Emotions are God’s sign of life, living, with range of feelings up or down intensified and triggered by circumstances. An emotionally healthy person can express appropriate emotions of joy, love, peace, happiness, hope, strength, courage, dignity, caring, kindness courage responses to impact others in a good way as part of positive emotions. God’s inbuilt emotions help enhance life so taught to help express feelings better.

Emotions can condition and control life if not kept in check. God gave emotions so not to create zombies. In addition,it is important as positive emotion drive life in the right direction. Yet some may have over-bearing high – maintenance, high-strung negative emotions unaware of affecting others. Negative emotions include negative self-talk, low self-esteem, fear, anxiety, doubt, worry, anger, hate strife reactions stir up arguments, fights. Some emotional people wear heart on sleeve.It means emotions poured in public without restraint filters. Emotions relieve stress and pressure to some extent. A stoic who bottles emotions implode with low immunity health issues caused by bitterness, unforgiveness and stress due to lack of proper sleep. A negative emotion is replayed so takes over a person’s entire life to detriment of all excellent qualities a person possesses. Melancholies see negative view of life and sad most of the time. Some may turn to drinks to numb pain or sadness but compound so worsen negative emotion. It is good to express emotion by using the appropriate tone of voice, body language and facial expression. Negative emotion cost time, waste energy, best invested in good outcome. Secular world view, man-made ideas often contradict God’s wisdom which seems foolishness to the world.

Life is full of up, downs, through fire, flood, storms of life. So positive emotion is essential to sustain all life in a good way. Life is full of contradiction so bound with disapointment of unmet expectations. Life is dynamic so one has to be flexible to meet all the constant changing needs of life. Remember the reality of life is different from fantasy utopia in soap opera drama. God influences thoughts actions, habits, behaviour by challenging secular opinion. So emotions push people in two diffident directions to please God and man simultaneously. Stress confuses some so unless time is taken must be taken to recharge life batteries to be still in God’s presence alone to seek His Face, to stand strong on God’s word after doing all to stand, stand boldly in Jesus Name.
Godly emotions are fuelled by the Holy Spirit so bears good fruits of the Spirit of the Living. God has put mechanisms switches in our system to be fully in control of our emotions at all times. By grace of God those with a right frame of mind have adequate clear head to deal with emotions. To free from the damage of emotional consequences of life, pain, substance abuse if capable of self control and self discipline seek help.

If incapable others step in to support, guide help to develop peaceful positive emotion outlook on life. Practicing Godly positive good emotion overtakes negative tantrum as light drives away darkness in Jesus Name. Always apply Godly emotions daily, read, study, reflect, meditate on emotion in the Bible as God delivers and heals emotions from oppression.

They drain resources and waste time of many who input own available sacrificed to help but still complains. This personality refuses to grow up to take responsibility for action or change to adapt with the times. This causes domino effect on those guilt tripped for not helping enough. No matter what is done for them they never seem to cope or remain calm to experience good emotional feelings.

If negative emotions are left undealt with, sooner or later becomes nagging victim mentality damaging conspiracy theory.Seek help in a safe space to unwind and safely deal with negative emotions. Ask God Almighty to help you to deal with all emotions. Invite Jesus to take control over emotion and welcome the Holy Spirit to all master emotion.

A study by Finnish researchers published in Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences confirm emotions indeed tend to affect the body, blood circulation and bile production poisons the blood causing toxic health complications. People with high emotional roller – coaster behaviour do not want to change. It brings negative attention as misery loves company yet never content. Mummies and the dead have no emotions so control emotions as it bears fruit in life.

The just live by faith not by emotions and feelings. Negative emotions cause sin : Genesis 4 : 2-6. Impulse emotions in Judges 11: 29-40, Emotions for worship Ezra 3 : 1-13, Positive emotion to heal broken heart Psalm 34 : 18, Guard Emotion: Proverbs 4 : 24 prevent emotional crush Proverbs 15:13, Control emotion Proverbs 19:2, Christ expressed emotions John 11 : 35, Emotion unreliable : Galatians 5 : 1-17, Emotional sin Ephesians 4 : 31.


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