Attention! is one of the first words we remembered in life as it was my fathers favourite word to help us focus when teaching us to read as children. He accentuated his version with a French tone although we are English people. So we were  more alert for some few minutes as we put up with his command. Sooner or later we drifted off to play used to again to straighten us to continue studying. We memorised verses, times tables, spelt as calculators were non existent then. It almost seemed like the sound of music training his children but not quite to the extreme of wearing military uniforms. Attention means focus fully, zoom in on a minute detail more alert or focus. Growning up and taking on similar responsibilities we better understand our father’s use of the attention word and Attention on God. Attention is not preferred word chosen to encourage support others learning to read or write. Better understand it takes love, hard work, numerous data, paper work  to help children learn to read and write. Appreciate father’s devoted love precious time dedicated help to improve skills for life. Help tremendously can be the best can do for God’s ATTENTION.Attention means God tells us to remain alert on the look out at all times. As times and seasons constantly change so it brings dynamic adjustments to adapt to keep on top of things. Attention helps attend to job at hand in here and moment day or night. Various games and riddles exist to help us spot the difference, missing words, scramble, countdown words etc. to enhance brain to focus to see minute details possible to the human eye. So a distraction affects attention, TV hours control life. Those looking up to TV role model attention do seem to miss point of REAL ATTENTION COMES FROM GOD THROUGH CHRIST WHO SACRIFICED HIS LIFE TO SAVE ALL! So we stand in agreement to call Spirit of the LORD’S Attention for all’s attention in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!

It helps work towards the highest possible level of efficiency to focus to produce ultimate perfection required. Children own TV, games affecting attention span, concentration, focus, mental well-being, electro-magnetic wave radiation seen as sophistication. Some children stay up to play games unknown to parents in bedrooms. Firmly permit adults if on business trip to train to read or write. Build self -confidence to focus more attention premier word as a result attention is a word that stands out in my mind wherever I am. Often loud speakers blurt out the word attention! attention! attention! everybody listen to this important announcement.

Undue obsessive attention means an intense desire and craving  forever to share feelings enjoyed by ravelling in the moment unrealistically. So this reminds us again of a nearby company using it many times a day to call attention to keep people safe in premises within certain perimeters to ensure a safe distance as vehicles passed by. Life seemed well ordered and pleasant with everyone knowing their place. There was always respect and an unspoken honour of hierarchy submission to authority. Often it was easier to obey and do as told as the consequences were clear and loud and implemented. Attention is inbuilt focus for concentration designed by God do things properly. Attention is required for detail, accuracy, specific information, health, safety. Godly ATTENTION knows and understands Jesus Christ. Attention to detail helps perform better, enhance abilities, talents, skills, career. Attention is external action of adulation expected. Given by screaming fans, crowds doing outrageous things to get noticed for 15 minutes of fame. Deepest level of inner concentration to achieve joy and good is success inside. Yet paying attention to God is the best source of strength for all to make it life. Attention is gateway key to success to decide what enters mind. Take time think set up of environment impacts attention. Attention deficiency, centre of attention, attention seeking, attention span, modern words thrown around get attention from others. Many complain gets no attention from spouse, family, siblings, colleagues attention but ATTENTION 2way street not cul de sac.

Therefore it seems almost impossible to equate or entrust a feel good factor from getting attention from external sources unrealistic for life as deeper than mere staring at one by another all day long. To demand external attention only talking exclusively to loved ones as their private property and possession. So is necessary to understand life as a whole is perfectly created in GOD’S IMAGE. Decisions and choices depend on seeking God’s Face personally now matter how much in love or how rich. Then confirmed decisions mean an assurance of thinking through carefully first. Others are a sounding board to echo and reflect thoughts and feelings. Idea being in spotlight or lime light, flagged constantly by a paparazzi getting attention is stranger attention. Take time to DO ONE THING PROPERLY   CORRECT ATTENTION MULTITASKING SLOW MOTION NOT SIMULTANEOUS.






Keep driving without due focus, care and attention or unreasonable consideration for other road users. Modern technology enables instant communication ability to share selfies people cannot wait to get home old fashioned family conversation at the dinner table any more. Attention saves lives and the Bible says there is a time and season for everything in life. It is good to keep in touch to ensure all is well with loved ones. Attention thrill is given new meaning by this generation. Some watch porn while driving causing fatal accidents ruining innocent lives. Absence for few minutes days makes heart fonder. Stop panicking, worrying thinking world will end for not indulging in endless talking. Spend quality time praying for loved ones or nations.


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