot keep an eye contact to show respect to adults but must bow head, look down if talking or listening.  So it is considered rude to look straight in the eye in some socities.

Those who concentrate on appropriate touching, feel better and positive by touching. As touch serves a primary role to prove besotted in love with affection to publicly declare undying love. Touch is also used to console other individuals. For example, we put arms around people, hold head in our hands, hold hands or hug them in attempt to empathize more fully. To such a touching person nothing speaks more deeply than appropriate touch. It helps them feel they become one with others in ideal empathic understanding. So feel more loved or consoled as allowed to touch them. Those familiar and used to stirred emotion of touch use appropriate comforting words plus touch. Though it seems unnatural to those not used to such learned behaviour of touching for moral or infection control.

Others in non – touching society allow women to keep to female groups to work in team although married.  It is considered rude for women to be seen in company of men not their father, brother, husband or relative. Untrained eyes may see boundaries as suppression and lack of freedom. Such clear boundaries are set to teach moral awareness early to respect arms length personal space. From tender early years appropriate touch is defined clearly so genders have clear roles crucially for interactive behaviour boundaries. There is no right or wrong issue involved in taught touch or non-touching as none is better than the other. Those who prefer touch may feel isolated, unloved, excluded by others who seem cold to them for no appropriate touch. If unsure ask if allowed to kiss, hug or group hug as family boundaries are specifically clear.To those from non- touch background see blurred interaction too close for comfort. Hence do not allow people to touch if not used to touch. Due respect and honour is given to highly value place of touch in here and now and for future moral boundaries. Families feel responsible to ensure family members turn out right so perform roles and duties ordained for destiny. Touch avoidance morals ensure child protection from inappropriate touch. In contradiction girls are strictly brought up differently from boys. This sends a wrong message to boys girls are good for pleasure as they please though demand pure girl unspoilt as spouse or vice versa. Appropriate touch keeps clear boundaries in a relationship. Those touched inappropriately must seek support, help and not condone body violation.60276-grief_consoling2Inconsistent moral diversity creates double standard for teenage boys who turn into men who disrespect women and vice versa. Such fixed behaviour patterns means touching only one relationship after marriage seems impossible. So become used to having own way for so long over the years ingrained in mind. So entrenched inappropriate touch behaves recklessly. Also, they continue to think entitled to touch anyone, anywhere, oblivious to effect of embedded abuse on self or others. So lack awareness or respect for others indulge in sexual harassment jokes, touching breasts, pinching bottoms. Inappropriate touch contact is sign of immaturity and lack of respect for self or others.

Deliberately hand-pick and hire specific body types preferred so fire them if uncooperative so victims need support. Those power drunk deluded chose vulnerable naive children to groom for wrong motives. Some lack total control despite having most loving spouse get kick out touching inappropriately. Some camouflage with gifts, reward, promise to promote, buy material goods for victim to silence them. Others cover perverted track badmouthing dignified spouses who build them up. They fool naive victims they will leaving spouse for them. The truth is some have absolutely no lives without spouse blackmailed. So continue inappropriate touch, texts, faxes, tweets, face book seeking  non-existent.perfect partner

Some modern  relationships seem to take cues mostly from films, adverts, drama, or peers.  Those not conditioned to touch do not miss touch as they do not know, experience such touch. Seek to understand the standard set by each context. Not feel restricted and limited for not allowed to express love. Especially under influence of alcohol or substances abuse, act anyhow, anywhere, without restraint. Cause offence with consequences to dignified cultures training people to respect a person’s body so not to touch innappropriately. Some do not allow strangers to have any form of bodily contact in expressing affection. So allow male to male contact greeting communication.Those naive may be taken in by manipulation abuse to fall victim. Worst of all, some sabotage themselves by filming inappropriate touch for others online. So it is very important to train children and teenagers to value their body as temple of God highly valued and created in Image and Likeness of God. A true life of contentment and fulfilment is not filled by fleshly desire lustful touch. It is misconception of media and drama using lust in storyline as ultimate satisfaction in life. It misleads people to crave dependency on momentary actions of intimacy as be all and end all of life as thousands of inappropriate lustful innuendos, direct words of phallus, private part aired.images (35)It is unbelievable how much society condones and promotes lust in car adverts, food and perfumes etc on TV to influence and appeal to control the mind. So many generations grew up with especially women portrayed as sexual objects for profit in newspapers, adult cartoons, nude magazines, strip clubs, porn, adult cinemas, films, massage parlours, red districts, pimping sell intimacy as freedom of expression and choice. Yet on the other hand frown on the impact such liberal actions cause from promoting sex in selling everything.Generations have no idea of word of God but know such places and freely partake as they feel they have the right to do so. It concerns the owner of the human body God Almighty, an organ overrules and controls the mind strong emotions on a whole life. To even detriment and undermine reputation, career, spouse, promotion, without seeking help prior to actions. One becomes what one watches and reads especially in secret so the first step is to ensure thoughts are controlled. Then safe scenario created to enhance positive images to build up spirit in a healthy way. Perverted thought become stronghold if not nipped in the bud by God’s grace, mercy and mentor’s help.

Birds fly without one’s control over the head but one has power to prevent them from nesting in the hair. If addicted to alcohol do not work in a pub or if clumsy do not take up a job in china plate shop! It may seem obvious enough but living in denial in delusion of grandeur as a cover does not eradicate pervert emotions. Be honest and true to realise a few moments thrill may be not even remembered years later. Life is much deeper and more valuable not to be limited to only 20% aspect of life. Most people prefer to be touched by those they are close to, and then solely in situations where the touch is appropriate if needed. Be aware you can look but can’t touch.

Hyped lust creates a false delusion of a satiety never accomplished because it is a non – existent mirage. It creates disrespect for spouse unappreciated and not valued. Thinking there is real pot of lust gold at end of the rainbow somewhere better than now to satisfy. False belief causes unrealistic hollow lifestyle never content or at peace but always in search of ultimate gratification in life. Some think thrill of unlawful touch will make them happy though soon forgotten in search of new thrill seeking not caring of hurting others. So mind the feelings of others when touching!


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