God’s Spiritual billionaires are the esoteric mogul avant-garde of faith who push boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo primarily in cultural realms. So considered hallmark of salvation filled with passion or zeal. Showing great warmth of intensity of feeling implying no violence. Spiritual billionaires have a very fluent verbal expression plea for justice for all people.So God’s billionaires passionately have a great vehemence for wasteful diffusion of all the selfish emotions. Spiritual billionaires denounce ardent depicting of rosy side of life depicting unrealistic perfection. With intense passion, God’s spiritual billionaires utilise opportunity to build a Godly place in spirit of man. The Kingdom of God’s concept is heavenly billionaires. God’s assets and wealth are beyond billions of dollars above silver and gold. God gives power to get wealth for God’s purpose to win billions of souls. So billions of dollars in bank accounts mean touching billions of souls ultimately to bring glory to God. God’s billionaires are not accumulating wealth but the conduit for redistributing wealth. True value of wealth is ability to impart and transform lives.

maxresdefaultIt is the number of lives touched by the wealth that is the only way God-given wealth brings glory to God when used to fulfil His purpose on earth to serve God and humanity. The best way to bless God is doing God’s desire and yearning to help restore people deceived and misled to return to God. Wealth gain is increase of souls! God’s highest intricate system elegant design is creation of humanity.

RedeemingtheBillionaire_600x900King Solomon the richest king in his life time said about wealth and riches, ‘Happy is the man who finds wisdom, and who gains understanding; for her proceeds are better than the profits of silver, and her gain than fine gold.” (Proverbs 3:13-14) Biblical stewardship requires that Christians view money differently from the way the secular world views it. The secular world equates affluence with success, happiness so constantly acquire wealth.

The Bible exposes the worthlessness of trust in money rather than trust in God by revealing, ‘But man despite riches does not endure but like beasts perish’ in Psalm 49:12. Money is necessity for basic living but Bible warns love of money creates evil in 1 Timothy 6:10. If money is not object of love, devotion one is free to focus on higher things.

Unlock-the-Billions-in-YouBiblical stewardship does not require the Christian despise money or discontinue earning. No matter bilions of wealth money cannot add value to God’s life. Beware on guard against all forms of greed for life does not constitute abundant material things or consist of possessions in Luke 12:15. Political economy starts with private property but does not mean life is in direct proportion to the increasing value of worldly goods. In God’s realm of practice constitutes part of enhancing human activity.


The world compels to daily furnish contributions of money for propagation of politics, economy etc. yetn God’s view a mere strong attachment to money does not impress God much. It is therefore important not to allow money to become centre of one’s life. Some argue, although money does not keep death away, it is still worth pursuing because it brings happiness and satisfaction in life to some extent.

Solomon, a wise and rich man, argued, “whoever loves money never has money enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income. So life may become meaningless as goods increase, so does those who consume them. For what benefit are they to owner except to feast eyes on them as unfortunately abundance of riches permit no sleep in Ecclesiastes 5:10-12. Money is neutral, yet those who love it a meaningless offer of frivolous goods. Pressure for wealth than needed brings dissatisfaction distractions, not a better life.
The financial world has experienced a number of infamous financial fiasco through the years. So has the spiritual realm seen several financial disasters. Nothing is more tragic than having an opportunity to achieve eternal greatness but losing it because of rejection of salvation. The world ranks various wealthy individuals who achieve billionaire status. God’s billionsire list exist representing noteworthy people who achieve status of God’s spiritual soul winning greatness above material wealth to God useless in eternity.

If interested in, ” halting devastation of inflation convert a reasonable portion of man’s money paper, credit into God’s money gold, silver. This is the only way to inflation-proof money. As a bonus you will have the peace of mind knowing you are obeying the scripture which requires Christians to operate with a just and honest money system. So transaction not using God’s money means prices of goods, services shrink as value of money is replaced by a cashless contact-less card. It further reduces human contact as machines answer phones, drive cars, trains. The Bible says money answers all things. God’s wisdom is greater above rubies in life value. Desire to win more of God’s souls more precious than gold!

Believers clearly have work to do if willing to reset priorities to make God’s Kingdom more successful. Launch God-centred billionaire business start-up to consider soul winning as a tremendous reward because souls are God’s priceless assets. Christians in business full-time ministry enjoying reasonable living lifestyle think souls, souls. Billionaires funding capital-intensive property and investment from own pockets combine forces to win souls for God. Souls, souls souls are God’s investment property.

The greatest news anticipated is God’s billionaires on earth win billions of souls to displace business mogul’s greedy bid for ownership of earth. Quite rightly put God vehemently is quoted as saying no, ‘‘With the stroke of His mighty finger, God scribbled word “NO” across touch screen of His iPad using Hebrew, the preferred lingua franca… post Olympus presented …in email advertisement for an iPad, as God went about indisputably important business. “I don’t understand God’s reluctance to sell earth. I read the Bible. It seems pretty clear to me He uses the world as his footstool,” said Buffet. “It just does not make good business sense.”Carlos Slim formally requested that God explain His decision, but Slim was swiftly rebuked by the heavenly delegation.“The Lord does not have to explain anything to anyone, especially you heathen mortals,” said one Seraph. As the investors were being ushered out, the cherub explained the Lord was busy winning souls. 

The greatest billionaire gift is provide good news for a homeless wandering sheep, who did not love the fold or love God, the father’s voice. Who loved afar to roam yet God has multi-billion assets for them waiting in heaven and on this earth. God has provided lands, and houses in this life more than enough for all to be billionaires. So invest in God’s richest value to win souls. Take spiritual business tips seriously to redeem own soul all souls of loved ones and nation’s soul in Jesus Name. So God’s spiritual billionaire sponsor soul winning. Souls, Souls, Souls are GOD’S Greatest Asset.


4 thoughts on “GOD’S BILLIONAIRES

  1. TO
    God’s Billionaires –
    Hi Thanks for your work. Please see my website and work with us to unlock the greatest untapped resource on the planet – to engage billions of people designed to use our collective energy to “allow everyone to help everyone” to raise consciousness, resources and solutions for humanity our environment and our future. Band Of Life is the new music for the planet and catalyst to reach billions of people in global markets to “bring the world together through music” with the universal message through the universal language of music of Source Within us and all things – to work together with our collective intent to use compassion integrity and love to rise from a human history of barbaric control of being controlled / to the largest planetary movement of earth in our times now of the great Awakening and spiritual evolution of consciousness and freedom, to create a more loving planetary destiny for the highest fulfillment of all. Please use the contacts and resources of spiritual billionaires as initial sponsors to join us with progressive sustainable alternative industries and economies for all people – for mutual global branding and to include Leading business people, world leaders and spiritual individuals to engage the world to empower Everyone to collectively make positive change. Please see BandOfLife.com Thank you. Paul Glover spiritual visionary music artist producer of Band Of Life.

    • Thanks Paul for your comments especially during these endtime for all to take notice and Honour God through His Son Jesus Our Saviour. Thank God for Daniel prophecy for Jesus Restoration of earth back to original perfect Eden before sin destroyed environment. All who believe in Jesus will have ETERNAL life to live in perfect peace and happiness forever. No more wars, pollutions, hunger, poverty sorrow or grief. Thank you, God bless you

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    • Dear Ruth, GOD’S billions are measured in spiritual terms and priceless value of SALVATION. No matter the physical condition experienced by the fleshly body, the inner spirit and eternal life is the greatest gift from God.The medical treatments available helps to sustain human body but spiritual life in this world is more precious than silver and gold. Money helps in life but people leave it all behind. Be GRATEFUL and THANKFUL for your very life even if it not what you like. Thanks and God Bless

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